1. P

    (PAID 💸) Looking for: Texture Pack Artist

    Hi there! I'm on the lookout for someone who is proficient in texture pack creation to create a pack similar to the likes of the ones from MCC Island and the texture pack Vividity. Proficiency in this cartoon art style is essential. If interested, please shoot me a dm or reply here with your...
  2. VenteriaTech

    MangoMOTD v1.0

  3. KwSRaptor

    Minecraft Professional Logo Designer!

    Welcome to my Fiverr gig, where creativity meets Minecraft expertise! With a deep understanding of Minecraft’s unique aesthetic and years of design experience, I specialize in crafting captivating logos tailored specifically for your Minecraft server, YouTube channel, or gaming community. Each...
  4. KwSRaptor

    Creating Minecraft top-notch logos!

    Check out my gig
  5. Karma Studios

    Pixel Spawn Eggs +30 FREE v1.0

    High quality spawn egg icons for any Minecraft server shop. More colors and designs will be added from time to time. The delivered file is a .zip file with images .png If you need help with one of our configurations, we invite you to enter our documentation page or if you have any questions...
  6. Amethyst Studious

    RandomTP Menu | Amethyst Config v1.0

    🥑 Do you have problems or questions about this resource? Well, 🥑 we were waiting for you on discord to open a ticket -||- DISCORD LINK -||- Join on Discord! RANDOMTP MENU | BETTERRTP CONFIG GREEN | CUSTOM | UNIQUE MENU/RESOURSE DESCRIPTION "This is a menu specially designed to facilitate...
  7. Elysium Lab

    Potions Shop - Elysium Lab v1.0

  8. Pixelwarp

    Need developers [Unity, ETC]

    I am currently making a game called Azura, and I am currently in the process of making the game + a launcher called Quake. I need developers that have experience in one of these fields. General Requirements: - 13 years or older - Can work in a team or alone. - Understands sarcasm and...
  9. Fjnxcl

    Modern Apartment Building v1.0

    FEATURES Detailed Model Exterior Build Customizable
  10. Fjnxcl

    Apartment Building 2 v1.0

    FEATURES Detailed Model Exterior Build Customizable
  11. NourOsama

    Graphic Designs | Brand Identity

    Your friendly neighborhood graphic designer with passion
  12. oipika

    Socials v1.0

    OVERVIEW This is only a config file for the plugin known as Deluxemenus. It supports versions 1.8 and above. Note: This setup was configured and tested on Spigot 1.8 and on Deluxemenus 1.13.3. These files only modify everything related to the messages/aesthetics. Other aspects of the plugin...
  13. SenseiGFX


    Hello, I will be doing thread designs for just $10. Offer valid for first 5 customers only. PORTFOLIO: If interested, please contact on discord: senseigfx
  14. Porii

    Voting Site | Minecraft Server v1.0

  15. ShadowCorp

    Retro Document System v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Retro Document System This is a unique tech that allows users to view hidden documents locked behind a code. This tech is great for roleplay or just something interesting to have in a game. Easy To Configure Simple To Modify Code System Retro Style Design Custom Sounds Redact...
  16. Nevox

    ULTIMATE - Resource design Template v1.0

    😎 Buy this design and make your project more beautiful. . 🎨 Customizable colors . 🚀 Easy and quick customization This resource has a file in the ".fig" format that opens in the free Figma application for editing. In it you will be able to edit colors, fonts, texts, dimensions easily and quickly...
  17. Nevox

    CLEAN - Epic Thread design FIGMA v1.0

  18. FredOrSomething


    These quality 3D logos/text images are great for server ads/logos, banners, websites, YouTube channel banners, thumbnails, etc... Past work: I will use a rendering tool to create and edit a Minecraft style text/graphic to your specifications. If you ever wish to change the text or edit the...
  19. Nevox

    MODERN - Epic Thread design PSD & FIGMA v1.0

  20. IronicX

    Minecraft Banners Template v1.0

    Enhance your Server & Discord Community with this High-Quality Server banner template! The Server Banners Template is a PSD Template that offers endless possibilities for your Server! TEMPLATE & PRODUCT FEATURES • 70+ Minecraft Renders Included! • 35+ Minecraft Backgrounds Included! •...
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