deluxemenu configuraiton

  1. A

    Lands GUI Deluxemenus v1.1

    created a GUI via Deluxemenus for the lands plugin. what does this config do? If you type /landshop you will see a GUI. in the GUI you can buy lands claim blocks. You can change it yourself to your own command or number of claim blocks, You can also change the price. what plugins do i need...
  2. bedsyy

    Reward | System Reward Custom GUI v1.1

    REWARD & DELUXEMENU MODERN | MINIMALIS | 2 THEME Supports 1.20.x 📚 DEPENDENCIES LuckPerms DeluxeMenus PlaceholderAPI 🔌 INSTALLATION Install all Dependencies. Download the zip, and unpack it. Select theme 1 or 2. Drag and drop DeluxeMenus folder to your server Drag and drop Resourcepack...
  3. Diekieboy

    Warps Menu | Deluxe Menus Configiuration v1.0

  4. IcyIsADev

    Kits GUI v1 v1.1

    Kits GUI is basically by the name of it a Kits GUI but on DeluxeMenus. This is simple to configure once you do one kit but if you struggle feel free to ask me for help! Below is more information on the Kits Gui!
  5. projectenchanted

    Classes | Stages | Levels v1.0

    Using Coins Engine plugin currencies players can level up Classes Each Class has its own color scheme that can be customized to suit your server themes Here is a sample of one of the classes, selecting warrior class will bring players to the stages menu. Here they can purchase stage 1 and...
  6. IGNLuuk

    Epic DeluxeMenus Rules Gui Config v1.0

    Are you looking for a way to display your server rules in a simple and elegant way? Do you want to have different types of rules for different platforms and situations? Do you want to make sure that your players accept and follow your rules before they can play? If yes, then you need Epic...
  7. _geniver.

    Menu | DeluxeMenus v1.0

    Menus: • Jobs • Menu join • Kits • Warps • Protectionstones • Elitemobs • Baltop • Stats • RTP And more!
  8. _geniver.

    MENU Jobs | DeluxeMenus GUI v1.0

    Plugin menu configuration. JobsReborn With the plugin DeluxeMenus I will bring more add-ons and configurations with your support :)
  9. WortyHax

    Warp GUI | Deluxe Menus Config v1.0

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Easy Setup Customizable Advanced Display System Lightweight Good Support Team Custom Heads Permissions Coordinates Worlds Teleportation Delays 💵 Price: Free 📋 Type: DeluxeMenus GUI Configuration ❌ Dependencies: EssentialsX, DeluxeMenus, PlaceholderAPI, LuckPerms & Vault ✨...
  10. 301331


    This configuration adds a store with 18 balanced protection stones with unique properties for the 3 different worlds of the game. Also, an interactive menu in which you can customize your protection stone with 3 different types of welcome signs, show or hide your protection stone and teleport...
  11. Vaspei

    DeluxeTags Config - 28 Tags & Custom GUI v1.0

  12. S

    Deluxe menu custom config

    Hello i want to know if someone can do a custom config 1 principal menu where you get some item liste helmet or a block and when you click on it it open an other menu like the boost and here people can buy boost for the /shop (i can configure that its not a problem if you can do a exemple for...
  13. R

    Rankup Config v1.0

    [+] 10 Custom Ranks added from deluxemenus and luckperms [+] Supporting 1.19 version [+] Rank upgrade option [+] Player xp level and money checker option [+] You can see your rank level [+] You can add or edit sounds. [+] 99% customizable. [+] Vault support. [+] Luckperms support. [+]...
  14. Ancestry

    SilkSpawners Menu Configuration EN | ES v1.0

  15. Ancestry

    PlayerVaultsX Menu Configuration EN | ES v1.0

  16. WortyHax

    Baltop GUI | Deluxe Menus Config v1.1

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Easy Setup Customizable Advanced Display System Lightweight Good Support Team 💵 Price: $1.99 📋 Type: DeluxeMenus GUI Configuration ❌ Dependencies: EssentialsX, DeluxeMenus, PlaceholderAPI and Vault ✨ Version Compatible: 1.8-1.20.x ❓ Installation: The installation guide is...
  17. Mrs25678

    Report menu config/ES/ -DeluxeMenus v1.0

    This is not a plugin, its a config of deluxemenus This configuration can be modified to your liking and according to your needs, either by changing the menu icons, names, descriptions, adding more categories and executed commands. This plugin needs a report plugin that allows custom...
  18. Diekieboy

    Vote Menu | Deluxe Menus Config 0

  19. Cruciallity

    ORIGINALMENUS | DeluxeMenus Starter Pack v.2.0

    INITIAL INFORMATION Upon purchase of this DeluxeMenus Pack, you'll find two initial items within the file. A folder containing all the required configuration files for the resource, and a file containing some brief information. CONFIGURATION CONTENTS This configuration contains 5 different...
  20. Chris Graph

    Unique Lootbox - MythicMobs v1.0

    Bring unique lootboxes to your community, give a new look to gameplay. Presentation Vidéo Preview Lootbox Install all plugins required and restart your server Drag & Drop all files in your plugin folder DeluxeMenus ItemsAdder ModelEngine MythicMobs Before reload plugins, please...