1. T

    Minecraft mod development

    🌟 Calling all Minecraft plugin devs! 🌟 Join our team to create epic plugins like those in our portfolio. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DBXJP_6E6WtI5fxyTrQV3xUzm-R_5WyWJiCtL0RkAEY/edit?usp=drivesdk We work with top YouTubers, offering exciting opportunities and immediate collaboration...
  2. Delkov

    🚀Minecraft Game/Hosting (i9 10900k) - $1.25/GB - Dallas, TX 🚀

    Server Specifications: i9 10900k 128GB DDR4 Ram 1TB NVMe Storage Location: Dallas, TX Note: All servers come with a Dedicated IP Address, I offer free tests before purchasing fully. I mainly host Minecraft Servers, however can pretty much run anything Pterodactyl supports, I don't limit CPU...
  3. KhoaMiTom

    Premium Prefix Pack + Config v1.0

    KhoaMiTom - Premium Pack I 💢 Caution 💢 Hey there! Guess what? This package is already loaded with ItemsAdder, Oraxen, and all the configurations you need. So, kick back and relax, there’s barely any setup needed from your side. Enjoy! Owner Staff VIP Coder Member Queen King Steel Knight...
  4. H


    NEW SERVER ALERT - KITPVP + SMP Currently, we are looking to hire staff members from Helper - Manager! There is no limit to how many we are looking for, the more the merrier! And yes, these are all unpaid positions. Staff applications are reviewed every 48 hours and very often less! If your...
  5. Aegyip

    Embark on a Voyage: AE LANDS Closed Beta Invitation

  6. jumato.me

    MCTiers Tier Placeholders v1.0

  7. X

    Minecraft landing page v1.0

    Look no further! I've created a simple and easy to use minecraft server website that's perfect for any player. LIVE DEMO Features: Copy server IP address: simply press the button and the IP address of the server is automatically copied to the clipboard. No more manual entry! Multiple buttons...
  8. Turanalp234

    Vampire Dungeon | 150x150 | v1.1

    - Minecraft Vampire Dungeon - --------------------------------------- +SIZE: 150x150 +INTEROR: YES...
  9. Dy14n_.x

    Makeshift Items v1.0

    This pack was made using the itemsadder format. ᴛʜɪѕ ᴘᴀᴄᴋ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴀɪɴѕ: 1x hat 1x full armor set 1x sword 1x pickaxe 1x axe 1x shovel 1x hoe
  10. ItzAyo

    FREE | Crate Keys - Icon Pack v1.0

    What is this? This icon pack contains 8 simple & slick crate key icons for your server's webstore. Like our work? Join the Cobalt Studios Discord server, by clicking on the below image!
  11. SmartName

    Prison Mine | 100x100 | Zombie v1.0

    MAP INFORMATION Size 100x100 Zombie themed 40x40 mine Schematic File High Quality map IMPORTANT : Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 because the leaves from trees can fall down. Join our discord for more maps! https://discord.rjcc.pro
  12. Rushboe

    Minecraft PHP Banlist v1.2

    Minecraft PHP Banlist A modern web application for displaying your punishments online Live Demo English and Czech language Modern responsive design Support for top punishment plugins Highly customizable Server scopes support Detail information about punishments Custom server scope names and...
  13. OpenBuild

    Spawn - Faction Greek v1.0

    INFORMATION : . High Quality Faction Greek Spawn ready for your server ! . Size 350x350 . Version : 1.8 - 1.19+ . Multiple places to custom ( NPC,Boxes,Shop and more ) . Details buildings . Spawn point DOWNLOAD : You will receive a .zip file with multiple versions, to let you choose the best...
  14. HypeStudios

    DailyRewards Config v1.0

    Information on the Config : - Config of DeluxeMenu, PlaceholderAPI and Luckperms Clean code Custom Sound Require : DeluxeMenu | LuckPerms | PlaceholderAPI Information permission : You need to set this permission on your group luckperms for work correctly rank.player & rewards.player...
  15. Play Ethos


    WHAT WE'RE PRODUCING Civilizations ('Civs') is a community-focused, player-driven sandbox game. It delivers autonomy over your civilization through managing its mini-economy, jobs, and land expansions, as well as other features such as High Sea exploration, custom crafting and items, unique MMO...
  16. VZone

    World Switch Title Plugin v1.0

    Overview: Another fully customizable plugin! This plugin knows that when you switch worlds it will push a title to your image. As it is fully customizable, you can add or remove worlds in the config. Commands: /wst - show plugin version/info /wst reload - reloads config file Permissions...
  17. Srino

    SrinoKeyall - Perform Keyalls frequently v1.0

  18. KyleFurst

    100 Player Minecraft Events Plugin Needed

    Hello, I am looking for a plugin and scoreboard to be made for my event server on Minecraft. Civilization Events: For the civilizations events we do, I want the scoreboard to be exactly like the one in the video linked below, simply a customizable scoreboard within the config of the plugin. The...
  19. Play Ethos


  20. Server Managers

    Wanting Minecraft server management/start-up? LOOK HERE!

    Server Managers is a game server management provider that specialises in games such as Minecraft. We're here to provide our expertise to people who are looking to set up their own servers and build their own experiences. Whether you need a server plan, not sure where to start or require...
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