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  1. Naruvus

    Star Wars Crates Kit v1.0

    Includes an array of textured Star Wars themed crates. File type: .rbxl
  2. Garry.

    Game Main Menu - Fully Scripted v1.0

    A simple but essential Main Menu for any type of game! The main features include a Homepage, Shop page, Teams page, and Settings page. Pretty much all scripting is done inside one local script. 600 Lines of code are done in a LocalScript while only 6 lines are done in server script, the approach...
  3. iKaros

    WHMCS - Vanity Theme v1.0

    https://billing.universalgg.com/ Vanity is a theme focused on gaming hosting. A modern and intuitive design ideal for a young customer base. It is an exclusive and expensive theme, which will give professionalism to your project. Periodic updates WHMCS 8.7.X and 8.8.X support Product...
  4. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Reaction Game Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Set up your own desired word collection quick and easy! Players who type the word the quickest will receive a random cash prize! (1000-6969) 60 Seconds to answer! 180 Seconds until each game starts. Super customizable! Keeps players on your server active COMMANDS: /reaction start -...

    Boosts System v1.0

    FEATURES Easy Setup Easy Editing Potion Data Modular Settings Sounds Clear UI UI Animations Easy Settings File And More!
  6. RBX Asset Store

    PLS Donate v1.0

    Similar Game to PLS Donate, we like to call it PLS Donate Chapter 2. Everything in this game is Scripted and Works! In case you didn't know, In Donation Games the Owner gets 10% when someone gets donated. So If someone donates 100K Robux, You will get 10K. If someone donates 10K Robux, You will...
  7. RBX Asset Store

    Escapism v1.0

    Escape through a choice of multiple mazes by finding all the keys before the time´s up, or he might catch you: FEATURES: Horror Scripted Good Graphics Gamepasses Monsters Multiple large mazes, including backrooms
  8. RBX Asset Store

    Vibe Game v1.0

    Hang out with friends & meet new people: FEATURES: Scripted Excellent Graphics Gamepasses Emotes Super high quality builds Music System
  9. RBX Asset Store

    Crystal Simulator v1.0

    Travel through worlds, collect crystals and fight monsters in order to become the best crystal collector: FEATURES: Scripted Good Graphics Multiple worlds Enemy NPCs Gamepasses Make sure to watch the Demo Video!;)
  10. RBX Asset Store

    Robot Tycoon v1.1

    FEATURES: Scripted Good Graphics Multiple worlds Boss fights Enemy NPCs Gamepasses Make sure to watch the Demo Video!;) SHOWCASE:
  11. JaredMinecraft

    Placeable Walls v1.0

    This plugin adds placeable walls as the title would suggest. The item used to place a wall is a brick. The bricks will be renamed "Placeable Wall". The placeable wall doesn't allow you to place it if it is going to break other blocks.
  12. RBX Asset Store

    Clickers Kingdom v1.0

    Our best game until now and my personal favorite: FEATURES: Rebirths Multiple Pets Multiple Worlds Super Professional & Clean UI Leaderboards & Gamepasses Click the button to get clicks! Rebirth to gain clicks multiplier! Hatch all kinds of different pets! Unlock all the different worlds...
  13. Nikoloz

    SCP Game - Fully Scripted v1

    Fully Scripted SCP Game/Site that includes: – Research Labs – Sub-level 0, 1, etc – SCPs – Control Room – Key Cards – Multiple Spawn Areas varying on what group you’re in – Very Customizable – Weapons and tools – Controllable doors and rooms – Radio chat system – Fully scripted UI – Entirely...
  14. Improper Studios

    Fully Scripted SCP Game v1.0

    This product is perfect if you want to create an SCP styled game for you and your friends. (watch for ui) Features: Massive Comprehensive Map Various SCPs Clothings Team Spawns Team Gear Full Game UI (custom toolbar as well) Team Select and more.
  15. Averse Hub

    Gamepasses Board v1.0

    You will be able to sell your gamepasses in games, easy to use and customizable they are perfect for academy based games, military. And scripted as well.
  16. ShadowCorp

    Datastore Inspection | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Datastore Inspection This system allows you to view other players’ stats in-game. - Easy To Configure Mobile Supported Sound Effects - Simple To Use - Displays User info along with their Stats
  17. ShadowCorp

    XP Post System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Simple and Cheap XP Post System - Simple To Configure Easy To Use Easy To Modify Instructions are in the replicatedstorage Make Sure To Enable API
  18. ShadowCorp

    Report System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Simple and Cheap Report System Report System is a way for players to give any kind of feedback to the developers/Owner of the game. It can also be used as a reporting tool to report exploiters or any sort of problems in your game. Warning: Before purchasing, It is highly recommended to have...
  19. SUPY

    Spotix - Looking for staff and partners

    Join Spotix × MC-Network ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ❌ Unreleased 💎 Soon releasing SMP, Elemental Conquest Offering: 🔮 The latest 1.20 version 🌀 A blend of custom and premade plugins ⚡ Fast And reliable server support ⭐ Friendly and Active Staff 🌐 1000+ Discord Members 🔥 Custom...
  20. Dy1an Development

    Beddgelert UK RP Map v1.0

    A perfect map for all communities. Full of many detailed and useful assets which can be used for all of your projects! Includes many roads, restaurants/pubs, police station, custom lighting, stunning scenery, many styles of houses, multiple car parks, signs, scripted gates, scripts such as day...