1. defsin

    SoulLink - Tag team minecraft v1.0.2

  2. JaredMinecraft

    Explosives v1.0

    This plugin adds explosives to the game. There are four types of explosives, grenades, flashbangs, molotovs, and smoke grenades. To obtain all four of them in an instant type /grenades.
  3. Dystro Builds

    4 PVP Arenas - each 150x150 v1.0

    Information: This 4 PVP arenas inspired by League of Legends Arena mode can be ideal for your PVP server if you want something different and unique. Each arena is 150x150 in size, and they are adapted for pvp fighting. They represent 4 biomes, and each one is unique in its own way. Supported...
  4. JaredMinecraft

    Land Mines v1.0

    This is a minecraft spigot plugin that adds land mines to the game. Use the command /landmine to set the item that will be a landmine and the display name. The default item is a flower pot.
  5. VactumPlays

    Recruiting someone to do Voice-Acting for my unique Discord Bot project - Volunteer Position

    Hi, i'm the owner of an event hosting discord bot. It's a very unique project, no other discord bots really have features like we do. So we have a lot of fun and engaging video ideas for the future. But currently we want to get videos out that just explain specific features...
  6. JaredMinecraft

    Placeable Walls v1.0

    This plugin adds placeable walls as the title would suggest. The item used to place a wall is a brick. The bricks will be renamed "Placeable Wall". The placeable wall doesn't allow you to place it if it is going to break other blocks.
  7. Septynetas

    SN-Dice v1.0

    SN-DICE SN-Dice is a Minecraft plugin that reinvents coin flip mechanics with dynamic dice-based gameplay. It introduces randomness and excitement with customizable dice rolls, fostering interactive challenges and fair gameplay. Integrated with in-game economies, SN-Dice ensures transparency...
  8. E

    KnockIT v1.0

    With this plugin you can set a spawn with a safe area around it. As soon as you jump down you can fight each other until somebody falls down to the your choosen death height. You get coins when you knock other players down and loose them if you fall down. Shop: Hook JetPack Bow Arrows Ender...
  9. madtrent

    Cryptic HubPVP v1.0

    Revitalize your server hub with engaging mini-games! Keep players entertained, offer rewards, and create a dynamic, fun-filled experience. Spice up your hub and keep your community coming back for more excitement with HubPVP! Key Features: Drag And Drop Armor and weapons are fully...
  10. D

    Fractured Pictures v1.0

  11. D

    Minecraft Chess | All Rules & Animations v1.0

    The white player starts. First you select an own piece with Left Click. Then you select a field you wanna move to with Right Click This minigame works with all common rules: Checkmate, Check, only legal moves, Castle, En Passant and much more... Offer a draw with the Book Surrender with the...
  12. M

    MiniMC | Fun - Unique Server | Looking For Management

    Please note that this position being offered is not a paid position and will most likely never become one. I am a server owner that has got experience with owning communities and servers ranging throughout many games. I have always have the desire to manage and grow a server into a fun, safe...
  13. GlowingStudios

    gFunGun | Elevate your server v1.1

  14. G

    LegendaryGuild - Guild System v5.0.6

    Note: I am very sorry that some of the English may not be accurate! - [Attention] - Please do not set null under the default node of the language file, otherwise an error will occur! Such as: default: 'null': 'unknown' # cant set 'null' guild: 'no guild' # cant set 'null' position: 'no...
  15. Dofy

    WantedSk | A perfect bounty skript v1.0

  16. L

    DeluxeMenu Advent Calendar v1.0

    Advent Calendar with DeluxeMenu! What's the Advent Calendar Menu? Prepare for festive fun with our DeluxeMenu Advent Calendar! :gift: Each day, players can unlock special surprises using the command: /advent. Simply grant the permission node `` to get started. If you...
  17. LittleProgrammer

    Mineopoly | Game with your friends v1.6.5

    The game board Another perspective of the game board A player rolling the dice The auction house Custom item textures via resource pack Test server If you aren't sure if you want to buy the plugin you can playtest it on @NightGamingTV was kind enough to set it up in English...
  18. Incbom

    CraftCreator looking for devs

    Hey bbb! CraftCreator is looking for some devs to help us make a new Minecraft experience, a minigame creator. We currently have a small team of 3 (4 if including a manager) and are looking to expand that team. If you have any questions about the server, please add me on discord: .incbom...
  19. LucidAPs

    Wandering Collectors v1.7

    Wandering Collector Plugin Revolutionize Your In-Game Economy with the Wandering Collector Plugin! Give players the chance to find their lost items! Despawned & Lost Items will be offered as trades! Key Features Whitelist Specific Items: Define a list of items that wandering traders will be...
  20. oretheus

    Special Event | SUMO, SPLEEF & TAG ... MORE TO COME...

    The Special Event plugin is a versatile and feature-packed addition to your Minecraft server, tailored to enhance your community's gaming experience. With support for a range of thrilling events including Sumo, Spleef, and Tag, this plugin offers the perfect blend of entertainment and...
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