1. Minight

    Paperclip | Data Breach Search Engine v1.5

    Paperclip is powerful and privacy-focused data breach search engine that empowers users to swiftly and securely investigate breaches using email addresses and phone numbers. Our search engine delivers real-time results while prioritizing the privacy and security of user queries. Whether you're...
  2. N


    I can make you a site or page for your business or project I mostly make static front end only sites but I can make a website that will work for your back end (I do not make the back end) Prices Home page: $10-50 Other pages: $5-30 prices may be higher but only if they are very complex If you...
  3. miroslavz

    Web Development

    Hello there, my name's Miroslav. I'm senior PHP Full stack developer (back-end + front-end) living in Czechia. I would like to offer my services in webdevelopement. This year I've chosen to focus more on front-end developement. Making responsible, fast and best-practice layouts are easy job...
  4. zentreax

    [BOOTSTRAP] Shop/Product Website Template v1.0

    Hey! I'm giving out one of my Websites as a basic Template. I'm using Bootstrap 4, therefore it's responsive and works well on most devices. Preview: As you can see, very basic and that makes it very easy to edit it to your likings! :) Highlights: - Responsive - Modern - Clean - Dark Mode...
  5. Kryo.

    Full-Stack Web Developer.

    Hello MC-M! I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer, looking for job opportunities! :D I've worked on several projects and i can send my resume upon request. I work with Node js, MongodDB, Express js. My prices are very flexible so we can definitely figure something out. contact me on discord: lunix#1000
  6. dShadow

    Shadow's Web Development ⚡ | Optimisation/SEO Service | Landing Pages + More ✨

  7. L

    ADMIN DELETE v2.0.7

  8. L


  9. 30nn

    Clean 1 Page Website Animations / Mobile Optimized / Quality / Light & Dark Theme v3.7.2

    LIMITED 10% OFF SALE on all my resources! Save 10%! Update: DARK THEME version included! Features of this resource: Animations Included Clean and well designed Bootstrap 4 Responsive and mobile-optimized Very easy to configure Assets included Fast support Includes Javascript Header Footer...
  10. P

    Web Designing Advice

    Hey all. I had a quick question. I wanted to make a website for my hosting company. This would involve a normal website and WHCMS. Would using Bootstrap to assist me be considered cheating in you opinion or unprofessional?
  11. StyxBix

    Simple ONE PAGE website v1.3

    Clean looking Bootstrap and font awesome Animations Easy to configurate
  12. D

    Web Design - $10

    Hi, my name is Jeshua, I have been a website developer for years. If you need a website designed, I'm the guy! You might be asking, why is it so cheap? Well, I don't really do it for profit, even though it helps keep things running. Below are some pictures of my example website. This is just an...
  13. iDiego

    Server Homepage Template (Very customizable and responsive) v1.0

    A very customizable Bootstrap server homepage that's extremely responsive. Screenshot: Full res: Live demo (encrypted HTML file, some things may not work perfect):
  14. C

    [FREE LIMITED TIME]BlockStrap - Responsive Minecraft Template! v1.0

    Hello everyone, My name is Cydio and i've decided to code a minecraft template using the BootStrap Framework which makes the website responsive.
  15. I

    Timothy Matthews | Web Development / Design | HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, Bootstrap

    Hey, My name's Timothy Matthews and I'm a web developer (on behalf of Enduro Web Development) who is currently based in the United Kingdom. As of the 14th August, 2016 - I am 14 years of age (15 in less than a month, woot!) But, don't let that turn you away. I began programming at a very young...
  16. mattrick

    [Template] PortalPro - Minecraft Portal Template [50% Off] v1.0

    Live Preview | Web Development PortalPro is a clean, responsive, and fast Minecraft portal template for a variety of purposes and server types. It features a custom-styled Bootstrap theme and advanced SVG graphics. This template is responsive, so it looks great, even on your phone or tablet...
  17. ColeDidy

    Website Config & Customization | Xenforo | Wordpress | MyBB | Bootstrap | Portals

    EDIT: Prices have changed. Xenforo & MyBB - Install & Configuration - $5 Forum Nodes Setup - $5 Ranks & Perms Setup - $10 Theme Install & Customization - $5 Addon Setup - $5 Forum Threads (Rules, Formats, etc.) - $5 Bootstrap & Wordpress - Install & Configuration $2 Theme Install &...
  18. Deathcaptain

    Looking for someone to fix our Bootstrap PAID SERVICE

    SenceServers is looking for someone to fix our css/bootstrap, here is a screenshot I would prefer if you contact me on Skype because I am not very active here -Skype deathcaptian97
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