1. RivalDevelopment

    Rival Pickaxes v1.0

    Test Server IP:
  2. Fullpage

    Mantic Fishing Rods - Upgrades & more v1.5.6

    We also have Upgradable Hoes (, Upgradable Swords (, Upgradable Pickaxes (, Custom Sets ( and more... Testing Server: This plugin features the a heavily optimised, reliable and easy to use fishing...
  3. Fullpage

    Mantic Mob Swords - Upgrades & more v1.5.6

    We also have Upgradable Hoes (, Upgradable Fishing Rods (, Upgradable Pickaxes (, Custom Sets ( and more... This plugin features the a heavily optimised, reliable and easy to use mob swords for the best possible...
  4. PandaDevX

    PrisonBackpack ( 1.8 - 1.17 ) v1.1.1- SNAPSHOT

    PrisonBackpack Description A simple prison backpack that is a solution for every prison servers especially for op ones, this plugin will help you have unlimited pages of backpacks but at the same time a way to sell all the items and store it. This plugin combines with an auto sell feature for...
  5. Sean147299

    DeluxePrisonCoreYour all-in-one prison solution! AutoMiner NPCPick Levels , Rewards & more! v1.0.9-Alpha

    Test live in-game by joining "DPC" refers to DeluxePrisonCore. DeluxePrisonCore was designed to drastically improve the end users gameplay experience for their prison servers. DPC is an all-in-one solution with many powerful features whilst also keeping performance at the highest...
  6. M

    Fully-customized plugins for your Minecraft server

    Fully-customized plugins for your Minecraft server "I did a complex project with Takacick and under tight deadlines. He did it like a champ! 10/10 highly recommended" -Ormen Hi, Takacick here... As the lead developer of a Minecraft network, I've spent hours working on plugins. I have...
  7. 901cosmic

    Exclusive Autosell plugin (Resell rights + SRC)

    Hello everyone, a month back I had bought some server files off of someone, and with that came this plugin, autosell, it depends on: LuckPerms EzRanksPRO Vault PlaceHolderAPI with that being said, it also has multipliers, custom GUIs etc, its code is clean and efficient, and heres an example...
  8. Ammar_mc

    RevAutoSell v6.1

    New RevAutoSell ReCode please if you using an old version don't update because this copy has a different configuration 2 time faster and less memory usage ability to create multipliers types added MySQL a lot more configurable messages messages now are list Placeholder id is case sensitive...
  9. Mufy

    Harvest - Upgradable HarvesterHoes with Trench, AutoSell, and Multiplier Options v1.1.1

    NOW WITH TRENCH OPTIONS!!! (see second video below for more information about it)
  10. bogeybro

    TE-MerchantEnchant |TokenEnchant| v1.1.2

    THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES TOKENENCHANT & AUTOSELL TO FUNCTION. THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN BUT AN ENCHANT ADDON Created on TE-API 20.4.1 Overview This enchant allows you to get more money from AutoSell based on your enchant level. In addtion, it allows you to show how much money was earned just from the...
  11. Lewis D

    XLAutoSell v1.1.8

    OVERVIEW XLAutoSell is a plugin designed to be very easy to use and allow server owners to properly manage their server and all the features. The plugin also has a pretty easy to use API that your servers developer(s) can use for whatever they want. FEATURES Here is a list of some of the...
  12. SurvivorsDev

    SurAutoSell [1.8.8] Very Customizable, GUI & More! v1.0

    Hello! I'm Özcan Erzurum, a freelance Java developer. Learning, designing and creating is a passion for me; so I'm here to provide you with my development service to fully realize your dreams. A new plugin for your server! AutoSell plugin is an auto mine selling plugin for players that...
  13. GucciTaco

    [NEW] GucciAutoSell | UPDATE - 3/18 v[V1.4]

    GucciAutoSell brings a new aspect to your server for all players. Sell your whole inventory to shop in seconds. - Fully Configurable - Fully ASync - Optimised - Supports ShopGUIPlus You are not allowed to resell this resource. You may not give this plugin out to anyone. You are...
  14. Forodin

    Skyblock Setup CUSTOM MENUS | BLACK MARKET | & more! Supports MC 1.8-1.14.4 v1.3

    This resource is a server setup for the Skyblock gamemode. This setup aims to excellently execute a plethora of unique and exciting features and plugins whilst attempting to be balanced and worth playing. This setup will require edits before it is suitable for a server's release, however, these...
  15. U

    [Not Paid] VKbackpacks

    Aight so I have this issue with VKBackpacks. I'm running autosell (latest) on a 1.8.8 spigot server and I tried to add VKbackpack (latest). All these plugins supposedly run under all 1.8 servers. The configuration for it is annoying in the sense that if I enable or disable the autosmelt of...
  16. GeorgeV22

    VoidChest | Auto Sell | Chunk Collector v2.4.0

    ^ Click above ^ Messages.yml file Options.yml file Shop.yml file Default voidchest file SUPPORTED PLUGINS Feeling generous enough? TOS (CLICK ME)
  17. Fair Unfair

    Requesting Help For AutoSell Plugin!

    The Plugin: AutoSell Current Version AutoSell-1.8.6-mc-1.8-compat.jar Have tried before version AutoSell-1.8.6.jar Server Version 1.8.8 ViaVersioned to 1.12 Problem I am Having? So I have 7 shops total for my prison server 1 normal shop for regular players called “Normal” than 6 other...
  18. IsmailV5

    Auto Sell With Auction

    Hey! I'm looking for a script that will do these follow these commands /ah then go to the bottom left to view All Items then click on My Items and then Right click the first item i'm selling and then do /sellhand all I've been trying to make this script but I can't get it to click on all...
  19. Emissions


    Purchase the above plugin here! (The configuration is dependent on it) Hey! I have made an outstanding configuration for AutoSell which I'm sure you'll love! An hour of work has been dedicated to making this configuration the best you will ever see. Instructions are in the file itself!
  20. GB6


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