1. Automating

    SimpleCommissions | CoreBot Addon v1.0

    SimpleCommissions | CoreBot Addon Add a commissions function into CoreBot. Features Effortless Commission Management: With SimpleCommissions, creating, tracking, and managing commissions is a breeze. Staff members oversee the process while developers claim and complete commissions seamlessly...
  2. Dornox

    Music Bot | Premium System & Setup Sys v1.0.6

    ## 💎 Features - Advanced Music System With Buttons - Song Request Channel - 24/7 Mode - Multi Language - Slash Commands - Custom Filters - Playlist System - Premium System - Play Song Using File - Cooldown System - Shard System - Auto Reconnect - Auto Pause/Resume - Auto Complete Search -...
  3. iKaros


    I like do this role menu selector. I have in the past but i lost the code. I am using Corebot lastest version. Payment: Paypal or Wise.
  4. ThisLightMan

    ✨ COREBOT | #1 Resource on BuiltByBit | 600+ Features | Slash Commands | Music | Tickets | Giveaways | & More ✨

    Documentation: Demo Server: Addons Server: Feature List: Support:
  5. C

    Need someone to setup corebot

  6. Asmo

    Anime quotes | Corebot Addon v2.7

    This addon requires you to have the latest version of Corebot, if you don't have Corebot you can purchase it here Commands: animequote help animequote random animequote anime <anime> animequote character <character> animequote list <page> Support...
  7. Asmo

    Better Actions v1.5

    This addon requires you to have the latest version of Corebot, if you don't have Corebot you can purchase it here Customizable embeds random gifs Support slash and legacy system
  8. Zorino

    QuestionOfTheDay | Corebot Addon v2.0

    • Fully Customizable. • Custom question of the day messages. • Sends messages every x amount of time. • Able to use an API for questions of the day messages. config.yml # Options: custom, api Type: custom Interval: 24h DeleteOldQOTDMessage: true lang.yml QOTD: Embeds: - Title...
  9. Zorino

    YouTube Alerts | CoreBot Addon v2.0.0

    • Unlimited YouTube channels listener. • Each channel has its own embed. • No YouTube API required. Debug: false Channels: - # You can get YouTubeChannelID from # YouTubeChannelID: UCV6mNrW8CrmWtcxWfQXy11g # Channel to post...
  10. Zorino

    ChatLogger | Corebot Addon v2.0.0

    • Customizable log format • Every Channel gets its own file • Ignore specified users (optional) • Ignore specified channels (optional) • Ignore bots (optional) config.yml # Placeholders: # • {date} | {content} # • {guild-name} | {guild-id} # • {channel-name} | {channel-id} # • All other...
  11. Zorino

    McServer Status | Corebot Addon v2.0.0

    • Show your Minecraft server's updating status in updating message embeds • Automatically manages status messages • Add unlimited Server Groups • Add groups to specific channels config.yml GuildID: "964609786652020786" UpdateInterval: 15s Servers: Group1: Channel: mcsrvrstats...
  12. AshuInsideOut

    Email Verification System | CoreBot v3.0.0

    Email Verification System is a CoreBot addon to allow uses to verify their email accounts before accessing your Discord Server. This will reduce Alts and Bot accounts from spam joining your server. Give them roles upon successful verification. Fully customize the html that will be sent to the...
  13. Jakey4u

    FatalityPvP in need of Setup specialist

    Hey all, I’m trying to find someone or multiple people who can help me complete my prison server. My prison server is about 20% completed, there’s still a fair amount to be done which can be discussed in PM. I also have Corebot with a few add ons on my discord server, if someone can help me...
  14. Zorino

    AutoReactions | Corebot Addon v2.0.0

    • Automatically add reactions to specific channel's messages • Automatically add reactions to specific user's messages • Supports Custom Emoji • Able to ignore bots - Channel: announcements IgnoreBots: true Reactions: - ✅ - UserID: "457424552352546818" Reactions: - 🤖
  15. Zorino

    Captcha Verification | Corebot Addon v1.1

    This addon requires you to have the latest version of Corebot, if you don't have Corebot you can purchase it here This addon requires the latest version of corebot and DOCS:
  16. Zorino

    Counting Game | Corebot Addons v2.0.0

    A free version of AdvancedGames favorite Feature, CountingGame. #CountingIsFun Features Counting game Unlimited Channels Auto Pin Messages Role Rewards Close Channel On Max Number Max Number Hard Mode Emoji Reaction Equations for countings
  17. DuAnti

    Temporary Roles | CoreBot Addon v1.5

    This addon requires you to have the latest version of Corebot, if you don't have Corebot you can purchase it here Features Customizable Command Customizable Embeds Commands trole add <user><role><time> trole del <user><role> trole info [user]...
  18. Zorino

    Discord Payments | Corebot Addon v2.0.0

    • No PayPal Business account required • Per user configurable payment emails • PayPal Refund & Money on Hold Notifications • PayPal Payment Notifications • Payment Confirmation message when used invoice command Invoice Command Payment Notification config.yml Debug: true...
  19. Zorino

    FiveM Server Status | CoreBot Addon v2.0.0

    • Able to add multiple server status • Automatic Database Management • Doesn't use any 3rd party API to get information • Automatically sends server status messages in respective channels config.yml GuildID: "964609786652020786" UpdateInterval: 5m Servers: Server1: IP...
  20. Zorino

    Advanced AFK | Corebot Addon v2.0.0

    • Customizable Messages • Give roles on going AFK • AFK Log Notifications • AFK Timed Sessions config.yml DefaultReason: User didn't specify a reason AFKRoles: - AFK AFKNickname: AFK | {user-displayname} Notification: Enabled: true Channel: afk-logs lang.yml AFK: Embeds...