1. ShibaSkyblock

    ✨1,000,000 $HIB Giveaway | New SkyBlock Server | Backed by 7 YouTubers | 24/7 Drop Party ✨

    We are giving away 1,000,000 SHIB coins on Discord and 1,000,000 SHIB coins + $400 USD Giftcards in Island Top Rewards. Shiba SkyBlock is a Competitive SkyBlock Minecraft server and gaming community. This crypto-based server has unique features like bitcoin mining, 24/7 drop party, monthly...
  2. Kraapy

    Async integration to paste island - ASKYBLOCK

    Hi! I am looking for someone that can modify the code of ASkyblock (latest version) to make the plugin be able to pastes island on async task. I just want ASkyblock to be able to paste a 250*64*250 Island in a maximum of 30s - on an async task - and the player to be teleported to his Island...
  3. InternetThing

    Custom Island Control Panel Menu | GUI v1.0

  4. Gamezland

    Issue with Askyblock

    Hey there, I have an issue where if I open a askyblock menu using portalcommands or commandregion it will quickly display then go away. I'm not sure what's causing this I just want it so when the menu opens it doesn't display. If anyone knows whats going on and how to fix it, please contact me...
  5. Falconator

    Island upgrading system assosicated with askyblock

    Hi I am in need of a island upgrading system that works with askyblock. Dm me on discord @drstupid7577 for more information don't really have a budget just need someone experienced with coding to do the project well.
  6. Atronis

    Looking to buy a balanced aSkyblock block values config

    Title says it all. Discord is Atronis#7979
  7. GabyTM

    GUIHelper | The in-game GUI builder v1.0.7

    THE PLUGIN IS NOT ABANDONED, DEV BUILDS FOR V1.1.0 CAN BE FOUND ON GITHUB! Creating GUIs through a config file can be a mess. It's hard to visualize how it'll look, and you end up stressing over small details This tool helps you to build your desired menu in-game easy and fast and you'll...
  8. promastermine

    Players losing their askyblock island

    Hey so I have my own skyblock server using the plugin "askyblock" people their islands are getting removed. they create a Island they can build on it for maybe 1 minute and then the Island will get a reset? Does someone know how to fix this?
  9. promastermine

    Askyblock, Players are losing their islands

    So I have a skyblock server running with the plugin "askyblock". but players keep losing their islands. I think it happends when they type /is and it just teleports them to a new Island and not their old one. does someone know how I can fix this? I searched for a solution on internet and it...
  10. Ssomar

    plugin Vote for a island by sign

    search plugin Vote for a island by sign
  11. BCraft

    SKYBLOCK REBORN - KITS SHOPS - Generator v1.4

  12. B

    Custom askyblock fork needed

    I need a custom askyblock fork with the following things, block stacking (You place a diamond block look at it a do /stackblock and then place more diamond blocks on it. When you place them they get combined with the original one and there is a holographic number display. The is level calculator...
  13. Neaza

    Skyblock Server Configurations

    I am looking for someone that has knowledge of the aSkyblock Plugin, and Skyblock servers, economy, crates, etc. I am looking for some assistance with some configuration on my Skyblock server. Some of the other configurations include, CrateReloaded and PermissionEx. This will be a paid labor if...
  14. CustomEnchants

    CustomsVoidChest v2.0.0

    CustomsVoidChest » | $5 [General Description:] Hi I've made a VoidChest which allows you to have your players sell the items in a voidchest on a set interval. The speed of selling all items in the chests can be adjusted in the config. You are able to add any item you want to be able to sell in...
  15. Ome_R

    ⭐️ [$9.99] SuperiorSkyblock2 ⭐️ BRAND NEW CORE! [TOP SOLD PLUGIN RESOURCE]

    SuperiorSkyblock is a modern skyblock core that brings many twicks and changes to the old and lovely skyblock gamemode. The core is optimized and it's designed to fit your needs. Make sure you test the plugin before you purchase on SB2.BG-SOFTWARE.COM • Optimizations •...
  16. Selectaa

    ⮊ HopperLimits ⮈ | aSkyBlock Add-On | Limit Hoppers Per Island! |Island Expansion [$3] | Doing VC's!

    MCM Resource HopperLimits is a plugin that allows server owners to limit the number of hoppers per island. The plugin hooks into aSkyBlock and allows server owners to set different hopper limits for different islands, which can easily used as a perk to...
  17. JustAnAverageJew

    [$3] SkyBlock-Envoy [aSkyBlock addon]

    Hello mc-market, Today I'm going to be selling an aSkyBlock addon I made named SkyBlock-Envoy. SkyBlock-Envoy is a pretty unique plugin which will randomly spawn a chest on a random online person's island (Includes Alt Check). When a player interacts with the chest it will disappear and will run...
  18. djhero14431

    ASkyblock Fork (same as

    Need a person that knows what a Askyblock fork is not working with company's looking for a private developer add me on discord for more info Discord: DJChocoloteChip#1121
  19. JustAnAverageJew

    [$3] XPBooster [aSkyBlock Island XP Multiplier]

    Hello Mc-Market, I have decided to start selling a plugin I created last night called XpBooster. XpBooster is a very simple and lightweight plugin. When a player has an active XP Multiplier it will multiply the dropped experience for everyone in the player's island by the given amount for the...
  20. Ziadeh

    SuperiorSkyblock - Feature packed aSkyblock fork!

    Configuration, Ownership and API: Commands: /worth <uuid> <multiplier> - Usually executed by console. /spawnrate <uuid> <multiplier> - Usually executed by console. /mobdrops <uuid> <multiplier> - Usually executed by console. Permissions: Even though the commands are made to be executed in...