1. C

    VPS Server Status Bot | FREE & SRC v1.0

    Our Discord bot offers seamless MultiVPS support, allowing you to monitor and manage multiple VPS instances with ease. With real-time updates, customizable settings, and automatic task management, it streamlines server administration for maximum efficiency. Features: Real-time Update: Receive...
  2. DevTaventix

    Taventix Utility | Bot v1.0

    🌟 Welcome to Taventix Discord Bot Setup Guide! Before proceeding, ensure you've secured your configurations in config.js & .env files. Then, navigate to the commands folder and customize the following placeholders: 📬 paypal.js 🎉 reactionroles.js 📝 review.js 💼 special-deals.js 💳 stripe.js 📬...

    Publish your Discord bot in days! | Discord.js Boilerplate | TypeScript | Commands, Events, Stripe, Database and more! Are you tired of wasting hours on repetitive code? ShipDiscord saves you time and effort by providing a seamless bot development experience. With our powerful boilerplate, you can focus on innovation, ship your bots faster, and start reaping the rewards of your creations...
  4. ikcraft

    OceanBot eco v1.0

    welcome this is the eco bot of OceanNetwork. we have diffrent commands like: bal/balance daily gamble help lb/leaderboard pay ping steal work info cf/coinflip if you need help join are discord : ps i will soon update the whole bot new code new command
  5. ExperimentalX

    WemX Discord Auth v1.0

    This bot offers you the ability to link your WemX and Discord customers and give them a role if they link. This bot runs everything off the server so there's no extra load on your WemX instance, built for prime optimization. Everything is stored locally, with no remote connections for storage...
  6. ItsMike


    Hey Hey, I am looking for someone who has experience with API and Endpoints to help find them for specific websites, I am a newbie at this sort of stuff and therefore require HELP! I am willing to pay for your time and findings. I am looking for API/ENDPOINTS for f you are interested...
  7. rodrago34.90

    Discord Handler Bot v1.1

    This handler is made with the purpose of being able to adapt it to other bots and maintain all compatibility in its commands. These are some of its characteristics: High scalability Systems adaptation Complete customization Saving data in a database Multi Guild Developer mode
  8. Zachary_B

    Discord Ban Database v1.0

    TSguard Ban database full access to code under a protected license to utilize how you wish! go to our website to get the bot cheaper as well.
  9. VactumPlays

    Nvm - thread closed

    Hi I'm searching for youtubers & Tiktokers, who would be up to make & post a video about my Discord Bot. It has a really unique theme, and I think once people see more youtubers trying it out, everyone will love it. What I'm looking for Any size youtubers, I'm mostly looking for people who can...
  10. Vexel Studios

    ⚡Vexel Studios⚡Discord Bot Development | Professional. High Quality. Fast.

  11. Dornox

    Animate Avatar | Kepler Addon v1.0

    Note: You must purchase Kepler in order to make this addon work.
  12. Dornox

    Spotify Addon | Kepler Addon v1.0

    Note: You must purchase Kepler in order to make this addon work.
  13. LucidDevelopment

    License System | Tamper Detector | Dash v1.5

  14. Electic

    Discord Moderation Bot Source Code v1.0

    [✅] kick (kick a member from the server) [✅] Role (Give A Member A Role) [✅] ] Ban (Ban a Member) [✅] Unban (Unban A Member) [✅] Lock (Lock A Channel So Nobdy Can Type in it) [✅] Unlock (Unlock A Channel) [✅] Clear (Clear A Amout Of Messages) [✅] Warn (Warn A ServerMember) [✅] warnings (see a...
  15. qwerrty

    Minecraft Server Status Bot v1.0

    🎮✨ Meet your Minecraft server's new best friend: our Discord Bot! 🤖 🌟 Designed with love for Minecraft communities, this bot keeps you in the loop with your server's status in real-time. 🔄 💡 No more manual checks! It automatically updates the server status right in your Discord, ensuring you...
  16. Spark Studios

    🌟 Spark Studios | 🔥 #1 Bot Development Services ❤️ 10% Discount to all. Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed 👑

    Contact Discord- Email- [email protected]
  17. DevJhoan

    Selling Absolet - Discord Bot Ownership

    It's been 2 years since I started with the Absolet project which started as a simple Discord bot (Free) but after constant updates we decided to make it paid (Special thanks to our first buyer issly), in this time we have tried to be constant with the updates of the bot, but every day the desire...
  18. 7

    bot pterodactyl v1.0

    Hello Guys ! It's a pterodactyl bot, you can create user or server or delete your account and change the password. It's going to help you and its members too. There are logs so you can see who is doing the orders.
  19. Dornox

    Namelessmc-fetch v1.0

  20. VactumPlays

    Recruiting someone to do Voice-Acting for my unique Discord Bot project - Volunteer Position

    Hi, i'm the owner of an event hosting discord bot. It's a very unique project, no other discord bots really have features like we do. So we have a lot of fun and engaging video ideas for the future. But currently we want to get videos out that just explain specific features...
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