deluxemenu configuraiton


    Backpack Menu Config ES/EN v1.0

    ㅤ Super convenient menu to use and easy to configure More than 4 backpacks with different spaces Translated in both English and Spanish menu with requirements for each backpack with money (vault) Clean and comfortable messages for everyone Need help about config, you found a bug or...
  2. VmServices

    Lifesteal Tutorial Menu | Config v1.0

    WHAT IS THIS RESOURCE? This Tutorial configuration is the best that exists. This configuration is very simple to modify. This menu is capable with deluxemenu plguin. This config have everything related to help on a lifesteal server. WHY WE WILL BUY THIS? This configuration allows you to retain...
  3. VmServices

    Playtime | Leveled Playtime Modern Gui v1.0

    DESCRIPTION This Playtime Level configuration is the best out there! It includes 20 Rewards spread across 2 Pages. Players can level up after reaching a certain amount of playtime. Everything is customizable to your liking. (If you purchase the Extra Pages Addon, you will receive 2 pages, 20...

    Kitmenu | Deluxemenus Config v1.0

    Requirements For the configuration to work well, Oraxen or ItemsAdder are required. Installation Oraxen: Drag & drop the Oraxen folder into your main plugins directory and let the files automatically merge Reload the Oraxen plugin with /oraxen reload ItemsAdder: Drag & drop the ItemsAdder...
  5. SmartName

    Premium Voting Menu | Textured v1.0

    Elevate your server experience with our custom-textured voting GUI for Minecraft. Seamlessly integrated, it allows players to effortlessly access voting links and support your community. Includes: Voting Interface ZIP Contents Vanilla Resource DeluxeMenus File ReadMe All the required...
  6. Gabeplaz123

    Server Store | Deluxe Menus Config v1.0

    Want to encourage members to donate to your server? Want to have an actual good-looking GUI instead of the old, boring Buycraft one? Well, this product is just for you! I have spent countless hours dedicating my time to perfecting this and making it as engaging for you and your players as...
  7. SmartName

    Rules Menu | Texture & Configuration v0.01

    FREE » DeluxeMenus (Required) PORTFOLIO Visit my portfolio if you wish to see some of the servers I have worked with in the past, If you are looking to get a custom setup, I'm more than eager to add it within my portfolio once the work is...
  8. Ancestry

    BetterRTP Deluxemenus Config EN | ES v1.0

    BETTERRTP DELUXEMENUS CONFIG FANCY | MINIMALIST | HEXCOLORES | 1.20.4 NATIVE VERSION Supports 1.20.x with Viaversion plugin. Ping me on Discord support if you have any questions! Enhance your BetterRTP Menu with fancy and minimalist style. Professionally designed. 🔔 Important Only the...
  9. Gioxrr

    RankUp Menu | Deluxemenu Config | EN/ES v1.1

    RankUp Menu (DeluxeMenu + LuckPerms) [/spoiler]
  10. IamZyxZ

    RANKUP LEVEL - DeluxeMenus & CyberLevels v1.0

    ・ZyxZ Servers is a group of configurators that seeks to provide the best quality and prices in their products with many updates and customer support. ・This setting has 19 levels that can be fully increased and modified by the user. ・It has a reward system for completing a certain level. ・You...
  11. qDum

    Superior Skyblock Island Levels Shop v1.0

    The best island levels shop for superiorskyblock using deluxemenus!
  12. GroovyTheDev

    Groovy Login Rewards Menu v1.0

    Overview: The Groovy Login Rewards Menu, crafted with DeluxeMenus, offers players the opportunity to claim rewards upon server login, with options available hourly, daily, and weekly. Customization of rewards within the menu is supported, utilizing DeluxeMenus for interface creation, Luckperms...
  13. GroovyTheDev

    Groovy Vote Menu v1.0

    A vote menu which comes up with 7 buttons, replace the links in the config with your server voting links. Installation: 1. Download the file. 2. Put the file into the Gui_File of DeluxeMenus. 3. Paste this into config.yml file of DeluxeMenus: vote: file: groovyyvote_1.yml 4. Run the command...
  14. vosiekip

    DeluxeTags Config | 21 Tags v1.3

    What are Deluxetags? Deluxetags empowers players by offering a customizable identity, allowing them to stand out on the server. What is this resources? A custom configuration for the Deluxetags plugin. The configuration contains a collection of 21 tags, and a custom store menu. Why...
  15. NicazoPM

    Coin Store & Rank Gifting | Config v1.0

    DELUXEMENUS | RANK GIFTING CONFIGURATION With this configuration you can enjoy an advanced "Rank Gifting" system and start using it easily. You don't need to configure anything else, everything it comes with is already completely configured. Compatibility: 1.8 -1.20+ Preview of the menus:
  16. Mineverse Team

    Playtime Rewards | Custom UI & Animation v1.0.3

    TESTED VERSION 1.20.4 ORAXEN SUPPORT The texture could be combined with Oraxen Textures IMPORTANT A docs website is still in development. If you have any troubles with our product, you can open a ticket on our Discord Server. REQUIRES PLAYER EXPANSION FOR PLACEHOLDERAPI /papi...
  17. AlinMihai96

    DeluxeMenus Config - Custom Warps Menu v1.0

    Navigate Virtual Realms with Style: Warps Menu, where an eye-catching GUI seamlessly teleports players to their chosen server warps! SUPPORT DISCORD
  18. SmartName

    DeluxeMenus Custom Phone v2

    Do you want to control your Warps easily? Everything in one place and as modern as possible? Then the PixelModels Phone is the solution for your server. Simply add your own apps or use the built-in apps to create the simplest possible environment for your players. Everything is controlled by...
  19. Gamefacts

    DeluxeMenus - Server Rules GUI v1.0

    DeluxeMenu's Server Rules Drag and drop, plug and play! Customise to your liking, and forget all the setup work! It has been done for you! Set your own RGB Gradient with: Dependency:
  20. A

    Lands GUI Deluxemenus v1.1

    created a GUI via Deluxemenus for the lands plugin. what does this config do? If you type /landshop you will see a GUI. in the GUI you can buy lands claim blocks. You can change it yourself to your own command or number of claim blocks, You can also change the price. what plugins do i need...
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