1. PolicePlayz

    LeagueCraft | Looking for Beta-Testers | Reward Scheme

    What's LeagueCraft? LeagueCraft is a 1.8x to 1.15.2 Faction Pyro PvP, Developed by 1 Owner (me & meanly), We begin make server since 2017 and successful. There's OG player, known member and much more. We are still looking for professional beta-testers to break/exploit our server in possible...
  2. tyipie

    *Recruiting Experienced Staff Members/Investors/Beta-Testers* ODACraft 2.0

    Hello users of Mc-Market! My name is Matt, but I am known on here as tyipie. I've been on my minecraft venture for many years, dating back to the beta. I love doing all things computers, and over the years minecraft has always been that thing/game that I'll always come back to because I always...
  3. guruthegreat100

    New Server That Needs ALOT of Help!!

    ---All questions should be answered below---- I dont know exactly how many people im going to need to do this so i will list qualifications for each role and what/who will be doing what. (Team) Developers: I will need developers who are familiar with kitpvp plugins and permissions ex who can...
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