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  1. ThaMango

    Party Skywars Map 1.0.0

  2. CubeCrafter72

    Wool Wars 1.1.7

    Wool Wars is a round-based minigame in which two or more teams fight to fill the central area of the arena with wool. The team with the most points wins the match. You can obtain special effects and perks from powerups that spawn in the arena. Before the start of each round players can choose a...
  3. Aka1ca

    Parkour Biomes 1.0

    Parkour Biomes is easy and fun map to play alone or with friends. There are 8 biomes each one has unique jumps. If u have any problems with map, make sure to contact me on discord or on site Ak1ca#5532
  4. MrDraqon

    Reclaim Rewards 1.0.2

    Create Reclaim rewards for your ranks Easy to use and setup Messages are customizable If you have any questions or need help or have any suggestions, then join my Discord server
  5. HappyRogelio7

    TrollPlayerChat 1.0.0

    Sponsor: 10% Discount Code Happy Click Banner or Link Here TrollPlayerChat Troll Player Chat, is a plugin which has different functions to troll your friends or users, as if they wrote, they left or entered the server among many other things. Test Server: IP: Bedrock Port...
  6. Jordii123

    Disco Armor | Survival, PvP, Factions 1.5

    Very high performance by asynchronous and data structures Multiple server support Tested on 200+ players online servers (80+ players with enabled disco) MySQL support for users Lifetime access to plugin and updates is guaranteed Configuration files with editable messages and GUI items...
  7. B

    Hyacinth Hello 1.2.1

    Normal join (and leave) messages are boring! They don't give you any insight to who you are, and aren't personal at all. With Hyacinth Hello, you can allow your server's players to set custom join messages that will make joining your server that much more fun! Hyacinth Hello has a pretty basic...
  8. Minesuchtiiii

    Troll Boss Plus | The one and only Troll plugin you will ever need!

    After over 1 million downloads and maintaining the (now) free version Troll Boss for over 8 years, I decided to take it to the next level. The result: Troll Boss Plus. This plugin aims to be the ultimate troll experience you deserve! Besides 40 other commands, it features some advanced troll...
  9. Minesuchtiiii

    TrollBossPlus v1.2

    Command Permission Function Alias /troll [player] troll.troll Opens the player select GUI or selects a player directly as your target /troll help [page] Displays a specific help page /troll reload troll.reload Reloads the plugin and its files /troll admin troll.admin Opens...
  10. GuitarXpress

    Tennis | Play Tennis with your friends! 1.2.3

    This plugin adds slime tennis for a bit of fun when you get bored. I developed this plugin a while ago and decided now to put it up for everyone to enjoy. How it works Running the command /tennis gives you all that you need! Right clicking a spawned ball with the racket will launch it up in the...
  11. KudaXD

    PvPEarth | Skyblock, Prison, & SMP Network (Skyblock Map #4 Launch July 23rd!)

    Hey there! Interested in a hyper fun Minecraft server network that has 0 p2w? Then come check out PvPEarth the solution to the P2W servers! Sure, we may have perks for our ranks but thats typical for any Minecraft server. But we never give paying players an infinite advantage! And our payouts...
  12. Excaliburrr


    I have an Anime-niche server and I'm tired of running it now. We hit 100k last month and only growing. Perfect track record and most probably could get partnered if we try. Not tryna sell it per-se, it's pretty cool owning a huge server like that. It's just that quick cash won't hurt so if any...
  13. OwningProds

    Discord House Emoji List

    Discord House is a Custom Emoji List built with the community in mind. Offering hundreds of emojis, we are working to expand our offerings with this free service. We are working on fixing up final issues and expanding this offering in the next couple of weeks. Please feel free to give your...
  14. swish0801

    GGWave » Congratulate Players The Right Way [ONLY $1.99]

    Click here to view the resource! :)
  15. itsDox

    Kingdoms of Solaris | Developers & Staff Needed | Up and Coming

  16. Marcely99

    PlayerCameraEffect [OpenSource] 1.2

    PlayerCameraEffect This plugin adds the ability to add a filter to the view of the player. How does it work? It's working through a bug in minecraft. The player will keep the effect of the entity he's spectating after he dies. Which camera effects exist? There are 4 different available...
  17. B

    ChatReaction Premium Configuration 1.0

    This is a configuration file (.yml) + a word list of over 680 Minecraft related words (blocks, mobs, etc.) How it looks in game:
  18. rain_chat

    SellBox 2.0

    Description: Chest for sale? Yes, but now you have to wait until a certain time comes in real life (or minecraft, to your taste).This plugin makes the player think about how to get the maximum benefit, because the place in the chest is not infinite, and you can wait a long time until the next...
  19. Y

    CrusadeMC | Factions Server with Prisons releasing soon!

    Hey! We're looking for youtubers / streamers to record on our server. The server has 2 gamemodes, Factions and Prisons. I can assure you both are very well developed. Provided you meet the requirements, you may be rewarded with the Media Rank. Joining now, you will be sure to meet a supportive...
  20. C

    1.6k Gaming Discord Semi Active 14 Boosts

    Drop discords or join and Dm me
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