factions 1.9

  1. Galxii

    FrozenRealms | Recruiting | Factions +

    Hello! I'm pastul, the Head of Recruitment at Frozen Realms. I work along side other administrators and the manager to make sure we are recruiting the best staff possible. FrozenRealms is a factions server hoping to expand to a large network of other games. We are already working with bungee...
  2. A

    Factions PvP - 1.8+ - Crates - Ranks - Custom Spawn - Negotiable Price

    :)PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE :) I am currently selling a minecraft server, I am able to change the name of the server and the MOTD to your liking, I have also fully setup factions some crates and ranks including staff/donor ranks. I have the kits setup, it is not an OP factions and isn't pay to win...
  3. Landon

    {Faction Setup} High Quality [unmaintained] v2.1

    This setup includes everything you need to get your Factions server started. All you have to do is drag and drop to install. This Factions setup includes a lot of awesome features, ensuring your players a fun time on the server! Clean Spawn Professional Messages Balanced kits Custom /kit GUI...
  4. N

    NEW servers needs testers [ OPprison and Faction ] do you wanna help us?

    hello guys we Are from Chemical Network we are bizzy with getting everything straight. but also we want to have some gameplay testers and maybe youtuber's to test everything out do you wanna help us out? then just join this IP: the FIRST 75 people will get full dia armor...
  5. lavainminecraft

    Help with server signshop

    Greetings, I am looking for someone who will help me with my signshop on my server I need help with it because of the lack of staff and the amount of things I am going to have sold and bought so I just need an extra hand with it. If you a saying 'no, I do it for money' then you're in luck, if...
  6. Exploded


    hey, I have a new 1.9.4 server that needs good advertising. Will give youtube rank and possibly staff. Its a very new unique gamemode of factions. Its very different and needs advertising. lmk if interested. I hope to see you around :) Server IP is RedWarzone.mcpro.co pm me for contact...
  7. oSpko

    [1.7.10 & 1.8.X] Osiris PvP Factions NOW OPEN!

    OSIRIS PVP NETWORK Welcome To Osiris PvP Network! This is your Owner _Krazed_ i'm proud to present you my Factions server. It took me while to complete this server now it is at it's point of being released! This server will soon be release to the public to enjoy but, for now I am fixing bugs as...
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