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  1. MCCharity

    5 Bridge Map Pack - 2 RELEASE

    A pack of 5 arenas for The Bridge gamemode. 5 Bridge Map Pack Cost: 3.75 Non-Exclusive You can also purchase this build from our website! Notes: Version: 1.8+ Approximate Arena Size: 50x100 File Type: .schematic
  2. Juako

    [NEW] BRIDGEPRACTICE SETUP| Cosmetics, Profile, Parkour, Tags, Tops, Level Sistem, Maps, Ranks v1.1

    Hello! Are you looking for a complete bridge practice setup? then this setup may interest you! below you will see everything about this setup and images and gifs, remember that this setup I will be improving and updating This gamemode is used to practice your bridges in your preferred...
  3. Malo7z

    BridgePractice | [1.8-1.17.1] %30 off > Unique plugin | Rewrited | 11 Payment methods #2.0.2
  4. S

    FastBuilder 2.0 | Spigot & Bukkit [1.8.x - 1.12.x] | + 5 Free Maps 1.12 (1.8.x)

    Try it out in real-life! IP-Address: Minecraft-Version: 1.8.8 -> FastBuilder 2.0 is a multi-arena minigame, where you can improve and train your bridge building skills. it's easy to set up so you can get started right away after downloading it! Close your...
  5. MCCharity

    5 Bridge Map Pack - 1 RELEASE

    A pack of 5 arenas for The Bridge gamemode. 5 Bridge Map Pack Cost: 3.75 Non-Exclusive You can also purchase this build from our website! Notes: Version: 1.8+ Approximate Arena Size: 50x100 File Type: .schematic
  6. HotDoctor

    Redis/MySQL/MongoDB PAPI Bridge | 1.8-1.18 | New: Redis Support 3.8

    Your bridge data plugin has arrived to your Minecraft Server Totally compatible with MySQL Databases, MongoDB and Redis. This project is young but bold This plugin gives you assistance to upload information of plugins which does not have a MySQL/MongoDB/Redis Support, always using their...
  7. Storm Block

    -| HUB |- Medieval Dragon Town | 600x600 1.0

    Hub Lobby Spawn ⫸ 3D Model ⫸ Map information 📐Dimensions » 600x600 « ❖ Place for 7 NPCs ❖ Spawn point ❖ Houses ❖ Towers ❖ Air ships ❖ Ships ❖ Islands ◈ and much more.. ➲ Download Files 📚 RaR File 🌍 world. 1.8/1.14.4 🌐 Schematic. 1.8/1.14.4 👨‍👨‍👧Follow us WebSite⫸
  8. Storm Block

    -| PVP ARENA |- Natural look | 200x200 1.1

    PVP Arena ⫸ 3D Model ⫸ Map information 📐Dimensions » 200x200 « ❖ Spawn point ❖ Statue ❖ Island ❖ River ❖ Waterfall ❖ Bridge ❖ Cave ◈ and much more.. ➲ Download Files 📚 RaR File 🌍 world. 1.8+ 🌐 Schematic. 1.8+ 👨‍👨‍👧Follow us WebSite⫸ Facebook⫸ StormBlockMC Instagram⫸...
  9. Deagan1

    Private Bridge Plugin

    Hello, I'm currently looking for a standalone bridge plugin. No practice core with bridge duels, just bridge duels. Something that would be good for it's own seperate server. Here are the requirements: ranked will have an elo system and casual won't) with full ability to add and remove maps...
  10. Storm Block

    -| FACTIONS SPAWN |- WarZone | 768x768 1.1

    Factions spawn with WarZone ⫸ Map information 📐Faction spawn Dimensions » 150x150 « 📐WarZone Dimensions » 768x768 « ❖ Factions spawn ❖ Spawn point ❖ 4 KOTH ❖ Houses ❖ Statue ❖ Forest ❖ Lake ❖ Fields ❖ Swamp ◈ and much more.. ➲ Download Files 📚 RaR File 🌍 world. 1.8/1.14.4 🌐 Schematic...
  11. cyall

    Custom plugin developer

    Hello! I am looking for a good and well-acknowladged java developer for some custom plugins in my server. Server will be a practice/pvp/bridging server; so just keep that in mind. I will only be 'hiring' one developer. I will announce status here (I will post whenever the ''position" will be...
  12. B

    ❄️ [$25] Bridge & mBungee - Bungee / Ranks - Punishments - FrozenOrb Remake

    Description: Name: Bridge & mBungee Database: MongoDB / Redis Version: 1.0 Plugin: Jar: $25 with support, also willing to change anything you want since it's not as configurable as most cores but also there is no bugs. Also when i change stuff for you it's only for you not anyone else. SRC...
  13. Tsunderella

    SpeedyBridge 1.0

    This is a small little plugin to boost speed or swapping between dimensions and servers on a bungeecoord/waterfall network. This is my first public plugin i hope you guys enjoy if i get any requests i might see if i can add a non bungee support, but i personally don't need that for my setup. -...
  14. SergioX20

    TS3Bridge [20% OFF] Connect your Minecraft and TeamSpeak servers [1.7 - 1.15.X] 1.4.0

    Description: This plugin allows you to administrate and moderate your TeamSpeak server automatically. Features: 1) Give ranks/groups automatically, you won't need to give vip rank to each user! 2) Kick all players trying to record on TeamSpeak server. 3) Force players to enter the minecraft...
  15. Koreo

    4 Connected Skyblock Islands | Exclusive

    4 unique islands Includes one house, a small hut, several small farming area, and two medium sized trees. The house has a full interior. Detailed terrain. 62 x 45 x 41 Price: Negotiable Payment: Paypal Discord: Koreo#0777 (I tend to check discord more than MCMarket) TOS(terms of...
  16. talaing

    5 TheBridge Maps HIGH QUALITY CHEAP 1.2

    Hello guys! I'm selling high quality 5 TheBridge Maps There is 5 styles of maps: ⭐️Roman ⭐️Swamp ⭐️PineLand ⭐️Winter ⭐️Sand Temple ScreenShots: Sand Temple Winter I hope you like it Price is 1.90$ so it's not very expensive
  17. BCraft

    SETUPLeaf The Bridge Premium SPIGOT 1.8 - 1.12 | Maps | RankUP | SHOP | THE BRIDGE 2.3

  18. B

    Fantasy Castle Spawn

    Fantasy Castle Spawn The build includes: Castle artificial sea (glass) big mushrooms big trees bridge 6 Islands big lilypads space for things like loot crates etc. The Build is 400x400, With a 180x160 castle. The castle includes a huge clocktower and a bridge leading to an other tower on a...
  19. _Bukkit_

    The Bridge - Multi arena | PartySoloTeams1v1v1 modeNameTagsScoreBoardsTitlesSigns[80% off] Build 1.2

    The game: The objective of The Bridge is to cross the 1-block-wide bridge from your base to your opponent's base and jump in their portal to score a goal. Each time a teammate jumps into the opposing team's portal, your team scores a point and all players are re-spawned at the starting gates...
  20. abstellschrank

    Xenforo Registration In-Game

    Hi there, I am looking for a plugin that registers in-game Minecraft Players to my Xenforo Forum in exchange for a Rank Upgrade. I already have a Minecraft plugin that connects to XenAPI and registers users with an in game command - /register email passwd I'm looking for something to promote...
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