1. Improper Studios

    Medieval Cathedral - Throneroom v1.0

    This medieval throne room contains highly decorated items. It is perfect for your group meeting game, and it also includes a dungeonA truly massive Roman game to fit all your needs! Please join the support server for more information.
  2. Frost_Beer

    Vatican City Recreation - Free Download v1.0

    Hello again! I welcome you to St Peter's Basilica, This almost fantasy like building is located in Vatican City a micro-nation situated in the heart of Rome! If you like these types of builds feel free to leave a small donation or kind message. Kind regards Frost_Beer
  3. BuildsByNomad

    SELLING | Large Gothic Cathedral - $5.00 - Perfect for many uses.

    Hi all! Breaking the norm here, and selling a build that isn't a hub/spawn. I've created a large-scale replica of the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway. This is the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world, and is a stunning piece of Gothic architecture. This could be used for many...
  4. Daniel Naranjo

    Big Cathedral [Medieval Style](125x215)

    Hello guys, Today I am selling this cathedral that I built in the past few weeks. It was inspired by real cathedrals from France and England but the building itself is unique and doesn't exist in real life. It measures 125 x 215 Blocks. It is empty inside so you are free to decorate it however...
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