1. Battlehunt

    Liteban Config $0.30

    Hello! Today I have made a Liteban config I will do 5, and I mean 5 VOUCH COPIES. You must have a 3 or more REPUTATION for a vouch copy YOU MUST put the VOUCH on the thread, on my wall will be appreciated but the last time I gave out vouch copies they put it on my wall, put it on the thread...
  2. randomname1012

    AdvancedBan Configuration - FREE v1.0

    Hello, i have made another resource it is a FREE Configuration for the plugin "AdvancedBan" I Hope You Enjoy! What is AdvancedBan? AdvancedBan is a punishments plugin that works SUPER well, the best part about it, is that its free. On my configuration i have configured the layouts...
  3. TellTale

    Chat Editor - Simplest chat moderation tool! v1.0

    Greetings everyone! I'm posting this here as a free plugin, but have plans to move it onto premium as progress continues. This plugin allows you to quickly delete and even edit chat messages simply by clicking on them! Features Instantly delete, silence or edit messages by clicking on them...
  4. Score

    Blacklist v2017-07-28

    Blacklist: My Blacklist is a plugin that allows you to blacklist a player from the server. Of course, you can always ban a player but that can be difficult to do if you reset your bans for the server every so often. With this, all of the players are stored in a separate file. Servers: Is your...
  5. itslyn

    TuxGUI - LiteBans v1.0

    Features All features are editable! Different GUIs for: Warning Temporarily Muting Permanently Muting Temporarily Banning Permanently Banning IP-Banning Permissions For the punishment GUI: punish.gui For the punishments: all litebans permissions Screenshots Requirements Skript...
  6. chlns

    ban Messages like MineHQ // LiteBans Messages.yml v1.1

    LITEBANS PREMADE MESSAGES.YML (LIKE MINEHQ BAN MESSAGES) Use this version or a newest : If you're searching LiteBans plugin, you can purchase it here!
  7. TBK

    Litebans Professional Messages!

    ----[ Litebans Custom Messages! ]---- Created by TheHumax Purchase here: Note: If you would like a different custom config then make sure to leave me a PM! [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
  8. Evader

    The Most Advanced Punishment GUI System [Skript]

    - Resource Removed, Sold Privately -