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deluxemenu configuraiton

  1. NotStudio

    Kit Deluxemenus Config v1.0

  2. quitoyt

    Config Deluxe tags y Deluxe menus

    Everything is original, made by me. You only use 2 plugins: Deluxemenus and Deluxetags (Obviously) I'll pass you the menus and the deluxetags config +messages in Spanish and modified GUI. Well-configured fancy labels and fancy menus. Country labels: 17 Countries (The most players) Other...
  3. Cupic

    DeluxeMenu & DeluxeTags Configuration v1.1

    Allow players the ability to select an active "chat tag" based on the tags they have permission for! ♦ Alot of Tags ♦ Custom Tags ♦ Version 1.8 to 1.19 ♦ More tags each update You can not dispute/charge-back. You can not share this configuration to anyone. You can not claim it as your...
  4. TitanManagement

    DeluxeMenus Ranks Configuration v1.0

    CORE INFORMATION This Configuration is highly custom with an easy to use Setup. Its best to use this on 1.19 however it should work fine with 1.18 & 1.17. If you experience any issues with the config. Simply comment on this post. INSPIRATION - The idea came around after I learnt a lot of...
  5. Savaa

    Selling Deluxe Menus Configurations ( Warps, Kits, Vote, Custom Commands...) CHEAP $

    Hello, I'm selling a DeluxeMenus Configs. If you are interested or u wanna see more contact me on Discord: SaWZZ#4605 ( Support 24/7 )
  6. t1laur

    Server Warps Configuration | 8 Warps v1.0

    Commands: /warp /warps Requires: DeluxeMenus (link) Gradients made through: RGBirdFlop (link)
  7. iale999

    BlockShop Kitmap HCF DeluxeMenu config v1.0

    This is not a plugin! this is a configuration to 1.8!!!!! This is a config with 12 different menus that complement everything for a HCF/KitMap "blockshop", it contains 9 categories in the buy shop menu, with everything essential from wood to spawners, it contains a sell shop where users can...
  8. RConfig

    CUSTOM PRACTICE MENUS | Style Minemen v2.0

    Custom Menus ranked/unranked for Strike Practice. • Custom format and order. • Glass panel. • TOP #3 elo ranked. • Queue/playing. • Event soon. • English • Spanish • more. Terms & Conditions • You can not charge back or refund. • You can not request any edits for the map. • You can...
  9. Semify

    🏆 [FREE] DeluxeMenus ▸ StrikePractice Menus • Custom Menus 🏆 v1.0

  10. Semify

    ⚓ [FREE] DeluxeMenus ▸ Quests Menus • 5 Categories ⚓ v3.0

  11. Semify

    ⛰️[FREE] DeluxeMenus ▸ Advanced Armor Shop • Custom Shop GUI ⛰️ v1.0

  12. Semify

    DeluxeMenus | Server Hub | FREE CONFIG v1.0

    ☄️ ️| DeluxeMenus Server Hub | ☄️️ FREE CONFIG Made by Semify PICTURES: Much more stuff in the menus and custom messages but Mc-Market won't let me upload more pictures ehh... End of the resource. If you have any questions ask me on Discord: Semify#4477 Enjoy the menus!
  13. Booklet

    [$1.50] DeluxeMenus Config Series #1 | Warps✦ ChatColors ✦Backpacks ✦ RankUps Ranks ✦RankUps Kits

    ✦ Warps GUI ✦ ✦ Chat Colors GUI +(Extra) ✦ ✦ Backpacks (EnderChest) GUI ✦ ✦ Rankup Ranks GUI ✦ ✦ Rank Kits GUI ✦ If you have any question don't hesitate to contact the developer: Pikatucy#9451 Tucies Community Discord (Issues & Feedback) Want help for linking it with...
  14. K

    DeluxeMenus Config Series 1 v1.2

    Warps GUI ChatColors GUI Backpacks GUI Rankup Ranks GUI Rankup Kits GUI
  15. ItzFabb

    Deluxemenus Configuration

    Hi, im new to mc-market community so far i love the community <3! And also i'd like to offering you a deluxemenus configuration 1 menu = 0.50€ (depends on the menu difficulty tbh!) Add me on discord if you interested: ItzFabb#0050 Previous work...
  16. YouSeeMeRunning

    Deluxemenu Config Warps Kits Help Reward v1.2

    AMAZING QUALITY DELUXEMENUS GUIS Configurations were made on deluxemenu 1.13.3 Information Warps Player Stats Ore Stats Mob Stats Player Kits Server Socials Monthly Rewards Once you've loaded the menu you need to run these commands: /papi ecloud download Player /papi ecloud download...
  17. HydenMC

    DeluxeMenus PlayerMenu v1.3.4

    ☄️HIGHLY QUALITY DELUXEMENUS' MENUS ☄️ This is a configuration, not a plugin. With hours of work, this DeluxeMenus configuration will bring you a high-quality experience. Please note that you will have to edit the menus to work with your warps, ranks etc. You will also need a way to have...
  18. GamendeCat

    ⭐️Profesional Deluxemenu Creator ⭐️ Custom menu's, 1.8.9 - 1.16. ⭐️ Low prices!⭐️

    ⭐️CUSTOM MENUS⭐️ »» Welcome! »» You will be able to choose a menu of choise and i will make it! »» Creator : GamendeCat ⭐️FEATURES⭐️ »» Supported versions (1.8 - 1.16.4)...