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  1. JackDev

    Discord Bot, Custom

    Hey, Everyone, I Am Offering Free Discord Bot's For Anything, Anything you wanna add I Can VPS or Self-hosted Your Choice! Reply With your Discord Username And Ill Contact You! CUSTOM SETUPS TO YOUR NEEDS!
  2. Eddy006


    This antibot is perfect for large networks, this antibot is a .sh which is responsible from time to time to ban people with more than a certain number of connections (fully configurable) and automatically resets them through the firewall. Interested private message, price negotiable. Video of...
  3. Mylogo

    ➡ Mylogo's Development Shop - { Plugins | Discord Bot | Web } - [Open/Inexpensive/Fast]

    Here are some vouches as a proof of my reputation: If you have any questions regarding my services, please start a conversation with me or add me on Discord (Mylogo#4884)!
  4. wavy

    Discord Bot

    I basically need a Discord bot that will make a unique announcement. I wont be spending a whole heap on this as its a pretty simple task. Have a great day.
  5. InMud7

    How are Minecraft Clients like OQ Minebot created?

    [Closed] This is mainly out of curiousity because I don't have the programming knowledge required to do this myself yet. But I'd like to try it once I become more knowledgeable in coding. I'm just a beginner in Python game programming atm so I don't know much. In an easy way to understand for...
  6. D

    Teamspeak/Skype/LoL etc. connected with as exmaple Minecraft Bot

    Hey, I am not that good in writing threads...because of this am i going to get fast on the point. I offer you guys plugin development for any kind of bots. As example a verification bot for Teamspeak via Minecraft or a command Bot for Skype. Only your imagination could limit the posibilitys...
  7. Bertan

    I need to get a jackpot site & bot done.

    Hello there folks, I got back into the market because I am getting started to a new project and I need someone or a group to get me done a fully completed jackpot. Details will be discussed private. Thank you for your interest. Bertan,
  8. georgefl

    Complete Discord MCServer chat server Setup, Cheap and reliable! Buy now!

    Hi, as most people who use it know, discord is just a heck of a ton better than skype or teamspeak when it comes to benefits, poadouts, general possibilities and even the pook of it. I think every public or private minecraft server needs a discord, for staff to work together, players to chat and...
  9. V

    (CSGO) Roulette Script + BotTrade

    Hey there! Today i have to sell new script for a roullete CS:GO. I create new design, new bot trade, and add a new function: *New command Admin(look ss) i.imgur.com/gxA3DBQ . png *Ban for withdraw/website *Min deposit. 2$ and 80 rolls *Steam status *Update design *Admin panel And more.. ;)...