1. xAntho_ny

    Ban Bot v1.0

    Welcome to my first bot, a bot that bans and unbans users from a discord server How does this work? This bot bans and unbans a user from your discord server. Once purchased, you can download this bot, then you can upload it to your bot hosting, or host it on your local computer. Please make...
  2. Marnesia

    AdvancedBan Configuration - LATEST v1.0

    OVERVIEW This resource is designed specifically for the Advancedban plugin. It was tested on Version 1.20.1, but I don't think it will cause any problems with versions above 1.16.1+. NOTE: The latest version of the AdvancedBan plugin was used while preparing this resource. (2.3.0) FEATURES •...
  3. Mr-Crys

    AdvancedBan Configuration v2.3.0

    I HAVE CONFIGURED AND MODIFIED THE MESSAGES IN A NICER WAY. How to install it? Download the resource Extract the .zip file Pay your server Replace the default files left by the plugin Start your server -------------- TO ENJOY THE CONFIGURATION -------------- Click on the image to...
  4. OfficialTM

    Admin Panel - WORKING WITH DISCORD v1.0

    PUNISHMENT MANAGEMENT Ban Mute Warn Kick Unban Unmute Check Infractions Orbital Kick Check Ban SERVER MANAGEMENT Day Lock Server Message Night Unlock Shutdown USER MANAGEMENT Jail Bring View Unjail Teleport Unview Void Freeze Respawn Devoid Unfreeze Remove Tool ADMIN MANAGEMENT Admin...
  5. HezPlayz

    Punish skript v1.3

    You can easily punish anyone :), just by doing the command without any information add "staff.alert" permission to ranks u wish for to see all of the silent bans/kicks etc. If you only do the command, a GUI will open up. For example /ban, and a GUI will instantly open up Easily Change up...
  6. Diekieboy

    BanManager Messages | Ph4ntom Series v1.0

  7. Diekieboy

    AdvancedBan Config | Ph4ntom Series v1.0

  8. I

    Autobahn v0.2

  9. forennx

    Velocity Setup | AntiBot, Firewall, Bans v1.0


    AdvancedBan Config - Latest v1.0

  11. Softepen

    SGuard - Softepen Server Guardian v1.0

    SGuard - Advanced Security Plugin for your server! Hello Softepen members! Over time, your servers may suffer from Grief or Plugin vulnerabilities caused by malicious players. We would like to introduce SGuard, which we have developed to address these issues. Features: Easy Configuration...
  12. H

    EventBan - Server, Player Event Blocking v1.0

    The EventBan add-on supports you to prevent some events with its beta version. List of events you can ban: PLAYER : BlockBreakEvent BlockDamageEvent BlockMultiPlaceEvent BlockPlaceEvent SignChangeEvent InventoryCreativeEvent PlayerToggleSprintEvent PlayerToggleFlightEvent PlayerTeleportEvent...
  13. sk8ingDuck

    BungeeCord Ban-System | Website & Code v1.8

    Ban Plugin for BungeeCord [version 1.8.x - 1.19.x] with Web admin Panel With this plugin, you'll have access to a variety of powerful commands that will help you keep your server free from troublemakers. Commands you can use: /ban [player] [time] [reason] - Ban a player for a specified...
  14. Cloud Setups

    ✨ ADVANCED BAN ✨ ★ Configuration FREE ★ &c&l STYLE

    Hello, this is free resource config for AdvancedBan , if you want more configs, setups Join this discord: Or add me on discord: savkee#8955
  15. block_wiz

    BlockSuite-Core - ✔️Bans ✔️Mutes and more to come! v1.56

    BlockSuite is the upcoming, BEST All-in-One Minecraft Server Management and Administration software you've been waiting for! Aren't you tired of having to mix and match different plugins to achieve what you want just to manage your staff and players? That is what BlockSuite aims to fix in the...
  16. stifflered

    GSBans BETA vDiscord Integration, Punishment List GUI, and MORE

    A modern ban and punishment manager that improves staff performance and provides deep analytics on player behavior. Learn more about the GamerSafer team and what we bring with our 20+ years of experience in the gaming industry: 🔗 🔗 Meet our Team (LinkedIn) 🔗 GamerSafer...
  17. Kappios

    ⭐Atlantis Setups | Litebans Messages ⭐ 5 Styles [$3,99]

    Buy the resource here
  18. Semify

    DeluxeMenus | Ban GUI Reasons + Durations | FREE CONFIG v1.0

    ⭕ | DeluxeMenus Ban GUI | ⭕ | /w Reasons + Durations | FREE CONFIG Made by Semify PICTURES: End of the resource. If you have any questions ask me on Discord: Semify#4477 Enjoy the menus!
  19. KacperM

    Epic Setups Litebans Messages | 2 Styles (50% OFF) v1.1

    You will receive 2 styles of config. If you will have any issues or and questions feel free to join here -
  20. diamondlands


    ✨ ULTIMATE LITEBANS CONFIG ✨ premade configuration that provides High-quality litebans messages and config Clean messages ✅ Every message edited ✅ Config edited ✅ Discord support ✅ Latest version ✅ BLUE STYLE Thank you for checking out my resource! if you need any help join...
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