1. A

    Featherboard Config v1.6

    Featherboard Scoreboard Config This configuration is designed for Featherboard. Don't feel like or have the time to make a design in featherboard? then buy this configuration now. You can adjust this configuration to your own server and possibly add other variables yourself. Note: Tested in...
  2. Diekieboy

    FeatherBoard Configuration | Four Games v1.0

  3. Jiggy

    TAB - Config v1.3

    Please check the documentation first before seeking help in the Discord Server (Buyers need to confirm their purchase to get support). Overview: Enhance your TAB with a stunning 5-color configuration, professionally designed for unrivaled visual appeal and optimal functionality. Installation...
  4. Vxro

    SimpleScore Skyblock Configuration v1.0

    OVERVIEW This resource is a simple-looking SkyBlock scoreboard configuration for the plugin SimpleScore. Configuration was tested and made on 1.19.3. DEPENDENCIES SimpleScore LuckPerms(Or any other plugin that supports Vault) EssentialsX SuperiorSkyblock2 (Or any other SkyBlock plugin, you'll...
  5. Agaloth

    ⚡CHEAPEST ON MC-MARKET ⚡ | ✨Kiteboard | Featherboard Configurations!✨

    ⚡ EXPLANATION ⚡ Hello everyone! I'm a new seller on MC-Market, and to start off selling on this website, I'll start doing Featherboard and Kiteboard configurations, I use color scheme usually very well! ✨ PRICE RANGE ✨ My Featherboard/Kiteboard configurations starts at 5$, I will provide...
  6. MinecraftESPBuild

    I need a configuration of Featherboard

    Hello everyone on my server I use the plugin called Featherboard and I need that intercalate from time to time with another featherboard of a top killers or a top millionaires for some time, someone who provides this configuration service? I have the LeaderHeads
  7. CaptainOwl


    [Message Retracted]
  8. Trojanfile

    Basic Featherboard Configuration v1.0

    Basic Featherboard Configuration Premium Plugins Needed: Featherboard SEE ATTACHMENTS FOR PHOTOS!! Terms Of Service: 1. You are not allowed to claim this resource as yours. 2. Enjoy it
  9. Ghast

    FeatherBoard Pack | 5 Styles / 6 Games v5.4

    ⊱ Hub: (New) ⊱ Factions: ⊱ SkyBlock: ⊱ SkyPvP: ⊱ Prison: ⊱ Survival: ✤ Requirements: 》In order to use this configuration, you need to have this plugins! °•| FeatherBoard [Premium] https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/featherboard.2691/ °•| EZRanksPro [Premium] ⇨...
  10. S


    Hello I am looking for someone who is experienced with featherboard. I would like to have 1 main scoreboard when a player joins, then when in pvp a pvp scoreboard would show for 30 seconds past last hit. I would like a enderpearl cooldown to show up underneath the players faction power then...
  11. Le Garip

    ✔️ 1$ ⭐️ FeatherBoard CONFIGURATIONS ⭐️ 1.8 - 1.14☄️3 STYLES ☄️ 5 GAMEMODES

    I sell a FeatherBoard Config Pack with 3 styles, made for Lobby, Survival, SkyBlock, Factions & Prison. Discord: Angrid#3409 Or just go on my profile -> postings.
  12. Andrewbro44

    Custom Featherboard for smp

    Looking for someone who is familiar with the featherboard plugin as i am not. I am attempting to have a pvp featherboard for kd's and mcmmo sword stats and another for smp featherboard to help show what claim you are in and just basic stats. ****Doesn't have to be fancy**** Discord-...
  13. n8ful


  14. Emissions

    ⭐️ UD | INCREDIBLE >> Kits >> Perms >> GUI's >> and more! ⭐️

  15. ZoVeul_MC


    Hey! Are you looking for Custom made configs for your plugins? Join my discord and i will give you Discord channel invite DISCORD: ZoVeul#4257 or message me Have a great day // ZoVeul
  16. Josef2000

    Featherboard 4 Faction Setup

    Looking for somebody to configure featherboard for me to create something like this: I'm willing to pay $10 for this to be made, my colors are purple and light green. Servername is Twisted-factions.com The only thing I don't want is Vote Party. Here's my discord: Josef2000#9943
  17. xDev46

    Premade SkyPvP ~ Cheap $2.5~Villager Shop ~ Chat Reactions ~ Many GUI Commands

  18. Maximvdw

    [FeatherBoard] Creating an advanced scoreboard theme

    Creating an advanced scoreboard theme With FeatherBoard 4 Introduction I've been asked this a lot, so I decided to create a dedicated thread for it. Ever since FeatherBoard 4 there has been a new feature that allowed for settings, scripts and other cool things. However they are not widely used...
  19. Ghast

    PvPWars Skyblock | Featherboard Remake v1.3

    Greetings. After some requests in various different forms, I have gone ahead and created a replica Featherboard configuration of the PvPWars Skyblock Minecraft server. Below, you can find images of the replica's I have created. I have created 6 different versions, in different colors, some of...
  20. ThommiePekel

    Custom FeatherBoard Configurations | ThommiePekel

    Custom FeatherBoard Configs I make alot of configs for servers and want to make some configs for you You can ask for a custom config or download a premade config on my profile Prices for Custom Configs Per config do i ask: $0.40 This is because i need some time to make a custom config Contact...