1. timsixth

    T-MiniGameAPI - feedback

    Hey, I created the library to make creating minigames simpler. I want to get feedback about my library. I would like to get to know your opinion about the systems and add-on concepts. Is the system implementation good or not? What can I improve in these systems? Finally, I have a question for...
  2. Gimer Studios

    VPN Cop v1.0

    VPN Cop is a sophisticated Spigot plugin meticulously designed to protect your Minecraft server from players attempting to use VPNs. By harnessing the capabilities of both ProxyCheck.io and VPNAPI.io, VPN Cop offers a comprehensive and robust solution to detect and block VPNs, ensuring a fair...
  3. nsider04

    [Offering] Spigot & BungeeCord Minecraft Plugin Developer | Looking to Work or Freelance | 5+ Year EXP

    Looking for a Professional Minecraft Plugin Dev that can provide you with up-to-date high quality solutions and clean code for your server? Hello! I am Nsider, I have been creating High Quality Spigot and BungeeCord plugins along with some Java Applications for 5-6 years. I enjoy every new...
  4. ItsMike


    Hey Hey, I am looking for someone who has experience with API and Endpoints to help find them for specific websites, I am a newbie at this sort of stuff and therefore require HELP! I am willing to pay for your time and findings. I am looking for API/ENDPOINTS for Jet2.com f you are interested...
  5. VenteriaTech

    MangoChannelAPI v1.0

  6. timsixth

    T-MiniGameAPI - MiniGame library v1.2.1

    T-MinigameAPI is a modern, flexible, and easy-to-use library for creating Minecraft minigames. JavaDocs: https://timsixth.pl/javadocs/minigame_api/1.2.0/ Documentation: https://timsixths-plugins.gitbook.io/minigameapi-docs/ Source code: https://github.com/timsixth/MinigameAPI Support discord...
  7. Josee198

    AdvancedClans vRevamped-1.5.5

    AdvancedClans is a complex clan plugin that provides a lot of pvp to the minecraft servers. Its lightweight and has a lot of features that other clan plugins doesnt have, multiple GUIs, information of every clan and every player in the clan in a GUI, top kills/level, and it has been tested for...
  8. MeerBiene

    🚀 Offering SysAdmin, Development & DevOps Expertise - Limited Slots Available! 🚀

    Hello everyone, I'm thrilled to announce that I'm opening up 10 slots for clients who are looking for top-notch web development and DevOps services. As someone deeply immersed in the tech world, I bring a blend of skills in both domains, ensuring seamless integration and deployment for your...
  9. Loving11ish

    ClansLite v1.4.8

    ClansLite ClansLite is a light-weight clans plugin for Minecraft servers running Spigot or any of its forks! ClansLite does not support any grief prevention tools such as land claiming, it does support customisable single chest protections. ClansLite supports any Minecraft version from 1.16.5...
  10. P

    TaterLib v1.1.0

    TaterLib A cross API code library that allows developers to write code that works across multiple modding platforms, and across a wide range of Minecraft versions, all with one JAR file. If TaterLib runs on it, so can your plugin/mod. Please note, some abstractions may not be fully...
  11. HAN1110

    EasierPacket v1.8.9

    DEVELOPER: 슬라임티비 from Flaw Games UPLOAD / SERVICE PROVIDE: HAN1110 from Flaw Games Do you want to use packet in your plugins? But don't you know how to use packet in your plugins? Use this EasierPacket Plugin API! It'll make your plugin packetful! How To Use It? You just need to code events...
  12. TrueMB

    TempAfk - Give players AFK time v1.0.0

    Description This plugin gives your players the opportunity to be temporally longer AFK through given or bought AFK time. It can detect every AFK machine, that I currently know about. The Shop can be set up with AFK time, which can be bought with in game money. Server Administrator can also...
  13. midentd

    Custom Foods // Miden's Foods v1.0.1

    Join the discord server for help, experimental versions, and more frequent plugin announcements! |Discord|Wiki|Trello| Miden's Foods (or Custom Foods) is a plugin that allows you to add custom foods to the game that the player actually goes through the eating animation to eat. The plugin also...
  14. P

    Licensing System - DB v1.0

    I created this for someone, this is usable for pretty much anyone in need of an api-based licensing system. API will return a json response either authorized or unauthorized at the url example.com/api/check_license/LICENSEHERE. Any questions shoot me a dm, user is pandadevv What the things do...
  15. K

    Kamzyw's Development Service | What you need.

    I don't have a fancy image or anything, but I'll tell you what I can do: I make APIs I make Discord bots I make Telegram bots (sometimes) I can cater to any budget. My discord is kamzyw My telegram is @kxlmao My discord server with an example of my ticket bot is https://discord.gg/KssdFjWS...
  16. Buzz

    Reputation & resource reviews API

    A way to use the API to get a list of reputation or resource reviews for each user would be a great way to share this elsewhere. Could be useful for a lot of devs who have their own website and want to show their real-time BBB reputation and reviews
  17. SerbanHero

    EnhancedPay | Power Your Economy v1.1.2

    ⭐Discord Support⭐
  18. Hookx

    Delete this.

    delete this thread
  19. alexcastro1919

    SmoothUsers - Cross-server users v1.0.5

    SmoothUsers is a straightforward plugin designed to facilitate more seamless management of players in cross-server gamemodes. Example of a use case: Consider a cross-server survival scenario with two servers: Server A and Server B. In this situation, Player A is located on Server A, while...
  20. Mr-Crys

    zArox Studio v3.0.2

    -------------------------------------------- If you wish to acquire any of the predefined features in this resource, you can contact us through Discord and let us know which specific function interests you. IN PROGRESS REMEMBER THAT IF YOU WANT SOMETHING MORE PERSONALIZED, CLICK HERE >...
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