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  1. Jack_


    Hello. Short post; Looking for a Discord Server based around Gaming or Minecraft (General Gaming preferable) Doesn't have to have loads of members, prefer a better ratio / active chats than tons of members and no activity Needs to have a good member online to offline ratio Active chats (Not a...
  2. J

    6k members 800-1000 online at peak 39 boost very active!

    Server age: 3 days My discord: Invisible#0001 DM ME Currently been offered 40$ sold at 50$+
  3. Excaliburrr


  4. Rechargings

    Selling Discord Server | og vanity (/missing) | 4.6k members 600 online | (1.8k Joins in past 24hours)

    Looking to sell my community server, extremely active! Server has almost doubled in size in past 24 hours Add Rechargings#8546 for inquiries.
  5. Possess

    SELLING 24K MEMBERS DISCORD SERVER (dm me at possess#5071 (dont friend me))

  6. dzzx

    Astro Services | Middleman | No Fee , building repo. | Safe, Fast and Reliable |

    My discord : wtfdim#1717 Astro Services's discord :
  7. Slosshy

    Question for discord server owners about paid server advertising.

    Trying to revive an old server of mine, and I've got a couple hundred bucks to put towards advertising to get things going. Just wondering- what's the best place to spend it? I'm looking at some sponsored giveaways, auction, etc. Thanks No, I am not trying to hire an...
  8. J

    Discord Ads ✨ 23k Members ✨ Giveaways

    .gg/numb Advertisements worthy advertisement plans Why should you choose us over anyone else? We offer genuine server members who're constantly active on our server. NO join-for-join and NO auto-joins. REAL PEOPLE! Dirt Plan ($50) Duration: 1 day Ping(s): 1x Everyone Giveaway: 1x Discord...
  9. Ijcerdas

    ⭐Ian's Diner | Anime ⭐ Social ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Gaming ⭐ Memes ⭐ Crypto ⭐ Chill ⭐ Fun
  10. Haga

    Selling cheap discord ads (1k+ members)

    CHEAP DISCORD SERVER AD'S $5 Nitro drop giveaway 1xNitro = 60-100 joins here ping (1 day post) $15 Nitro drop giveaway 3xNitro = 100-200 joins Here ping (3 day post ) $20 Nitro drop giveaway 3xNitro = 200+ joins Everyone ping(7 day post) You can also do custom giveaways as ur want SOME...
  11. DarkFalconRS

    Pokevolt - The Evolution of Pokemon Bots | Hiring Developers

    Pokévolt - Revolutionizing Pokémon Bots Meet Professor Volt a Pokemon Researcher! General Info This is an EXTRAORDINARY Pokémon simulating bot that will become one of the best Pokémon bots on discord! Our bot revolutionizes Pokémon by incorporating clans, player markets where other players can...
  12. RonCoder0020

    Discord.js Bot | Custom Discord Bot | Public Discord bot | All kinds of Discord bot

    Hello there! I am offering Discord bots made using Discord.js library. Whether it is for a single server (a custom bot) or a bot for public use (high priced). I can make all kinds of bots Leveling system Moderation Music Giveaways (with requirements) Fun Games Image manipulation Server...
  13. ZingyAwesome

    ZeoBot // The Ultimate Discord Bot v3.0.3

    ZeoBot is a multipurpose Discord bot featuring all of the modules your server will love including moderation, tickets, XP, anti-raid tools, music and giveaways, for the cheapest price possible. ZeoBot is very developer-friendly, with a custom addon-manager, developers, including yourself, can...
  14. B

    Looking for long term advertisement/sponsorships

    Hi, I'm looking for long term sponsorship/partnerships of large discord servers who can give results and real, organic people who stay in the server. From the services I've bought, I've had very few good experiences. For that reason I'm looking for people who can provide organic users to the...
  15. Voska_

    SALES REPS NEEDED! (Discord)

    Hi there! My name is Voska. I am the Owner and Founder of Spotify-Cord. We are a marketplace for Spotify Premium Account Upgrades. We are also a Community founded upon Music, we have plenty of channels for users to share their preferences and even a 24/7 Radio that plays at all times! What...
  16. Firestone9

    BareBones MP Minecraft (GIVEAWAY ONGOING)

    Hey! If anyone is looking for a community to play Minecraft with friends, this is the right server for you! JOIN DISCORD FOR GIVEAWAY INFO. Server Address: Discord Link: <<<< JOIN TO APPLY (#whitelist-apps channel) Features: 24-7 Uptime, hosted in...
  17. Dumpling

    Minecraft server with Cheap ads (4k Members)

    4.99$ - @ everyone, link of your choice and a personalized message ---------------------- 8.99$ - Optifine Cape giveaway, @ everyone (5D) (140 - 160 Invites Guaranteed) ---------------------- 10.99$ - Nitro Classic giveaway, @ everyone (5D) (140 - 160 Invites Guaranteed) ----------------------...
  18. F

    1.2K member Rewards/Giveaways/Ads Server

    Hey! Today, I am here to sell a 1.2k member discord server that is giveaways/ads based and would be great to start and grow an advertising server to make profit off of. I'm not really sure how much to sell this for, so right now I'm open to offers. If you'd like to talk to me about this, please...
  19. F

    500 Member Discord Server

    Hello! Today, I created a MC-Market at the advice of a friend because I'm interested in selling a Discord server that I recently acquired. It currently has 450 members, but I have purchased Discord adverts which will guarantee that it will hit a total of 1,000 members in the next 12 hours or so...
  20. G

    500 Member server (Active, No bots and good rep)

    Hey, I’m looking to sell a discord server I own, it has 500+ members, it’s a giveaway server, We’ve done many giveaways on it, it has great rep, we also have vouches. (Not allowed to claim the vouches as yours), All the members are legit and real, I earned them with hard work (no members+ Ads...
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