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  1. M

    🍁Maplewood🍁 - Looking for staff!

    🍁 | MAPLEWOOD RP | 🍁 A Minecraft City Roleplay Server! Maplewood is coming soon! Basically, we are a city roleplay server, meaning we provide the notebook, and you, the player, write the story with every career you are involved in, every car you drive, and every scenario you create. The server...
  2. RubyEyedReaper

    🌟🏰 Embark on a Magical Journey - Join Our Talented Team - SentryCraft

    Hey there, fellow Minecraft adventurers! 🏰✨ Calling all passionate and skilled builders, add-on experts, world designers, administrators, and artists! We're embarking on an exciting journey to create a Fantasy RPG survival world like no other. Get ready to dive into crafting unique quest items...
  3. itsjack

    🧱 MC Connect βž₯ CALLING all Minecraft BUILDERS! Unlock NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES for you and/or your team's success for FREE!

    G'day Minecraft Builders, Attention Minecraft Builders! Join our exclusive Discord Community and unleash your inner creative potential. Our community has over 115+ Server Owners, over 60+ developers, 45+ talented Builders, innovative Graphic Designers, over 20 creative Content Creators, and 25...
  4. sleepyhugs

    Equinox [1.20x] - Minecraft Equestrian (HIRING BUILDERS)

    Equinox is an upcoming Mincraft Equestrian server looking for builders to do a lot of bulk work, I am currently not paying anyone this is for anyone is interested in maybe working for a different type of server, you can do anything from a few builds to help with bigger sized builds that we may...
  5. OrnationTeam

    πŸ”₯| OrnationTeam | Minecraft Building Services -High Quality Builds 🏰 | Budget Friendly | βœ”οΈ

    https://discord.gg/wSFKTcc2pJ https://discord.gg/AUFCCVVhcT
  6. verialdev

    LOOKING FOR BUILDER/s | Attractive Payment (Individual/Team)

    Hello you out there! I'm looking for a builder or builders who can build houses/structures, trees, small/big details for me on a given terrain. Of course, all this is well paid. If you are interested, please write to me here. :) Minecraft Version: 1.19.4 Your Jonathan
  7. Billionaire City

    Calling All [Builders] and [Staff Members]: Join the Thriving Economy of Billionaire City!

    🌍 Billionaire City πŸ™οΈ Website: billionaire.city IP: billionaire.city Attention builders and talented individuals! Are you ready to embark on a journey in the thriving metropolis of Billionaire City? We are currently searching for dedicated builders and staff members to join our innovative...
  8. R


    Attention all Minecraft enthusiasts! Are you looking for an opportunity to join a vibrant community and showcase your skills? Look no further than SMPCraft, an upcoming Minecraft server that's on the hunt for talented individuals to help us grow and enhance the gameplay experience. Here are the...
  9. CL

    „✨ CL's Building Service|Affordable, Fast, High Quality Builds |✨”

    ( Reposting the thread, lost the old one:( ) EDIT: DISCORD IS xcljp EDIT: DISCORD IS xcljp EDIT: DISCORD IS xcljp
  10. J

    HCF Spawn v1.0

    Build Information HCF Spawn Dimensions – 151 x 151 Version – JAVA 1.7+ Download Files Schematic File Discord https://discord.gg/ATvRp85vGB Kznc#7985
  11. minegod5

    πŸ‰ ExodusMC πŸ‰ SkyBlock - Prison & Lifesteal soon πŸ‰ Hiring multiple positions!

    ExodusMC - Network (Skyblock - Prison & Lifesteal soon) IP ➝ ExodusMC.org ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ExodusMC has been around for over a year now and we have 10 Skyblock maps, a couple SkyPvP maps and working on releasing Prison, and...
  12. InfoBlock

    πŸ‰ ExodusMC πŸ‰ SkyBlock - Prison & Lifesteal soon πŸ‰ Hiring multiple positions!

    ExodusMC - Network (Skyblock - Prison & Lifesteal soon) IP ➝ ExodusMC.org ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ExodusMC has been around for over a year now and we have 10 Skyblock maps, a couple SkyPvP maps and working on releasing Prison, and...
  13. A

    Looking for Co-Owner/Partner | Event server, with MANY custom gamemode ideas. PLEASE READ.

    I've been working my server AlphaLands for over 2 years now. I have had MANY good ideas, to keep the server active, engaged and succeed, but I am struggling with 1 thing, funds. I am looking for someone that would be willing to be a co-owner/partner for my server. Here is my ideas for...
  14. zArrowTan

    Looking for a individual buyer to join me | making setups.

    Hey buyer! So Basically We'll be working together where -> I'd first pay you a base price ranging from 10-20$ and then when the build is included in a setup, you'll be given 15% of split Payments for the first 6 months of release. If you haven't heard about split payments yet, its basically like...
  15. Zeltuv

    [CLOSED] πŸ”± Codava | Builder Recruitment

    Link for apply: CLOSED
  16. Dolomite1337

    Job Opening: Talented Team of Builders & Terraformers To Create Planets For My Server

    We are currently seeking a skilled and passionate Minecraft Builder to join our team in the development of an innovative Minecraft server. As a Minecraft Builder, you will play a crucial role in creating immersive and engaging worlds, environments, and structures that align with our server's...
  17. A


    Builders needed! We are recruiting builders for our new upcoming minecraft MMO-RPG server. We have owned many servers in the past and have experience in the MMO genre. We are looking for landscapers and builders to join our team. We need builders who are passionate about the MMO genre. And can...
  18. proFoxy03

    FreshSMP Hiring Backend

    Hey there Members of MC-Market, FreshSMP is a Public Minecraft Server for Java & Bedrock Users! The Server is Founded by no other than Freshlol. We’re a striving community, just hitting 26k on our discord. (Link to our discord will be down below) To apply check out our latest Announcement. -=-...
  19. PlayChamber

    Looking for a Builder

    Hi, We're looking for a builder to create a zombie-invested island with a cathedral, graveyard, and many more features. In addition to that, we require 5 corresponding dungeons (crypt, cave, etc) for each island. In the future, we will require more islands and dungeons commissions. We're also...
  20. Xriyan

    β˜„οΈ Terrain Sculptor / Builderβ˜„οΈ | Cheap services for building.

    I am a Minecraft builder with over 6 years worth of building experience. I have working on a handful of small servers building lobbies and maps being apart of multiple build teams working on projects. Styles/maps I have previously worked on tend to be medieval to semi-modern, I have built mainly...