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  1. JorryTV


    PlayStation Plus Pricing Subscriptions are made via the official PS Store. 100% Safe and Legal. Before You Buy: After Purchase you will receive a NEW PS Account (Turkish). 1-3-12 Month Subscription of Essential -Extra -Deluxe version. Region Free - works globally. Language, email, password...
  2. Floaty

    Deluxe Resource Page Template 1.0.0

    Deluxe Resource Page Template Level up your resource pages! 🎨 Completely Customisable Change color using a slider Editable text 🖌️ Completely Watermark Free - No Obnoxious Watermarks 🪙 Premium and Quality Theme - A completely premium, deluxe theme that is 100% customizable.
  3. Olieeeee

    DeluxeMenus Ranks Configuration - Highly Customizable - Cheap 1.0

    CORE INFORMATION This Configuration is highly custom with an easy to use Setup. Its best to use this on 1.19 however it should work fine with 1.18 & 1.17. If you experience any issues with the config. Simply comment on this post. INSPIRATION - The idea came around after I learnt a lot of...
  4. NicoMart


    A very complex shop that can calculate all your items in seconds! It doesn't take experience points, it takes levels Player Points are just the same as Tokens, just different commands Frequently Asked Questions ✨ Does the shop support any other plugins like...
  5. Essence Config

    🔥🔥 Deluxe Tags 47 Epic Tags EPIC CONFIGURATION [EN/ES] 🔥🔥 1.0.0

    If you need help or have any questions, you can enter our discord! We are always active answering your questions or helping you with something.
  6. XTFR2

    Shop Custom | CrazyEnchantments & Social 2021-05-28

    Discord server support: For more help contact me on discord personal: !BoGdan_.#3083 If you encounter a problem please give me a message more updates to follow !FOR CUSTOM SERVER CONTACT ME!
  7. Beanies

    Deluxe Tags 260 Custom Tags 1.3

    PRE-PURCHASE WARNING: Do not attempt to purchase the resource multiple times. It can take up to 24 hours before your account is granted access to download it due to delays with PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN), and MCMarket receiving the confirmed payment notification. If for any...
  8. TripleZone

    Deluxe Tebex Theme 4.7 STABLE

    Trusted by And many more...
  9. IAmSoccer

    Factions ShopGUI Configuration 1.7.1

    6 Different Color Variants!
  10. Kappios

    Atlantis Setups DeluxeMenus Kit GUI 5 Colors | 2.0

    The KitGUI feature is something to easily implement into your server and impress players. Lots of the bigger servers use this guis for kits as its easier to use, and increases donations by displaying donator perks. This configuration is made to be very easy to use and edit. To set this up on...
  11. K

    Deluxe Menus Custom Warp Menu 2020-02-23

    This is a custom warp menu that comes up as a GUI, when typed /warp. In the warp GUI, there are heads that you're able to click to warp to places. Once the head is clicked from the GUI it will give a countdown of 5 seconds with a nauseating effect whilst teleporting. This is a free config that...
  12. 6u5t4v

    [ 1.13 - 1.17.1 ] CombineDeluxe 3.2.5

    CombineDeluxe This plugin allows player to combine, add and create weapon/gear/tools with "unsafe enchantments", meaning they can fx: add a sharpness 5 with a sharpness 5 in an anvil, and then get sharpness 6 as a result. This can be done with all enchantments. It is also configurable depending...
  13. 6u5t4v

    [ 1.13 - 1.16.4 ] TitlesDeluxe 2.0.4

    What is TitlesDeluxe TitlesDeluxe is a titles plugin, that lets players purchase any of the available titles using the builtin currency. A title is a tag which you can fully customize. You can set the title to be shown by using the placeholder found in "How to use". The plugin comes with 40...
  14. DarkOP

    Need Someone To Create Me A Baltop Gui

    Hey, I need someone to set me up a baltop gui with deluxe menus, similar to this plugin but this plugin causes a lot of errors and lags the server, so I need something similar to that using deluxe menus. +SPOOKY+#6666
  15. P

    Help with DeluxeMenus (view_requirement)

    Hey, I'm trying to make it so that if a player does not have a permission they will see, A.K.A the 'Locked' version: I have added the following from below to the 'Unlocked version', which I want it to check the view_requirement first. But it seems to be skipping it and appearing as 'Unlocked'...
  16. Voxtility

    DeluxeMenus Factions Configs PermShop, Warps, Stats, Help Custom Made Professional 2018-02-16

    Use this deluxemenus config ----------------------------------------------------- Beautiful, clean formatting Fully setup Deluxe Menu configuration Custom Made Cheap / Affordable ----------------------------------------------------- [/B] [/SPOILER]...
  17. Faked

    [1.8 - 1.12] DeluxeMenus - Prison Warp GUI - 2 Designs 1.2

    Features: Custom Menu Clean Design A - Z Ranks Easy to navigate 1.8 - 1.12 configuration Features 3 icons, one for your "Current" rank, one for all previous "Unlocked" ranks, and one for all future "Locked" ranks. All work with priority. Requirements: DeluxeMenus TitleManager (for warp titles)...
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