1. cubed_tonker

    SCP - 500 v1.0

  2. cubed_tonker

    Volgograd Military Base v1.0

  3. cubed_tonker

    Czechoslovak Boot Camp v1.0

  4. fpchehe

    Aumburh Studios

    Welcome to aumburh Studios 🍀 Our Services ⚒️ : 🖥️ Server Setups & Files 🎨 Graphic Designs 🏗️ Server Builds 💬 Discord, Store & TS Setups If you are interested you can join our discord server for mor information: or
  5. HashamXd

    AdvancedEnchants | DeluxeMenu Config v1.0

    Features: • 15x Menus • Custom Lores & Messages • Use Both Exp & Money as Economy • Full Customize and Advanced Wiki • Much more Features
  6. cubed_tonker

    F-4E Phantom v1.0

  7. cubed_tonker

    Javelin F v1.0

  8. cubed_tonker

    Netherland House v1.0

  9. cubed_tonker

    Netherland Firefighter v1.0

  10. matejskubic

    Residental Houses v1.0

    8 houses 2 mansions All meshes & textured Optimized For more information add matogone on Discord!
  11. meiszoom

    Kawasaki Ninja H2 v1.0

    Info: -Scripted -Detailed -Drivable
  12. Bismarck

    Roleplay Map v1.0

    A Roleplay Map that fits the style of Grand Theft Auto 5 with our own spin! This is a sizeable map with mountains, airfield, a main town and outer villages. A great map to roleplay in for a police or county group! The map comes with the following: Large Map Variation of buildings, towns and...
  13. Bismarck

    Generic French City v1.0

    A Generic French City with great design and detail in the buildings, a great way to roleplay the French lifestyle. This map is highly spacious with the ability to expand onto the current design. The map presents it's self in an eye catching way and is great to roleplay for your French or western...
  14. Bismarck

    Generic British Port v1.0

    A Generic British Port based on the endless ports across the United Kingdom, this map represents the modern aesthetic of British ports in the current day. This port comes with a large variety of space to roleplay endlessly with the large space provided by this map, this map has a large harbour...
  15. Bismarck

    Generic KFC Building v1.0

    This is a Generic Kentucky Fried Chicken building as commonly seen in western europe and america, this design follows infleunce by American and British KFC shops. This building comes with blank interior, car park and pre-built road to attach to your map. This asset comes with the following...
  16. Bismarck

    RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus v1.0

    Royal Air Force Akrotiri, commonly abbreviated RAF Akrotiri is a large Royal Air Force (RAF) military airbase on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The map comes with the following: Aircraft bombing ranges Shooting ranges Compounds Detailed airbase (Hangers, ATC) Large runway Vast terrain...
  17. Bismarck

    Joint Staff College, Chepstow v1.0

    Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC) is a British military academic establishment providing training and education to experienced officers of the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force, Ministry of Defence Civil Service, and serving officers of other states. The map comes with the...
  18. Bismarck

    Sangin District, Helmand Province Map v1.0

    Sangin District, Helmand Province – A region in the Greenzone of the River Helmand, which saw masses of fighting and destruction in the ongoing Afghanistan war, notoriously with the US Marines and British Forces. The map is unique and has been built to produce an immersive and enjoyable...
  19. Bismarck

    Dartmoor Plains, United Kingdom v1.0

    Dartmoor Plains has been used for military training since the early 1800s. The Dartmoor Training Area comprises of three training ranges on the north moor and dry training areas on the south moor. Much of the land upon which the MOD trains is privately owned and training is undertaken under...
  20. Bismarck

    Camp Bastion, Helmand Province Map v1.0

    Camp Bastion was built by the British Army in 2005-06, and on 27 October 2014 the British Army handed over control to the Afghan Ministry of Defense. Between 2005 and October 2014 it was the logistics hub for International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) operations in Helmand. Camp Bastion...
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