1. R


    PORTFOLIO CONTACT theomor (discord)
  2. Pyzem Studios

    Web Development

    If anyone needs custom website , contact us in discord https://[Censored]/discord https://[Censored]/
  3. NotFat__

    ✨[$5 ONLY] Graphic Design Services | Logos, Banners, Thumbnails, Thread Designs & More!! ✨

    Hey! I'm Mark Check out my portfolio: I'm Offering my services in : Logos, Banners, Thread Designs Icons & More for only $5 till December! Twitter: realnotfat Discord: notfat
  4. Artillex-Studios

    Autumn Set | Tools & Armors v1.0

    If you're a server owner or looking for Autumn Armors / Tools for any reason this resource is for you! Autumn Tools & Armor The resource includes: ♦ 5 Custom Autumn Tool ♦ Custom Autumn Armors ♦ 9 New Items Total Configurations include: ♦ ItemsAdder configuration ♦ Oraxen configuration...
  5. 30nn

    Collection of 3D/Neumorphic illustrations

    I'm looking for a collection of designs similar to ones in this reference material. You have creative freedom but it must be 3D or 3D effect similar to reference, Gradient ish backgrounds with some relevant objects to include in the backgrounds Fade to blur toward bottom High-resolution and...
  6. SwordOfSouls

    UI/UX Designer Needed [CLOSED]

    Hey! I am currently in need of a UI/UX Web Designer, portfolio is required, and fast delivery time is ideal. Discord: swordofsouls
  7. LoyalConcepts

    Loyal Concepts - High Quality Branding and Design Services

  8. Jos

    [REQUESTING] Game Designer & Creative Gamemode Lead

    🎨 Looking for a paid creative position? Are you a game-designer looking for a paid position to express your skills on? Have you had cool gamemode ideas you've wanted to bring to fruition and help design / create? We're looking for folks like you to join our team. Creative gamemode ideas...
  9. V

    Minecraft Rank Design - Pixel Art v1.0

    What comes with: Alphabet pack Bottom 3 presets (admin, resp, mod) For all requests, come to discord: likethatbg
  10. GoogleAmca

    Resource page design pack v2nd Edition

    SUPPORT SERVER INCLUDING: x10 editable and x6 ready designs
  11. IronicX

    Server Announcements Banner Template v1.0

    Enhance your Server & Discord Community with this High-Quality Server Banners Template! The Server Banners Template is a PSD Template that offers endless possibilities for your Server! TEMPLATE & PRODUCT FEATURES • 70+ Minecraft Renders Included! • 35+ Minecraft Backgrounds Included! •...
  12. Pyzem Studios

    Pyzem Services - Fast & Cheap

    Hello everyone! Pyzem Studios is offering services such as minecraft setups, maps, builds, websites, tebex templates. discord bots and many more with affordable prices, dont think prices are expensive because we are a service team. Of course, if you are intrested contact us on discord by...
  13. enif

    Logo v1.0

    Perfect server logo with 5 color variants!
  14. Vizmo Studio

    Smothy - Resource Page Template v1.0

    Smothy - Resource Page Template stands out with its unique design and stylish colour options. If you can't edit it and need help, join our Discord server and support us 🚀 | Features: 6 Vibrant Color Options: You can easily change the colors and create a different atmosphere every moment...
  15. uArchie

    ✨Archie's Management Services | 6+ Years Experience ✨

  16. LixelHD

    18 Rank icons - icons for your store v1.0

    18 RANK ICONS This pack includes various icons for your store. You can increase your sales by using these attractive product images. Free rank icons without text are also included, so you can add your own text! MORE IMAGES WILL FOLLOW SOON Soon I will create more icons. You get free access to...

    Resource Page Template - Nova v1.0

    Give your resource page a fresh look with our template Nova! 🔖8 Colors Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, Purple, Dark Purple, Cyan 🔖Easy to Customize Resource contains every .psd file you'll need and you do not need to be experienced in photoshop to edit it. If you do not have enough time to...
  18. Vextrosity

    GOLD PACK - Store Icons v1.1

    GOLD PACK This pack includes 5 transparent gold icons for your store. You can increase your sales by using these attractive product icons. SUPPORT If you have any questions you can join our discord and create a support ticket. CHECK OUT OUR DIAMOND PACK:
  19. Wello

    ⚓Custom Logo Designs. - Affordable, Fast & Professional⚓

  20. Peona

    🎨 Minecraft Server Logo - RubyRealm

    :cool: Hello guys. Today I will introduce you the Minecraft logo that I specially designed for the RubyRealmserver. I would appreciate it if you would let me know your opinion about the logo. Theme : Rabbit Construction Time: 2 Days