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  1. 7

    bot pterodactyl v1.0

    Hello Guys ! It's a pterodactyl bot, you can create user or server or delete your account and change the password. It's going to help you and its members too. There are logs so you can see who is doing the orders.
  2. Dornox

    Namelessmc-fetch v1.0

  3. VactumPlays

    Recruiting someone to do Voice-Acting for my unique Discord Bot project - Volunteer Position

    Hi, i'm the owner of https://interly.net/ an event hosting discord bot. It's a very unique project, no other discord bots really have features like we do. So we have a lot of fun and engaging video ideas for the future. But currently we want to get videos out that just explain specific features...
  4. U

    Need a bot/script for Minecraft Prison Server

    I need someone to build me a Script/Bot that will simulate the mining needed on a Minecraft Prison Server. Hopefully the person building knows a little about Prison Gamemode on Minecraft, but essentially there are massive areas/holes filled up with different blocks that players mine. The mined...
  5. NekrosBurek

    Olympus Addon | Fun Actions v1.0.0

    NOTICE: This is addon for Olympus Bot (Visit Here). This is not a standalone bot and requires bot to operate. Commands: /action kiss <user> - Kiss someone. /action slap <user> - Slap someone /action pat <user> - Pat someone /action bite <user> - Bite someone /action tickle <user> - Tickle...
  6. NotMeHuzi

    Hexify Music | Premium Music Bot v1.0.2-bugfix

    Hexify Music | The New Ultimate Discord Bot Providing Unique And Next-Gen Features To The Discord Music Bots Community. The Bot Comes With 2 Main Commands Only And The Other Features Are Accessed Via Buttons To Make The Bot Easy To Use For The Users. The Bot Is Fully Customisable You Can Easily...
  7. ShadowCorp

    AI Border Booth Bot | Flipped Tech v1.0

    What is the AI Border Booth Bot? A system that allows players to pass through the border through an AI bot. This is great for automating your game and not having players do repetitive tasks. A fantastic feature to show off to new players who join your game. Features: Easily Customize Questions...
  8. C

    SubTracker v1.0

    SubTracker is your go-to Discord bot for hassle-free Stripe subscription management. Link your Discord account with your Stripe email, and SubTracker automatically assigns you a role when you're subscribed. Need to check your subscription status? Simply ask SubTracker, and it's done! Easy...
  9. P

    I will create a custom discord bot for your server that runs 24/7

    My name is Pritam Shaw and i am offering to create a fully custom discord bot for your server. DM: bingocraftdev5118 if you want to order we can discuss prices there!
  10. NimoEkisde

    nRankSync v1.2

    Discord Support: https://discord.gg/rXYH5d5G5H
  11. koqel

    cCore | Server Core | Discord Bot Hook v3.3.0

    cCore is a multipurpose Skript core that has tons of commands and functions! cCore is extremely configurable and hooks in with a Discord bot! If you need any help or have any questions, join our Discord here
  12. spacejs Dev

    Suggestions System v1.0.0

    Features Buttons. Voting list. Custom activity. State system. Attachment (Image) support. Link thumbnail support. Detailed settings. All messages can be customized. more planned, coming soon! Important: This bot will not run without a license key. 1 license key can be used on any number...
  13. Dornox

    Kepler | Multipurpose Discord Bot v1.0.3

    Discord Server Support is not provided.
  14. VactumPlays

    🏆 Best way to host events on your Discord server - Interly Bot

    Come check out https://interly.net/ an Event Hosting bot. We just launched beta! And would love it if you tried out the bot for all your event needs :) It comes with mini-games, and pre-built events you'll be able to host. So far one of the main events you can host is the /last-to-leave...
  15. WellSetups

    Automatic Translator Discord Bot v1.0

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  16. Anup

    Ticker Boy v1.0

    Hi👋🏻 I'm Ticker Boy🎟 With my help, you can create a completely professional ticket system in your Discord server⚙️ My capabilities and features include fast and strong support, support for slash commands, support for text commands, having a beautiful and professional dashboard for setting...
  17. paragonservices

    💎 Paragon Services 💎 - Seeking Partnerships

  18. hzdaniel

    multifunctional bot | Discord Bot 0

    Amazing bot with suggestions, votes and statistics using buttons Rating system Suggestion system music system Review system confession system Survey system Anti-link system Mini games to guess the number Suggest default Suggest stats Available in English and Spanish
  19. paragonservices

    💎 Paragon Services 💎 - FREE Discord Bot Development

  20. LucidDevelopment

    ⚡⚡ Discords First Multi-Guild HWID/IP Auth System ⚡⚡

    We're looking for talented developers to try and stress test our system, with that comes a free license key! https://discord.gg/bDVqPrrWTz