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Looking for two 1k+ minecraft youtubers who are friends

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Hi, I am the owner of a new in-development minecraft prisons server and I am looking to have two 1k+ youtubers who are friends and would be willing to:
- play the entirety of the beta of my server
- post at least 1 video on the server per week (10 minutes in length or longer)
- do a challenge series against each other (both of you would be leaders of a gang [which is similar to factions] and compete for the Gtop)

Pricing would be dependent on how long each video is and how often you are posting. The beta will last approximately 3 months (so a minimum of 12 videos).

You both also will receive
- the equivalent of the top rank on the server
- $50 worth of buycraft per week to use to your advantage
- $100 worth of in game items or buycraft vouchers per week to giveaway to fans

Payment will be paid
-through paypal only
-Per video
-On Sunday every week
-Only if the video is posted before 11:59 on Friday night (if it isn't it will be paid the following Sunday)

if you are interested and have a friend in mind please pm me on discord

If one or both of your gangs win one of the 3 gtop spots you will recieve gtop rewards at the end of the beta
The beta gtop rewards will be buycraft, actual season gtop rewards would be paypal

Also, on our discord you will be able to create an invite link and for every 10 players you invite you will receive $5 worth of buycraft for yourself/gang and and 10$ worth of in game items or buycraft codes to giveaway to fans!
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This thread has been locked.