1. UnifySales

    PBR Textured Realistic Fantasy Swords v1.0

    PBR Textured Realistic Fantasy Swords! This product comes with three different swords in a PBR textured realistic fantasy themed style. This unique product is perfect for combat games or roleplay groups! Get it for FREE today!
  2. AstroDevs

    PicoJobs - Jobs for your players v0.1

    Jobs for your players or friends, if there is any problem please contact me on my discord: >FernanDoO#6442 Trabajos para tus jugadores o amigos, si hay algun problema por favor contactame a mi discord: >FernanDoO#6442
  3. W

    FREE Blue Dragon | Insane Detail | BIG v1.0

    FREE DRAGON INCLUDES: ----------------- Uniquely themed Dragon Highly detailed Perfect for hubs, spawns, pvp arena, or minigames Approx 100X100 Versions 1.13+ SCHEMATIC INCLUDED Original work of WildStampede, please credit the Author.
  4. Saltyttv

    Verify/Member Pullback Bot v1.0

    Restore/verify bot. It uses the join guilds permission to pull members back into the current server or into a new server in case of raids or deletion of the server. It also serves as a simple verify bot. Pretty simple to use: Install requirements, add bot info (all of them are found in the...
  5. Anup

    All In One Bot v1.1

    ♾ All For One Discord Bot Source Overview Hi there👋🏻 In this project, we built a discord bot that has all the features of other bots. This bot has features such as ticketing system, giveaway system, music system, backup system, social media alert system, moderation system, fun system...
  6. kai1846456

    Super Crates v1.01

    BRAND NEW ALL IN ONE CRATES SOLUTION!!!!! Looking for a crates solution that won't take hours to configure and it instantly deployable to your server? Look no further than SuperCrates. Our configuration file is compact and easy to edit, so you will have your crates system up and running in no...
  7. Shadowgod

    Weapon pack v1.0

    This pack contains 10 minecraft different types of weapon models with itemsadder configuration You can use this pack to make your server look even cool. OVERVIEW List of weapons •Chainsaw Hand •Heavy Axe •Golden Club •Mjolnir •Dual Blade •Cosmic Sword...
  8. Exclusive Studios

    Totem Practice v1.0

  9. T0rix8


    Greetings, I am T0rix, currently serving as a manager of a developer We are enthusiastic about offering our services to create custom plugins tailored to your needs, with the added benefit of providing them to you at no cost. In return, we kindly request permission to publish these plugins...
  10. nefftea

    Tab + ScoreBoard Config v1.0

    CustomTAB: CustomTAB is a unique Minecraft plugin designed to enhance the visual appeal of your player list while providing essential information in a striking red and purple color scheme. With its sleek design and customizable features, CustomTAB elevates the player experience on your server...
  11. gadisplay

    Free Prefix Pack | Eng & Esp v1.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Gain access to an exclusive collection of prefixes designed to enhance your server's organization and style. This free package includes a wide variety of roles, perfect for any community. 17 Ranks/Prefix : Owner Dev Manager Admin Mod Helper Builder Booster Famous Streamer...
  12. onnnnn

    Welcome GUI - FREE v1.0

    Overview With variable images and interactive elements, the Minecraft Welcome GUI template boosts server entrances and create a fun player experience. Preview Support If you want help, so I will help to help you. Discord
  13. Rv2_

    rRules GUI Skript v1.0

    TERMS OF SERVICE: BREAKING THESE RULES WILL BE RESULT IN A SCAM REPORT! 1. You can not claim this resources as yours! 2. You are not allowed to sell this resources! DONATION WALL: • None ATTENTION: Note: This isn't a plugin, this is a skript REQUIREMENTS: • Skript plugin | Download • SkBee |...
  14. WellSetups

    [FREE] Minecraft Font Editor - WellSetups

    Anyone who wants can benefit from this service free of charge. Also include Placeholder support Webite:
  15. P

    PvP Money v1.2

    PvP Money A simple plugin where players will get money for any player that they kill. Dependency: Vault Features: The monetary reward can be adjusted in-game and in the settings.yml file. The kill message can be adjusted in-game or the settings.yml file Commands: /setkillreward <amount>...
  16. sparnet

    TwitchPlugin v1.2

    USAGE This plugin is really simple, to use it run the command /twitch <UsernameTwitch> and you're done! Attention! Do not give everyone access for this command, as you may be raided. For this reason we recommend setting permissions via luckperms! If you need help, just type /help twitch WHY...
  17. olionline_

    1000+ Rank Icons Free v1.1

    Amazing quality rank icons that are Hoplite-Server style, just like everything paid out there but free. (No configs tho) Closeup (no actual blur, all images have a vertical height of 8 to fit within vanilla). These ranks are amazing, free, and there are over 1000 of them (ok probably not but...
  18. Dizzyhen43

    Movie Cinema v1.0

    ・No Exterior
  19. A

    Simple Web v1.0.0

    Simple Web - A Simple Website! Simeple-Web is a simple website for your Minecraft Server. Join our Discord Server for updates and more :^)
  20. ItzAyo

    FREE | Crate Keys - Icon Pack v1.0

    What is this? This icon pack contains 8 simple & slick crate key icons for your server's webstore. Like our work? Join the Cobalt Studios Discord server, by clicking on the below image!