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  1. Ilay A

    Planning a comeback to map-making need a partner or 2

    Hello, my name is Ilay! I made some nice creations in the past like find the baby and more private projects that were pretty much a success! proof : Well, But suddenly I've decided to quit the world of Minecraft but now I want to come back and I am looking for a partner or 2 to help me on my...
  2. ArtisticSugar

    ** RolePlay Map For Minecraft Server **

    I am selling my builds or if you want me to build something for you then contact me on discord and we will talk about it. i am also selling finished HCF that will be coming soon on Mc-Market THIS MAP IS ALSO USED BY A YOUTUBER NAMED: SamGladiator What the build includes...
  3. Everbloom Studios

    Looking for Designers!

    Dear lovely design community, We are Nebula Creative Community, a group of talented designers and devolepers who love to share our pasion with each other. We have a great discord channel where we talk & help each other with design. Would you like to become better, share thoughts, have fun and...
  4. R

    New server! HandiCraft!

    I got a new minecraft server! 24/7 online! IP: Version: 1.11.2 Spigot Server name: HandiCraft Nice that youre looking at this topic! We have a server where you can survival with friends and fight with your enemies! We use faction plugin and we have a nice shop where you can...
  5. Sqp

    Friends on Battle.net

    Does anyone want to be friends on Battle.net? I want friends so I can look like I am a cool and popular person. If you want to be friends add me my name is Sqp#11726
  6. Simonsator

    Party and Friends For Bungeecord v1.0.91

    Looking for a GUI or Clans / TS Extension? Have a look at the Extended Edition You are having only one Spigot server and no Bungeecord? Then you need this version. Features The party system allows your players to play minigames together and chat with each other The friend system allows your...
  7. John Hastings

    WoBHosting | Hosting done right...

    WoBHosting: WoBHosting started out as a gaming community back in 2009, that grew into a hosting company in 2012. We know what it's like to run communities, it's not easy! As a gaming community focused on Minecraft we hopped around from host to host, and could never quite find what we were...
  8. Y

    BattMinecraft 1.8 24/7 Factions Server

    Battle Reborn is inspired by an old server that my friend and I used to play on called BattlePvP. We put a lot of time and effort into the server, if you don't enjoy it, before you disconnect from the server please tell us why you don't enjoy it. play.battlereborn.info