1. ShadowCorp

    Basic File Writer System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Basic File Writer System A basic file writer to store and retrieve data Easy To Modify Simple To Configure Uses Datastore2 Saves data Search and view data
  2. 24

    Sunset Isle - Bedwars Lobby - 400x400 v1.8+

    Build Information: "Sunset Isle" by 24, Premium BuiltByBit Resource Build size Format Versions: 400x400 Schematic 1.8+ --> 1.12 400x400 Schem 1.13+, 1.19, 1.20
  3. PixelCoutureHub

    BlueHost | Game Hosting Website | v1.0

    Features Features of the website template 👉 Pages Landing Page Minecraft Hosting Minecraft Bedrock Hosting Rust Hosting Terraria Hosting Ark Survival Hosting 7 days to die Hosting About us page Terms of Service page 404 Error page 👉 More Features Easy To Code No Codding Skills Required...
  4. RhythmWick

    AyoCMS Lite v1.0

    Support Admin credentials: [email protected] : admin Simple Admin Panel Simple and Clean Optimized Mobile Responsive If you are a buyer of AYOCMS Lite, join on our discord server, link your account with BuiltByBit to verify your purchase and you get AYOCMS Premium when is launched.
  5. zoomingzoom

    Utah beach, WW2 v1.0

    -Detailed -Beautiful scenery -Map sounds -Scripted
  6. zoomingzoom

    Juno Beach, D-Day WW2 v1.0

    Info: -Detailed -Beautiful scenery -Map sounds
  7. zoomingzoom

    Battle of marne, WW1 v1.0

    Info: -Detailed -Beautiful scenery -Big -Drivable vehicles -Uniforms -13,000 x 13,000 Studs map -And much more
  8. zoomingzoom

    Maribor Countyside 1940 v1.0

    Info: -Detailed -Beautiful scenery -Big
  9. 24

    Lobby/Spawn - Pirate Island - 550x550 v1.8+

    Build Information: "Pirate Island" by 24, Premium BuiltByBit Resource Build size Format Versions: 550x550 Schematic 1.13+, 1.19, 1.20 550x500 Schem 1.8 -> 1.12
  10. Tr4paceiro

    Store Vip v1.12.2

    A VIP Minecraft store with 7 booths to display items, a structure, floating terrain, and an organic tree.
  11. zoomingzoom

    Site-Sigma Facility v1.0

    Info: -Highly Modular: Easy to add more areas or expand the map. -Realistic Map: Perfect for SCP:F groups. -Multiple Areas: Team spawns, CDC, Medical bay, Canteen and lots more! -Great Attention to Detail: Small things like kitchens, etc
  12. 24

    Summer Spawn - Mushroom Island -350x350 v1.8+

    🛍️ INFORMATION: · Size: 350x350 · Version: 1.8 to 1.20+ 🎈 FEATURES: ∎ THE ONLY SUMMER MUSHROOM LOBBY ON BUILTBYBIT ∎ Places for NPCs at spawn ∎ Places for 7+ Crates at spawn ∎ Beautifully built mountains ∎ Beautifully built trees ∎ Red mansion behind spawnpoint ∎ Leaderboards ∎ Beautiful...
  13. Harmony Studios

    Medieval Furnitures Essentials v1.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION: This medieval model pack contains 28 models in total (15 unique models). Banner Barrel Market (3 variations) Stool Round Table Hay Bale Big market (3 variations) Bucket Wagon Lantern Wagon Shop (4 variations) Box Bench Banner (3 variations) Rectangular table Download...
  14. W

    Tropical Spawn v1.0

    Very detailed Tropical Spawn. More than enough even for a big network!
  15. zoomingzoom

    Northfield Scotland v1.0

    Info: -Detailed -high quality -Beautiful scenery -Big -Scripted with gui’s -4052 x 6884 Studs Map
  16. zoomingzoom

    Philippines Campaign 1944 v1.0

    Info: -Detailed -high quality -Beautiful scenery -Scripted tanks (they drive)
  17. zoomingzoom

    Siegfried Line 1939 v1.0

    -Detailed -high quality -Beautiful scenery -Loads of underground rooms with beds n stuff -Big
  18. oRqze


    Are you passionate about Minecraft and Discord? We have the perfect offer for you! Our configuration service allows you to have your own customized Minecraft and Discord server at unbeatable prices. What We Offer: Complete configuration of your Minecraft server with personalized modes at a low...
  19. cubed_tonker

    USAF Academy v1.0

  20. cubed_tonker

    Roman Prison v1.0