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free hosting

  1. WhiteEffect

    🏮 VEOAX 🗜 Free Minecraft Server & Discord Bot & Domain HOSTING! | Our investments are supported by your donations.

    We provide free distribution and hosting of Minecraft Server, Discord Bot Server, Domains, Minecraft AFK Client server and more for our community. After the tasks you do on our site, you earn valuable money called gold, and you can unlock upgrades with this gold. You can earn gold by staying afk...
  2. TypicalHost | Free & Paid Hosting

  3. Aconixy

    GuardNodes | AMD EPYC™ 7773X Minecraft Hosting | Public Node Stats | 24/7 Support

  4. chayshields


    Free-Mc WEBSITE GET YOUR FREE SERVER HERE DISCORD SERVER Our hosting is completely free, and support all versions of Minecraft. Custom Plugins and all sorts. Our Features No In-game Ads Free Forever No Need to renew ever hour like most host (Renew ever 2 days Unlimited Players Powerful...
  5. LuckyMC

    🍀LuckyMC 🍀 - ⭐ Free Minecraft Hosting ⭐

  6. Incomprehensibl

    FREE Hosting up to 16gb RAM | Ryzen 5 3600/Ryzen 7 3700X w/ NVME Storage

    Hey, everyone! With the release of my new Synex Coin plugin, I'd like to also announce the creation of a service that provides free hosting to servers that run the plugin. Below, I'll answer some common questions and provide more of an insight into why I'm doing this. What are the specs of the...
  7. S

    [FREE] Tubyte - Minecraft Hosting with 2GB of RAM

    Here at Tubyte we provide a completely free server to you with no limits on player slots, plugins or mods. We will also provide you with a free tubyte subdomain to easily connect to your server! (make a ticket to get subdomain) For link contact me on Discord: StunZero#2406
  8. B

    FREE Server Hosting

    Hello, I'm launching a new FREE server hosting service. There's no catch, it's completely community-focused and powered. DM me for the Discord link. Thanks, ProfessorSwaggens 1648112703 You can add me on Discord: ProfessorSwaggens#0099
  9. vikingww1

    Need hosting - Anarchy minecraft server

    Heya! I recently started a small anarchy server which has a couple members, though growing. I am currently running it on a digital ocean VPS though it is unable to handle many players at once, especially considering users are loading a high amount of new chuncks every minute. That's not even...
  10. VampireDD

    5 Gamemodes Network with Free Hosting, Discord, and Website.

    Selling a 5 gamemodes 1 year old network, with website, store, discord server, and hosting included. You will have full ownership, access to all files, etc! The network has 5 gamemodes: 1. Skyblock 2. Survival 3. BattleRoyale 4. GTA 5. Partygames/minigames Server has been reviewed as "the...
  11. PheonixPlays

    Nero Nodes: Free hosting

    We are a free server host currently offering hosting for Minecraft and Discord bots. Node Count: 1 Node Specs: CPU: I9-9900k Ram: 128GB DDR4 Storage: 2x 1TB SATA NVME Location: Frankfurt, DE Donator Packages: Please check our discord as these are subject to change at any point in time. We are...
  12. Boomer

    FREE WEB HOSTING | Ultraspeedhost

    Hello MCM, Are you looking to start your site but you don't have the budget? No problem we are here to help! Ultraspeedhost offers 100% FREE web hosting with unlimited resources for everyone! To start head on to and signup for a site. How it works: Go to the site and...
  13. Filr

    ✨ IronRealms ✨ Free Lobby-Based Server Hosting ✨

  14. Titeiiko

    Sway.Hostツ| Free Discord Bot Hosting ✔

    SwayNodes Don’t let money stop you from making your bot! Sway provides you with hosting for your bot completely free of cost. Free Plan 256MB of Ram Unlimited CPU Unlimited Storage 1 Database _______________ In addition to: 24/7 Servers (99.99% Uptime) Low Latency Servers Interested...
  15. 100gb


    100GB.CLOUD Web hosting shouldn't be complicated, right? Get a free Web Hosting Account with Ultd Disk & Bandwidth easily! Decent SSD Servers! Quit waiting for your website to wake up with other free hosts. Take charge today! Unlimited Disk & Bandwidth - tons more features. Even better...
  16. Memeory

    Free Bot Hosting

    Lightbulb Hosting Free - 1 50MB Ram/500MB SSD Storage/1 Port Free - 2 100MB Ram/600MB SSD Storage/2 Ports Paid - 1 512MB Ram/1GB SSD Storage/5 Ports Paid - 2 1GB Ram/5GB SSD Storage/10 Ports Join the discord for more info! Please note if you are using Free - 2 and not using up enough...
  17. fortniteninja420

    100% Free Wordpress Hosting

    hi friends so i bought a yearly plan of namecheap shared hosting, but i havent used it at all (cuz i already use hostinger for my main site) basically, this is how its gonna work i dm u if u r accepted u change your domain nameservers i use my cpanel account to install wordpress (with your...
  18. Memeory

    Free Bot Hosting 99.9% Uptime. Been around for about a year.

    Lightbulb Hosting 99.9% Uptime Plans Free 50MB Ram 300MB SSD Storage Unmetered CPU Usage Rated Excellent On TrustPilot Join The Discord For More Info! View our uptime!
  19. Akash.


    Hello MC-Market! This easter, we have been faced with a lot of staying at home boringness, as a way to give back to the community, I am giving away 4 free Game Hosting servers. on our new i9-9900k. Each server will have a small amount of ram and CPU, making this easter slightly less boring. DM...
  20. Memeory

    Free Discord Bot Hosting

    Lightbulb Hosting 30+ Clients and 99.99% Uptime Plans Free 50MB Ram 300MB SSD Storage Unmetered CPU Usage Join The Discord For More Info! View our uptime!
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