1. Alek05

    Honey AntiCrash v2.3.2

    OVERVIEW Honey, a Spigot plugin, is made to secure Minecraft servers against crash clients and packet exploits. Honey is constantly updated to be up-to-date with newly introduced exploits in the Minecraft protocol used by all servers. Honey is an advanded and revolutionary Anti-Crash solution...
  2. chambos

    Nemesis - Anti-Crash/Dupe/Exploit v1.2

    Nemesis - Your Ultimate Server Guardian Secure your Minecraft server like never before with Nemesis, the powerful plugin designed to protect your community and streamline administrative tasks. Packed with advanced features, Nemesis ensures a secure and controlled environment, giving you peace...
  3. Omega Manufactory

    Anti Cheat V2 || Exploit Proof v1.0

    Anti-Dex, this ensures nobody can steal your game using scripts! Overall, general security patches most exploits. The best anti cheat on roblox!
  4. Wafline

    🚀Introducing Wafline: Web Security and DDoS Protection Solution!🛡️

  5. NikV2

    ☕ Coffee Protect ☕ ⋙ Prevent exploits, server crashers, netty crashers and duping with style! ⋘

    ✔️ Netty Crashers (Packet Decoder) ✔️ Server Crashers (Invalid position, Chunk overload, Exploitable commands, and much more) ✔️ Smart Packet Limiter (Using packet rate) ✔️ Invalid Items ✔️ Anticheat Disablers (Certain methods that can be used in order to disable certain anticheats) ✔️ Entity...
  6. LucidAPs

    NoAltsExploits v3.3

    🎈 Say "No More!" to alt-account exploits with the NoAltsExploits Plugin! 🚫🎭 In the wild, wonderful world of Minecraft, it's all fun and games until someone decides to game the system! Alt accounts can be a big, bad problem, causing chaos, imbalance, and too many exploits and abuses that lead to...
  7. Lucas W.

    One of my bungee networks got hacked and i need help finding the vulnerability

    Those are the logs of the exploiter who joined, and the only clues i've so far. Anyone has an idea on how to patch whatever he used to exploit the server and run commands like this?
  8. LinsaFTW

    🔥🎉 Introducing Flamecord: The Hottest Way to Ignite Your Server! 🔥🎉

    Are you tired of bots and exploits ruining your Minecraft server? Do you want to improve your server’s performance and security without sacrificing features or compatibility? If you answered yes, then you need FlameCord! FlameCord is a fork of Waterfall, which is a fork of BungeeCord. It is a...
  9. MachineBreaker

    RedstoneLimiter - Control & Protect v1.0.0

    The RedstoneLimiter plugin is a must-have tool for server administrators looking to regulate and control redstone usage on their servers. This plugin limits the number of redstone activations that can occur in a set time period, helping to prevent griefing and spamming of redstone contraptions...
  10. LinsaFTW

    ExploitFixer - Anti-Crash/Dupe Plugin v2.5.5

    Information ExploitFixer serves as the ultimate anti-exploit security plugin for Bukkit/Spigot Minecraft servers. It effectively blocks well-known crash clients such as Jessica, Jigsaw, and YSK, along with other malicious actors aiming to disrupt server activities through packets. The plugin...
  11. Rayzs_YT

    RS | Anti Proxy,VPN,Crash,Bot,NullPing v3.6.1

    The most unique Spigot protection plugin on the market! Against (Netty-)Crasher, VPNs, Exploits, Hacked-Crash-Items, and Ping/Bot-Attacks! RayzsShield is a highly advanced, ad-free, and customizable Minecraft security plugin with a lot of extra features. This plugin protects your server...
  12. LinsaFTW

    RedstoneLimiter - Smart Redstone Limiter v0.0.5

    DESCRIPTION RedstoneLimiter is your ultimate solution to taming the unruly power of redstone contraptions. Designed to curb excessive activations and eliminate lag machines, this versatile plugin offers a seamless experience for Minecraft server administrators. With RedstoneLimiter, you gain...
  13. bob7l

    XCord | High Performance | Anti-bot v1.57

    Note: XCord requires a license to run properly. You can obtain a license from joining the official XCord channel and verifying your ownership (Insure non-friend DM's are enabled). Verification is automated, and quick! Description XCord is an advanced Bungeecord fork designed for high...
  14. Soki

    Pentesting service

    Hello! Just started up a server or want to audit your security? You need to make sure your server is protected against known BungeeCord, spigot, Linux, and network exploits! My service includes an attempt to root your system (Getting privileged access to your Linux box), an attempt to impact...
  15. Ytnoos

    LPX AntiPacketExploit v3.4.5

    The license request may take up to 24 hours, don't buy the protection meanwhile you are getting attacked, Prevention is better than cure LPX ✅Avoid NettyCrashers, prevents netty threads to be blocked by exploits without using any fork; ✅Dependency Free, doesn't require any dependency; ✅Frequent...
  16. HookWood_

    [20€] WaterCrash 1.7-1.15 | Next generation of BungeeCord

    >| WaterCrash Link |< https://www.mc-market.org/resources/13579/ >| What is WaterCrash? |< WaterCrash is a fork of WaterFall with 1.7.x support protocol. It has a lot of protection for your server against crash, check WaterCrash exploit fixer to see them. We also use new java libs to optimize...
  17. LinsaFTW

    FlameCord - Ultimate Antibot Solution v2.0.1

    FlameCord: The Ultimate Antibot Solution Searching for the ultimate solution to revolutionize your Minecraft server network? Look no further than FlameCord – the pinnacle of performance, security, and customization. ¿Why FlameCord? Unparalleled Exploit Prevention and Performance Boosts...
  18. NoJokeFNA

    CasualProtector | AntiCrash & AntiBot v6.0-SNAPSHOT

    You can't purchase it for now. DISCORD It had about 550 downloads (4-8 euro) but we moved from another website here. What's the CasualProtector? It's advanced plugin for your server. It's #1 resource for blocking exploit and crash attacks. It also contains antibot features, so you get...
  19. Tripieye

    Help! Bungeecord Exploit Fix

    There is a bungeecord exploit on my server and I need help patching it. If you are good with bungeecord and can fix this issue for me I am willing to pay a reasonable price. Please leave your discord below if you think you can help me with this.
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