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  1. SkyCraft78

    Offering Discord Bot & Bukkit Plugin Services!

    Hello :) My name is Sky, and I'm here to offer you my development services. This is the first time I'm doing case by case, in other words, I'm a beginner at offering services! I will start with a description of my skills and what I can provide you with: What can I do? I have been developing...
  2. Yakumo

    Selling Verified Discord Bots

    Hello i am looking to sell verified discord bots with intents, I currently have 4 verified discord bots with all intents i can show proof of ownership, proof of intents, and we can use a middleman i am happy to sell them for cheaper if you buy all 4 but its not needed, add Yakumo#2850 if your...
  3. kai1846456

    Need a bot to comment and reply to comments on youtube videos

    Hello! Im looking for a bot to comment and reply to comments on youtube videos. Need this for advertising. Please contact me on kai1846456#0987 if you are able to help. Thanks. Need within the next month. 1659110433 PS: Don't mind if provided by a team or individual
  4. JB

    💫 Loop Studios - Discord Bots | Reputable, Affordable, Professional 💫

  5. JB

    💫 Loop Studios - Configurations | Reputable, Affordable, Professional 💫

  6. JB

    💫 Loop Studios - Server Setups | Reputable, Affordable, Professional 💫

  7. JB

    💫 Loop Studios - Plugins | Reputable, Affordable, Professional 💫

  8. JB

    💫 Loop Studios - System Administration | Reputable, Affordable, Professional 💫

  9. JB

    💫 Loop Studios - Configuration | Reputable, Affordable, Professional 💫

  10. JB

    💫 Loop Studios - Server Setup Creation | Reputable, Affordable, Professional 💫

  11. JB

    💫 Loop Studios - Other Development | Reputable, Affordable, Professional 💫

  12. JB

    💫 Loop Studios - Discord Bot Development | Reputable, Affordable, Professional 💫

  13. JB

    💫 Loop Studios - Web Design & Development | Reputable, Affordable, Professional 💫

  14. JB

    💫 Loop Studios - Minecraft Mod Development | Reputable, Affordable, Professional 💫

  15. JB

    💫 Loop Studios - Plugin Development | Reputable, Affordable, Professional 💫

  16. Seailz

    🌑 Nebula Studios - Bot Development | Premium & Affordable Bots!

  17. Benjamin

    SteamAutoFriend | Automatically send friend requests while idling | Open source & Free Python program

    SteamAutoFriend sends friend requests automatically and gives you a good overview to manage the outgoing requests. This is a good tool to use if you wish to add users such as st4ck and other high level or well known steam users to your friends list. You can set the program to add multiple users...
  18. SolDev

    MOT | Discord Mirror Bot 1.0.0

    DISCORD MIRROR BOT Easy To Use. Fast. Stylish. Want To Track Discord Channels, well this bot is for you. You Can: Receive all Messages Sent in the channel that you want at the channel that you choose Features: Includes The Profile Picture of the user who sends the message Includes File...
  19. SolDev


    FOR THE FIRST TIME, SOLDEVELOPMENT OFFERS NODE.JS DISCORD BOT DEVELOPMENT. List Of Experiences: Node.js Bots: 1 Year Of Experience Python Bots: 2 Years Of Experience Contact Via Discord: SolDevelop#1678.
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