1. Play Ethos


    WHAT WE'RE PRODUCING Civilizations ('Civs') is a community-focused, player-driven sandbox game. It delivers autonomy over your civilization through managing its mini-economy, jobs, and land expansions, as well as other features such as High Sea exploration, custom crafting and items, unique MMO...
  2. N

    Solo Leveling Minecraft Server (Looking for Volunteers)

    Hello, essentially I'm looking to create a solo leveling minecraft server. This is a passion project that I've started to work on and I'd like to ensure that I give it my best shot in order to not disappoint the fans of the manhwa / anime. I've been doing minecraft servers for 3+ years, and...
  3. Jken Anciano

    Hello People!

    Hello I'm Motumami! Looking for a configurator when it comes to plugins? Well I got you! I'm currently offering Minecraft server owners that needs help when it comes to server configurations I'm saving money for my college funds and if you need help DM me (discord: syph0468) and I'll message...
  4. L

    Searching for builders! (MMORPG)

    I'm Liam, currently I'm working on a Minecraft MMORPG server with a team, I'm a builder there and we are in need for new builders to start growing faster in updates. We are looking for: Terrain specialist (Are you really good at making nice and custom terrain) Builders (Building Big castles...
  5. FIKKU


    DARK KINGDOM | SKYGENS SPAWN | 250X250 spawn kingdom with dark skygens theme COMPATIBLE WITH 1.18 - onwards ✅ contains ⭐ npcs zone | different points throughout the spawn to place npcs ⭐crate area ⭐mining area | with npc positions inside the mine. ⭐shopping area ⭐crops | wheat - carrots | with...
  6. Shnickers

    Looking for an Experienced Builder? ⛏️

    If you’re looking for an Experienced Builder at a low cost, you have come to the right place. Why me? Great communication will be delivered throughout the build process. All of my Builds are offered at a low cost in order to support your server. 8 Years of experience. Fast and Efficient If...
  7. Maxlego08

    Minecraft Inventory Builder

    What is the Minecraft-Inventory-Builder ? Welcome to the official website for zMenu. Our platform is more than just a website; it's a comprehensive ecosystem designed to enhance your zMenu experience. In this post I will introduce the inventory editor: This inventory editor is currently in...
  8. Mayank Senpai

    Offering Cheap/Reasonable Building and Terraforming Services!

    Hello, MayankXus here! I am a large scale minecraft builder, open to small and large commissions both, have experience in almost all kinds of themes, can make spawns, structures, dungeons everything! Am also available for long term partnership aswell! [Prices] My budget starts from whatever...
  9. PeachTree Designs

    Java Builders requested

    Hello, PeachTree(PTD) is currently open for hire! PeachTree has been around since May of 2023, although we are new we have had the honor of publishing on the Minecraft Marketplace as well as growing exponentially bigger on the Java platform. We keep are team closely knit, we have lots of solo...
  10. Sxtz

    Pirate Hub v1.16.+

    Minecraft Hub Format: Schematic Versión: 1.16+ Interiors: no NPC SLOTS | 5
  11. jonaas13

    Builders Wanted for Lands of Minearchy!

    Hey everyone, 🚀 Lands of Minearchy is Growing! We're excited to extend an invitation to creative builders who are passionate about Minecraft and eager to be part of a thriving community. If you have a knack for stunning builds and want to contribute to exciting projects, Lands of Minearchy is...
  12. Juanchis

    Offering services of construction and creation of custom worlds!

    ・hello I introduce myself I am LoadingEclipse I am 18 years old and I offer my construction services I have more than 3 years of experience in the field of construction and I have been perfecting and improving all styles of constructions to give different possibilities to my clients, the styles...
  13. PixelMine

    Construction Models v1.0

    9 Block Models Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  14. lavainminecraft

    Offering terraforming services for all! All projects welcome!

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing wonderfully at this moment! I'm here to offer my terraforming services to you all! Now folks let's cut to the chase, you notice I don't have a fancy-looking thread and are probably about to click off. I believe in letting my portfolio and my customer...
  15. ItmanHunter

    Looking for Mods, devs and builders for our server

    Hi, We are looking for mods, developers, and builders for our discord server super hangouts. if you are interested please join our server and create a ticket What do we do? - We do Minecraft events, giveaways etc
  16. Peculiar Gemini

    Large vanilla and custom collection of detailed Minecraft Real Estate!

    I'm a committed single builder with three years of building experience on Minecraft and The Sims 4. If you have any commissions or wish to select a build from my pre-constructed list, you can reach me via these channels- PLANET MINECRAFT PATREON (All premium downloads 1$ - 5$) YOUTUBE I have a...
  17. F

    Staff / Builder / Manager For hire [ Pay ]

    Hey i’m looking for a bit of extra money on the side so decided to offer some services to help out! i’m cheap, fast and reliable :) comment your discord if you need any staffing, management or builds once added we will discuss what you want, my role, i can send builds over or we can have a...
  18. Premier Studios

    Premier Studios | #1 Service Provider

  19. Azlagor

    LiteDungeon v2.1.7

    ShowCase: Demo Before buying, you can test this plugin on your server. To do this, visit the plugin's discord (, there you will find a free version for testing About This plugin allows you to create custom dungeons of any size. Configure internal events, the...
  20. atom MC builds


    Greetings ✨, we are Minecraft building team A T O M, we are a team of professional and experienced builders and designers who provides ↓ •Builds •Skins •Models •Mobs •Mini games •Redstone •Rendering Our Aim is to provide All these service with a GREAT QAULITY but for a REASONABLE PRICE ...
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