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  1. MaxUK_

    ➡️ Selling x2 Hetzner Servers [CHEAP]

    Hi MCMarket. I have one Hetzner servers which I am not using. ⚠️ They both expire on the 25th Server 1 (€40.80/Month) AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Hexa-Core "Matisse" (Zen2) 64 GB DDR4 RAM 2 x 512 GB NVMe SSD (Software-RAID 1) 1 Gbit/s bandwidth Unmetered Server 2 (€41.34/Month) Intel Core i7-2600 2x...
  2. RileyM23

    ⭐Extremally Cheap High End Dedicated Servers!!⭐

    Our Website: Our Discord: If you are interested in learning more about us, please read below. To Order a Dedicated Server you must join the discord and open a ticket! Dedicated Servers in stock: i9-9900k Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Quad Xeon...
  3. eraters

    A ryzen dedicated server

    I'm looking for a ryzen 5/7/9 dedicated server but can't seem to find any good hosts to use, and I do not currently want to do with hetzner, due to the new IP prices. Any suggestions?
  4. xTheOrangeFox_

    Dedicated Server for Sale - Xeon X5670, 96gb RAM, 600gb Storage

    I am selling my dedicated server which is currently being hosted at Level One Servers Datacenter. The specs are as follows: Dell Poweredge R610 96gb RAM Intel Xeon X5670 2x 300gb Hard Drives Includes Rails 2A power draw Bandwidth is 10TB Network Port Speed is 1Gbps /29 Block (5 usable IP...
  5. Sp0oky

    Sp0oky Services

    Cheap Dedicated Servers
  6. eraters

    Dedicated server - No longer needed

    You guys know the drill. I'm offering a dedicated server that I don't need anymore but I'm still in a 3 month contract. (cancellation fee is too high for me to want to pay it upfront) Specs: 32GB Ram (DDR3) 2x1TB Storage HDD in Raid 1 Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3 - 3.3 GHz - 4 core(s)/8 vCore(s)...
  7. eraters

    Dedicated server!

  8. Tylers31


    Hello, my name is Tyler. I am 15 and working on a server with my colleague. We have 2 hosts for a lobby and a proxy. Now we just need a dedicated machine with unlimited MYSQL databases. We will need the machine for about a month or two and after the month or two, we will pay you the fee it...
  9. Tylers31


    Hello, my name is Tyler. I am currently developing a server with my colleague, and have ran in to an issue. I have plugins that require a Lilypad-Connect Dependency, meaning that I need to setup lilypad ( Lilypad is essentially a proxy that links different minecraft...
  10. SupremeServ

    i7-7700 Dedicated Server | €20

    Hello MC-Market! Today, I am offering my dedicated server that I purchased in a rush. I no longer need it, and wouldn't mind renting it out for a cheaper price. Specs: i7-7700 CPU 2 x 512GB NVMe SSD 64GB DDR4 RAM I will be selling this for: €20 for the first month €30 after (this is still...
  11. 1pick_

    OuterWorlds (Established)

    Hello, I have built up a server named OuterWorlds, the IP is if you would like to go look at it. I am currently trying to sell the network as I do not have time to continue with the project. It is a complete server with SkyBlock and KitPvP, we also have UHC and Event servers which...
  12. Beadle

    no longer need help, found someone

    Got someone to help me. Thank you to everyone who tried.
  13. SupremeServ

    JetNode | $0.50/GB MC Hosting | Cheap Dedicated Servers | 40+ Positive Reviews

    Hello. Welcome to JetNode! Here we strive to provide the highest quality and most spectacular performance for an unbeatable price. We are currently working on a new site, so therefore whilst this is being done, purchases are handled via our discord. We have around 40 vouches, which you can...
  14. TheHighFly

    Is there ANY professional company out there better than OVH?

    Referring to the title, is there? With the same and or better DDOS protection, customer support, etc. for large servers? I wouldn't think so; which is why I'm asking for opinions.
  15. EazyFTW

    VPS (16gb)

    Is someone possibly offering a VPS/Dedi that is around $1/gb. I would like 16gb, so somewhere from $16/m to $20/m. Thanks, - EazyFTW.
  16. Authy

    Discord Bot Hosting [Best Hosting Alive!]

  17. FastR

    $35 32GB - Intel Core i7-4770-2x2TB Storage

    Simple post, so no thread design this time. The title says it all! $35 for a high spec 32Gb dedicated server. Admittedly, only for the first month, however it is only $45 after that. Perfect for hosting Gmod, Minecraft, Csgo servers. Any questions - ask them! This deal isn't available on our...
  18. Bups

    System Administration | Linux Administration

    Hello MCM, MLP here AKA user. I'm here to create a bigger Sys-Admin portfolio for myself to eventually work on bigger projects. I have aspirations to start my own hosting company, and maybe with the experience, I gain from working with Minecraft Networks I can get the confidence I need to create...
  19. Virl

    Fully Set-Up (Bungee) OVH Dedi (MC - 32) + Fully set up Teamspeak server

    Specs of the server: CPU - Intel i7-6700K - 4c/8t - 4GHz /4.2GHz RAM - 32GB DDR4 2133 MHz Disks - SoftRaid 2x480GB SSD Traffic - 250 Mbps guaranteed bandwidth * No vRack Included * Server (Minecraft) info: -There are 3 servers setup on the Dedi: -Lobby - Which is set up with plugins already...
  20. Tripieye

    Mulitcraft installation to Dedi - $5

    Hello, I am looking for someone that I can pay $5 to install multicraft on my dedicated server. If you know how to do so then add me on skype - disistrip
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