1. Drayze


    Hopefully this thread finds the right people I'm willing to do: Shorts/long form content Trailer Reuploads Normal server showcase with or without audio Series of videos or a seasonal upload schedule (depends if the server is season based) Or anything server based/related My...
  2. bob112121212

    Hornet Hosting 2$ a GB 7950x game servers 80% off first month cosmic guard and more - 7950x 128gb/192gb dedicated 50% off first month Dedicated

    Main Site https://hornethosting.com/ Billing https://billing.hornethosting.com/ Use code Launch80 for 80% off your first invoice Stop overpaying for game servers with Hornet Hosting We also offer affordable 7950x dedicated server 7950x 128gb...
  3. LucratorDesigns


    1716600829 Message me if you're interested! Let's work
  4. PashMash

    Custom Join and Leave messages 0

    Are u tired of the boring Join/Leave messages try this plugin This plugin is good Developed and will get Updates! u can create your own join and leave messages with HEX-Color support
  5. nederliver

    The Hub Map | v1 v1.0

    The hub map for minecraft servers, made with love
  6. J

    Minecraft Simple Furniture v1.0

    Simple Chair (11 Variants) Simple Table Coffee (11 Variants) Simple Stool (11 Variants)
  7. Rhusch

    [Requesting] Staff - MC

    Hello I'm Rhuscher, Short but sweet. I'm looking for Staff members for an upcoming project of mine which is a Factions server, I'm looking for Staff members on said server because right now it's just me and my community-mananger. I would like since it's a start-up server to find compotent...
  8. Delvina Novax

    Luxury Speed Boat v1.0

    This detailed speed boat model is designed to bring a touch of realism to your Minecraft world. The model combines intricate design elements and realistic animations to enhance the visual and interactive experience. Model Features: Hull and Deck: Hull: The boat's hull features smooth...
  9. zDany_

    GravityBlocks v1.1.0

  10. F

    Join Symbiplex - Voluntary Positions Available!

    Are you a dedicated Minecraft enthusiast eager to contribute to a thriving community? Symbiplex invites you to join our team of volunteers and help shape the future of our Minecraft network! We're seeking passionate individuals, aged 16 and above, who are willing to volunteer their time and...

    skywars spawn v1.0

    New skywars spawn, compatible in versions 1.8 - 1.20. Contact us: discord.gg/dcnteam to learn more about our products and get help!
  12. iPlexity

    iPlexity | Summer Hats v1.0

    iPlexity | Summer Hats Hats Included in Resource: Sun Hat Bumble Bee Hat Flower Crown Hat Sun Visor Hat Flower Hat Mushroom Hat Butterfly Hat Adventure Hat Raining Cloud Hat Garden Hat Quick Preview of Hats Youtube Video of Hats Configurations Included in Resource: ItemsAdder [Drag &...
  13. demonsetup

    ClashBox | Ultimate BoxPvP | ClashRoyale v1.0

    Ultimate BoxPVP Map [+] Crate Zone [+] Shop Zone [+] A Lot Of Mine [+] Beatifull map [+] Theme Clash Royale
  14. Angry_Merchant

    Requesting Minecraft Developer [PAID Weekly] 🤑

    I'm a Small server owner who has a server populations of 30 people, I'm looking a for Minecraft developer to help me fix plugins and some basic stuff on my server. Minecraft Developer will be paid weekly depending on how much you work on. Discord: still_grumpy Discord Server
  15. west1ley

    Mountain Villa 0

    This magnificent Minecraft villa is situated in a stunning mountainous area. The structure is enriched with carefully crafted window details, and its interior spaces stand out as well. Each window brings the magnificent view of the outdoors inside, providing natural light to the living areas...
  16. Seasonal Studios

    sHats v1.0

    This resource includes: ▸ Hay Hat ▸ Wizard Hat ▸ Baseball cap ▸ Mortarboard (Graduation Hat) ▸ Top Hat ▸ Tiki Mask How to acquire hats in-game: ▸ (No EssentialsX) /give @s carved_pumpkin{CustomModelData:1-6} (Ranging from 1-6 for each model respectively) ▸ (With EssentialsX) /minecraft:give...
  17. ricktop

    Forests of fantasy/Tree map |1082x1082| v1.0

    The treemap was built over a period of several years. Explore the vast and diverse forests, cross the fields and find all the hidden cities and secrets hidden in this versatile world. Name build: Forests of Fantasy Size: 1082x1082 BL Buildingstyles: Nature, fantasy, medival and stonemedival...
  18. Pedro Villarruel

    Destroy The Core v1.4

    Discord | Support COMMANDS: /dtc - view all commands /dtc create [name] - creates a dtc (requires item wand) /dtc start [name] - start a dtc /dtc stop [name - stop a dtc /dtc list - list all dtcs /dtc wand - get the dtc wand /dtc reload - reload the plugin REVIEW: Create endless rewards, with...
  19. Forsaken Services


    Hello there! I am searching for someone who can make me a logo for my upcoming server. I prefer someone who isn't expensive but not too cheap too. If you're interested, we can talk more about it on discord! DIscord name: demyan_6069 I am looking forward for it! For those who want already a bit...
  20. Moriah Studios

    Epic Satellite Map for Minecraft v1.0

    Embark on an extraordinary journey with the Ultimate Minecraft Satellite Map! This meticulously crafted map offers a unique aerial perspective, allowing you to explore Minecraft from the skies. Navigate stunning landscapes, uncover hidden secrets, and experience the game like never before...