1. ByCoquito1

    Selling Ownership Rights

    Hi, I am ByCoquito, CEO of Raven Solutions. We are selling the ownership of some of our products. If you are interested, please contact me via Discord and we can tell. Discord: bycoquito (1072256782765928549) Products: Raven Bot: Click Here Magnus Licenses: Click Here Raven Tickets: Click...
  2. RonaldZav

    EmbedCreator for RU-CORE v1.0

    You can see how to install this addon for RU-CORE on the documentation page.
  3. RonaldZav

    RU CORE - Discord Bot v1.0

    RU-CORE is the core of a Discord bot, the core code is free and open source. This software is designed so that the user can purchase addons to add functionality to the bot. - By default this bot contains only the /avatar command
  4. GlowingStudios

    Glowing Discord Panel | Dashboard v1.0

  5. Fullpage

    Currency - Custom Economy & Shop v1.0

    Introducing ManticCurrency, a EULA friendly and powerful plugin that empowers server owners with the ability to create and manage their own custom currencies effortlessly. Whether you're looking to enhance your server's economy or gamify interactions, ManticCurrency offers a comprehensive suite...
  6. P

    🚀 Join the HorizonGate Network Team – POSITIONS OPEN! 🌐

    Are you passionate about the Minecraft universe and eager to contribute your skills to an exciting community? HorizonGate Network is looking for talented individuals to join our team! Available Positions: Website Developer 🌐 Are you skilled in web development? Help us enhance our online...
  7. DevJhoan

    Selling Absolet - Discord Bot Ownership

    It's been 2 years since I started with the Absolet project which started as a simple Discord bot (Free) but after constant updates we decided to make it paid (Special thanks to our first buyer issly), in this time we have tried to be constant with the updates of the bot, but every day the desire...
  8. alen.

    Professional Role Icons v1.0

  9. BebeDlaStreat

    DiscordRankSync v1.5

    DiscordRankSync This plugin allow you to sync your players in game ranks on discord Spigot, Bungeecord and Velocity support ✔️ Support discord: click Setup: Go on the discord developer portal then create a new application. Then go in the bot section and get your token. You may have to reset...
  10. Dornox

    Resource thread | Music Bot Design v1.0

    1x PSD File of the below image.
  11. druid_gg

    🚀 FREE SERVERS at Druid.gg (Minecraft/Rust/Palworld/Ark) 🔥

    🔥Free Minecraft/Rust/Palword Servers and more🔥 Our cloud hosting platform druid.gg is in early beta, and we’re looking for gamers like you to take our brand-new game server tech for a spin, starting Feb 22 at 1:00 pm CET. Oh, and did we mention the Beta is completely FREE? ☁️Innovative Cloud...
  12. DiscordDevJxni

    InvBot - Invoices over Discord v1.0.0

    IMPORTANT Information: In order to start the bot (except for the Source Code version) you'll need a License Key. To get it you'll need to open a Support Ticket in the Discord Server If you want more showcase, you can find it at any time in: https://discord.gg/H4KvQyjzWe Terms of Service...
  13. Dornox

    Namelessmc-fetch v1.0

  14. ByCoquito1


    Hi, I am ByCoquito, CEO of Raven Solutions. We are selling the ownership of some of our products. If you are interested, please contact me via Discord and we can tell. Discord: bycoquito (1072256782765928549) Products: Magnus Licenses: Click Here Raven Tickets: Click Here FiveM Bot: Click Here
  15. NycoleART

    Minecraft Alex Emojis Pack | NycoleART v1.0

    What's Included ? 30 Icons in PNG format 32x32 pixels (Perfect for Discord) Transparent background for all PNGs This is a premade resource. Want custom artwork ? Visit https://nycole.art/
  16. VactumPlays

    Recruiting someone to do Voice-Acting for my unique Discord Bot project - Volunteer Position

    Hi, i'm the owner of https://interly.net/ an event hosting discord bot. It's a very unique project, no other discord bots really have features like we do. So we have a lot of fun and engaging video ideas for the future. But currently we want to get videos out that just explain specific features...
  17. XKanekiX

    Discord Advertisements & Promotion | 40,000+ Members

    Server Has 2,000+ Daily Joins Prices : 50$ 500 +Joins 60$ 600 +Joins 70$ 700+ Joins 80$ 1,000 +Joins 120$ 2,000+Joins Server Link : https://discord.gg/ykq2HWZ9Af My Discord @sleepingkaneki
  18. KASUN

    Discord Leaderboards - Premium v1.0.0

    Effortless Integration: Maintain your Discord Bot effortlessly within the Minecraft server, ensuring a smooth and unintrusive experience for all players. Dynamic Image Generation: Transform your content with stunning visual appeal through our image generation capabilities, allowing you to create...
  19. LucidDevelopment

    Lucid Development - Custom Bot/Plugin/Website Solutions

  20. StillNotSwedish

    Discord Bot Developer searching for portfolio building opportunities

    Hey BBB! Having worked with Java and the JDA for quite some time now, I bring a solid foundation to get into the Bot development field, for that, I am offering my services to people looking for cheap but reliable and well made discord Bots. I can make you shop bots, Chat bots, Bots using...
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