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  1. Aeon

    Statistics GUI Configuration | 1.0

    || OVERVIEW This resource is a carefully made menu using DeluxeMenus and ajLeaderboards to display the most used statistics! Recommended server version is 1.16 and up, as the custom font styles don't exist/look good on lower versions. Configuration made and tested on Paper 1.19.2 || FEATURES...
  2. GetStarted

    GetStarted Configs | Doing 5 free configurations | not server setups |

    I need to build a portfolio and I am doing 5 free configurations first come first serve make a ticket in my discord! Need a configurator you came to the right place...
  3. GetStarted

    GetStarted ⭐ | Configuration Service | Cheap & Affordable.

  4. Danalytics

    🔎Boost Website SEO for FREE [Minecraft servers, hosters]🔎

    Hey everyone, I'm excited to announce the launch of my latest project - MineLink! This backlink web is designed specifically for Minecraft server hosters and Minecraft servers to boost their SEO and increase website visibility. What is MineLink? MineLink is a network of backlinks created by...
  5. Vxro

    SimpleScore Skyblock Configuration 1.0

    OVERVIEW This resource is a simple-looking SkyBlock scoreboard configuration for the plugin SimpleScore. Configuration was tested and made on 1.19.3. DEPENDENCIES SimpleScore LuckPerms(Or any other plugin that supports Vault) EssentialsX SuperiorSkyblock2 (Or any other SkyBlock plugin, you'll...
  6. Vxro

    [OFFERING] Free Configuration

    Hello All, I'm here today to offer my configuration services for free since I've just joined BuiltByBit today and I want to gain some reputation/vouches. If you're interested feel free to contact me on discord Vxro#7297
  7. kll

    Hub Floating Worlds 1.19

    A small hub, lobby or spawn for your survival or skyblock server. Your journey begins from the main tree in the middle of the central island. There is a small village with a few houses and stalls for merchants and craftsmen NPCs. The main island is surrounded with smaller ones with styles...
  8. Swoochy_

    DeluxeTags & DeluxeMenus Configuration 0.1

    THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN, THIS IS A CONFIGURATION "Premium quality configuration" INFORMATION • 54 Tags • 5 Categories • EULA Friendly • Clean, Modern look for easy navigation • Per permission and bundle permission tags • Players see Barrier if no permission to use • Updates Frequently TAG...
  9. ThisSkid

    Making Free Websites.

    I will build you a free website as long as its not to complex (1-2 page website) will not be adding plugins for the website you can add them after i build the website and send you the template. I'm doing this so I can get some practice and use the templates that I build for people as examples...
  10. smitug001

    ⭐Free server hosting | Limited quantity | Trial operation ⭐

    We, a team from Taiwan, are excited to announce that we are now offering free hosting for Minecraft and bots to provide a more accessible and enjoyable experience for players to engage in multiplayer games and explore their creative side by building robots. Our servers are located in the IDC...
  11. davyohday

    [FREE] Minecraft Server Setup & Security

    Hello! As I want to start creating a portfolio to be able to earn a bit from my experience I'm offering for a limited time free minecraft server setup. From setting up permissions to the general server security! If someone is interested and wants to have more info: davy#2443 on Discord!
  12. VoIP

    [FREE] Website Development

    Greetings all! I am offering website development for free to further improve my portfolio and knowledge, I am doing one page sites for the time being. So we can eliminate time wasting please have all your designs, logo and idea ready so I can work straight on it. Regards, VoIP
  13. DigitalGuardian

    ☄️ [FREE] ☄️ Plugin Development ☄️

    Discord: DigitalGuardian#0001 Discord Server:
  14. xioxe

    [REQUESTING] Builder for SkyPvP Setup

    Good day everyone. We are looking for builders who will be able to make several small decorations on the spawn of your choice. Not to waste your time, this is all voluntary savkee#8955
  15. Aeon

    FREE | TAB Configuration | 1.0.1

    || OVERVIEW This resource is a simple-looking, but elegant tablist configuration for the plugin TAB. Recommended server version is 1.16.2 and up, as the emojis don't exist/look good on lower versions. Configurations made and tested on Purpur 1.18.2. Goes best with my AnimatedScoreboard...
  16. OwningProds

    ☄️ GAMING BANNERS ☄️ Animated | Banners, Avatars, Signatures ⚡ INSTANT DELIVERY ⚡

    Gaming Banners is a fully autonomous animated graphic generator made for businesses, and individuals looking to expand their visibility. With over 50 customizable graphics made by 10+ creators; offers a solution for everyone. We accept creators from all genres to give the...
  17. PepijnWeijers

    A simple banking system

    Hello everyone, Note: It's a school project, I can exchange services but I won't pay anyone. I'm working on a school project, we've been researching whether crypto can replace the euro. We have to give a presentation to our parents on this topic, we want to illustrate the difference between a...
  18. neziw

    OpenWallet - Economy Plugin 1.6

    OpenWallet Brand new economy plugin for your server Don't know how to start? Just check our wiki page! Join our NEW Discord Server! Features: YAML Configuration Fully customizable and unlimited shops Simple management panel (for admins) Admin commands All messages can be translated Confirmation...
  19. Niccckk

    Niccckk's Services | Threads, Signatures, Banners & More! | QUICK & HIGH QUALITY! | Starting at $5!

    Niccckk#0412 Discord
  20. Levitate


    Hey, I just created a tiktok account to make promotional videos, as of right now the account has just been created meaning no followers or anything, but I will be reuploading your promotional videos, trailers for free and all I get in return is me being able to grow my account and you can get...
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