1. William27528

    HuskTowns | Cross-Server Towny Claiming v3.0.2

    GitHub — Setup — Docs — Discord HuskTowns is a simple and elegant proxy-compatible Towny-style protection plugin for Spigot-based Minecraft servers. Let players form towns, claim chunks and carve out a thriving community. Built into HuskTowns is a robust and beautiful chat interface with a...
  2. Danik_Vitek

    Slime in a Bukkit [1.15-1.18.2] v1.0.8

    This plugin is inspired by Quark Mod's Slime in a bucket, which gets excited when you step into a slime chunk. This way, you get a pretty vanilla-ish way of finding slime chunks for your farms. Additionally, there are a few more features provided by this plugin implementation, such as: Dropped...
  3. Elapsed

    No needed

    Not needed anymore
  4. Z

    Skyblock Minions

    Okay, I'm not really requesting them I want to know if there is a plugin for all these features. - Load Chunks for you aka afk spawners/cacti farms - Combat (Kills all mobs on your island) - Miner (Mines whatever is in front of it and you set it to a check where it will store the loot) - Seller...
  5. Sunyata

    TrenchTNT v1.3

    Introduction: Annoyed with how long it takes to trench in Factions? Or maybe you want to clear out a big area or mountain! No matter what you need to dig, TrenchTNT is the solution! With TrenchTNT, players can destroy entire chunks in seconds. Everything is configurable such as the messages, the...
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