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  1. T

    Minecraft Server Host Looking For Content Creators [PAID]

    Hello, My name is Tyler and I am the owner/founder of a game server hosting company. We are predominantly based in North America despite originating from Australia and offer a range of hosting services for various games. We are in search of content creators who would like to represent our brand...
  2. BartolYoutube

    Looking for Creators for my SMP (MineHeart/BartolSMP)

    Hey there! I own a big Minecraft Network named MineHeart (Previously BartolSMP.) We want to expand our playerbase and keep growing. If you are a marketing manager/creator and are looking for partnerships then please to dm me on discord. Bartqk#3110 Dms open ^
  3. Rosa Parks

    Looking For Content Creators (Not YouTubers/Streamers/Etc)

    Hello all! This is probably not the content creation you're thinking of, but I'm searching for writers for my forthcoming Minecraft Prison Server. I'm seeking a creative person that can think of fresh, original features to incorporate into the server. If we chat individually, I can go into...
  4. Ythunder

    FREE COMISSION! Video editing for free

    I'm a video editor with 2 years of experience and am looking to practice a bit. So if you need a 5-7min long video edited for free dm me on discord- Ythunder#6297 And please drop off your discord name below too as so i can avoid bots I'm up to edit commentary videos, montages, edits,etc., As...
  5. Hembessy

    Mixelate - Premium TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch Content Creators


    in need of content creators.

    Hello MCM! My name is HOLIDAY1, And i am admin on TropicMC! the server is currently under development and its releasing August 15th 2pm EST and I'm looking to recruit small unpaid YouTubers for our network! Requirements: • Minimum avg. 300 views per video • Minimum avg. 100 views per stream...
  7. Jasmine


  8. Winclark

    Amaron looking for streamers for launch day

    Hello content creators! I am the owner of an upcoming network now as Amaron. Our first gamemode coming out is a very competitive skyblock gamemode! We have quite a bit of hype generated for the upcoming launch and will have some major advertising coming out starting 2 days prior to launch (on...
  9. B

    Pixelmon youtubers needed! (PAID)

    Looking for content creators to play and make videos on our server to promote it! Mainly looking for bigger creators (10k+), But we'll consider everyone as long as you have a steady stream of viewers. Add me on discord for more info: Barbus#2158 Join our server and check it out...
  10. B

    Looking for youtubers to join our Pixelmon server

    Looking for youtubers to join and play on our Pixelmon server to promote it! We recently reset the world, We have a steady amount of players but we would like more. This is UNPAID, but we can give you a donor rank (Which rank depends on the amount of subscribers). Contact me on discord for more...
  11. Apple Juice

    (Paid) Looking for Youtubers/Streamers for private beta

    Conquest MC is a survival games Minecraft server where the object of the game is to be the last one standing. A group of 24 players will be placed into a match where they must collect loot via chests and PVP. Where ConquestMC differs from other hunger game servers is the competitive nature of...
  12. Confirming

    [PAID] » AuroraRaids NEEDS Content Creators « [Ranks, McMMO, Bosses, Gangs]

    Content Creators We are looking to grow our brand-new community with both long-term and short-term partnerships with all sorts of different content creators. I'm interested regardless of what your channel content is, as long as it's readily accessible to everybody. There's not too small or too...
  13. Naspo

    « YouTubers & Streamers Needed╎ Towny Server »

    Who Are We GammaCraft is a 1.15.2 Java Towny server, run by an incredible staff team, and fueled by an amazing community. We have a ton of awesome and custom features that we are constantly updating and improving. We are heavily community-driven, and are constantly putting out new updates...
  14. Skarless

    TrickMC - Looking for Youtubers

    We are a new Factions server requesting for YouTubers/Streamers who will be offered money to record on our server. Since we are a relatively new server, we don't have a very large budget to work with, but if you're to bring on an abundance of players, we will guarantee you money sent directly to...
  15. S

    Content Creators for new FACTIONS SERVER

    Hi there, I'm a faction server in need of a new playerbase for the new server that's just released today. Ideally I'm looking for content creators and promoters to have a look around the server, and if they enjoy it, then to create some content. If you have any questions then please be sure to...
  16. MrNovoa_

    Small content creators

    Hello, we are looking for 5 small content creators (1000+ Subscribers), who accept YouTuber rank as payment (provisionally) If you are interested you can join this Discord server and send a message to 〽ala
  17. Sam Conner

    Content Creators and Partners for Uprising Network

    Uprising Network. New and custom network, we currently are developing factions, and prison. We have lots of custom features to offer such as:️ [+] Custom Core ️reducing lag and improving cannoning [+] Daily Events such as KoTH, conquest etc ️ [+] Token and Coin system️ for in game perks [+]...
  18. Bobcyclr

    Searching for YouTubers.

    I have been actively looking for YouTubers which are willing to record on my semi-vanilla Minecraft server. However, getting in touch with content creators have been getting seemingly harder and harder. My server has been running for a month and a half by now, and we have been able to...
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