1. Selectaa

    HopperLimits | aSkyBlock Add-On | Island Hopper Expansions | As Seen On PvPWars & MineSaga v1.0.3

    HopperLimits is a plugin that allows server owners to limit the number of hoppers per island. The plugin hooks into aSkyBlock and allows server owners to set different hopper limits for different islands, which can easily used as a perk to sell on your server store, similar to large servers such...
  2. Ome_R

    ⭐️ [$9.99] SuperiorSkyblock2 ⭐️ BRAND NEW CORE! [TOP SOLD PLUGIN RESOURCE]

    SuperiorSkyblock is a modern skyblock core that brings many twicks and changes to the old and lovely skyblock gamemode. The core is optimized and it's designed to fit your needs. Make sure you test the plugin before you purchase on SB2.BG-SOFTWARE.COM • Optimizations •...
  3. Selectaa

    ⮊ HopperLimits ⮈ | aSkyBlock Add-On | Limit Hoppers Per Island! |Island Expansion [$3] | Doing VC's!

    MCM Resource HopperLimits is a plugin that allows server owners to limit the number of hoppers per island. The plugin hooks into aSkyBlock and allows server owners to set different hopper limits for different islands, which can easily used as a perk to...
  4. TheDani312

    [FREE] SkyBlock Challenge Configuration | Professionally 1.8+ - 1.12+ v2.7

    This is a SkyBlock Challenge configuration with over 243 Challenges. This configuration is now for FREE ❤ If you like this configuration please Rate with ★★★★★ • With all versions compatible • High professional configuration • You can use the configuration for all kind of servers •...
  5. JustAnAverageJew

    [$3] SkyBlock-Envoy [aSkyBlock addon]

    Hello mc-market, Today I'm going to be selling an aSkyBlock addon I made named SkyBlock-Envoy. SkyBlock-Envoy is a pretty unique plugin which will randomly spawn a chest on a random online person's island (Includes Alt Check). When a player interacts with the chest it will disappear and will run...
  6. Rqman

    SALE! $1.00 Custom Skyblock Island (Includes Bedrock, Chest & Ores) v3.1.0

    <3 Hi, my name is Roman & I am selling this amazing custom skyblock island for only one dollar! Plz PM any questions you have or contact me on my personal Discord: rqman#5479 Included On The Island - Iron Ores - Coal Ores - Gold Ores - Redstone Ores - Diamond Ores - Emerald Ores - Chest -...
  7. djhero14431

    ASkyblock Fork (same as

    Need a person that knows what a Askyblock fork is not working with company's looking for a private developer add me on discord for more info Discord: DJChocoloteChip#1121
  8. JustAnAverageJew

    [$3] XPBooster [aSkyBlock Island XP Multiplier]

    Hello Mc-Market, I have decided to start selling a plugin I created last night called XpBooster. XpBooster is a very simple and lightweight plugin. When a player has an active XP Multiplier it will multiply the dropped experience for everyone in the player's island by the given amount for the...
  9. jackskate

    (50% OFF SALE) ASkyBlock Challange Config 36 Challanges v1.2.2

    INACTIVE 13 Different Challange Tiers & 36 Different Challanges! Island Grind Tier Grass Hopper Tier Cow Grinder Tier Pig Grinder Tier Beacon Tier Fisherman Tier Armourer Tier Golden Apple Tier Stone Mason Tier Harvester Tier Hopper Pro Tier Grinder Tier Wealth Tier No Preimum...
  10. Cloth

    SuperiorSkyblock - Feature packed aSkyblock fork!

    Configuration, Ownership and API: Commands: /worth <uuid> <multiplier> - Usually executed by console. /spawnrate <uuid> <multiplier> - Usually executed by console. /mobdrops <uuid> <multiplier> - Usually executed by console. Permissions: Even though the commands are made to be executed in...
  11. Z

    ASkyBlock custom challenges/block values

    I am looking for someone to create some awesome new challenges replacing the default ones. I am trying to make my server as customized as possible but I have lots of things on my hands and I cannot find a time to do this. I'm just looking for some general prices, how much would this cost me? If...
  12. CustomEnchants

    IslandTop /is top v2.28.0

    General description: Hi everyone I have developed a IslandTop plugin. This plugin aims to make your server stand out. It allows your server to be very competitive making your server have an awesome experience while playing the gamemode of skyblock. Every player on your server will be able to...
  13. XZot1K

    Faction Wands & Pickaxes v1.8.6

    FactionsWP supports Minecraft versions 1.8 - 1.20 by using automatic version detection features and will receive updates as newer versions of Minecraft are released. 1.7.10 is supported, but not as much as 1.8+. ⚒ What is FactionWP? ⛏ Faction Wands & Pickaxes (FactionWP) is an...
  14. J

    [20% OFF] |#1| Skyblock Menus | 6 Custom Menus | Upgrades | Island Panel v3.1

    These are my custom made DeluxeMenu menus. A lot of thought, work and time have been put into them. Hope you like them! :) If you need help or have any questions please contact me on my Discord (Jcse#2124) or start a conversation with me! • Aesthetically pleasing menu design. • Access your...
  15. Landon

    {MessageBundle} Featherboard, LiteBans, Essentials, aSkyblock [unmaintained] v1.0

    This resource is a bundle of the most used plugins. It supports aSkyblock, Factions, and even Prison servers. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] All of the default configs have the &e color scheme (yellow), but can easily be changed. There is a HowToUse...
  16. FergusG

    Custom ASkyBlock messages

    I am in need of some ASkyBlock custom messages this is unpaid They need to be in English I do not mind if you already had them and just give them to me or if you make custom ones especially for this. They cannot be the default ones
  17. iShopify

    ASkyBlock Customizations per Island ($200)

    I'm looking for a developer who can make askyblock plugins to achieve the following: 1) ASkyBlock world border plugin that displays a visual world border depending on which island your on. Must work with the plugins latest version we're currently using. 2) Add a Floating island spawning pad...
  18. carloverhamme

    FeatherBoard Skyblock Scoreboard Config

    Hello there! I made for my server a scoreboard with FeatherBoard! I made was fun to make a Skyblock Server, so i made a Skyblock Scoreboard. And then i tought: "I LOVE THIS SCOREBOARD, maybe someone else to. I can sell it on Mc-Market." So here i am, a LOVELY scoreboard for you! Here is the...
  19. captaindeluxe

    Custom ASkyblock Challenges

    Looking to get about 20-30 Custom Challenges for ASkyblock and will be paying someone to do so. Please feel free to add me on skype at cloudaustinescape.
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