1. ShadowCorp

    XP Post System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Simple and Cheap XP Post System - Simple To Configure Easy To Use Easy To Modify Instructions are in the replicatedstorage Make Sure To Enable API
  2. ShadowCorp

    Report System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Simple and Cheap Report System Report System is a way for players to give any kind of feedback to the developers/Owner of the game. It can also be used as a reporting tool to report exploiters or any sort of problems in your game. Warning: Before purchasing, It is highly recommended to have...
  3. SUPY

    Spotix - Looking for staff and partners

    Join Spotix × MC-Network ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ❌ Unreleased 💎 Soon releasing SMP, Elemental Conquest Offering: 🔮 The latest 1.20 version 🌀 A blend of custom and premade plugins ⚡ Fast And reliable server support ⭐ Friendly and Active Staff 🌐 1000+ Discord Members 🔥 Custom...
  4. Dy1an Development

    Beddgelert UK RP Map v1.0

    A perfect map for all communities. Full of many detailed and useful assets which can be used for all of your projects! Includes many roads, restaurants/pubs, police station, custom lighting, stunning scenery, many styles of houses, multiple car parks, signs, scripted gates, scripts such as day...
  5. Bloxief

    Extreme Tag v1.2

    Extreme Tag is a Roblox version of the classical game, Tag! Tag your friends, use powerups to help you, or sabotage you. The variety of maps and powerups makes Extreme Tag truly extreme! Features: Powerups/Abilities! Different Game Modes! Leaderboards! Inventory System! Daily Rewards! & So...
  6. Fjnxcl

    RPG Game Terrain Map v1.0

    A high-quality terrain map that can be used for anything. This map is huge and features lots of islands. Huge map Waterfall Mountains & Hills Separated Islands Lots of plants, trees and more
  7. heonel

    🖤Landscape From the Game Atomic Heart In MINECRAFT! <3🖤

    Want to buy? Write to me in Discord! My Discord nickname heonel
  8. Pedro Villarruel

    RockPaperScissors v1.1

    Discord | Support At the moment, it only works with MONGODB!! COMMANDS: /rps /rock-paper-scissors /piedra-papel-tijeras SUBCOMMANDS: /rps (Open the menu to see the games in progress) /rps open (Open the menu to see the games in progress) /rps create <rock/paper/scissors> <quantity> (Create a...
  9. XiaoMoMi

    CustomFishing v2.1.6.5

    CustomFishing A Paper plugin that provides innovative fishing mechanic and powerful loot system. Github - Document - Discord Features: Custom Mini Games: Plugin allows player to play a mini game before getting a fish, thus adding more fun to fishing and preventing auto fish mods. The plugin...
  10. AlexP21

    Rules GUI Type 2 v1.0

    A Rules GUI with 2 modes (Open on spawn/Open on button) + Beautiful UI High Quality Customisable Fully Scripted
  11. AlexP21

    United States Space Force Base v1.0

    A space force base perfect for roleplay use. Photo album - Google Drive
  12. AlexP21

    British House v1.0

    This product contains a realistic exterior design of a typical British house.
  13. AlexP21

    Garage Workshop Building v1.0

    Realistic, intricate design for a repair shop
  14. FrostedNode

    Looking For A Business Partner | Hosting Company

    Hey folks, I'm Dillon, the founder of FrostedNode. At this time I am currently looking for a business partner to help with operations. 🤝 What I'm After: I need someone who's got the skills in any of the following. Search engine optimization or social media. If you're as passionate about gaming...
  15. AlexP21

    Loading Screen UI v1.0

    Scripted loading screen UI
  16. AlexP21

    Main Menu UI v1.0

    Sleek UI Design Animated Easily customisable
  17. Omega Manufactory

    Basket Ball System v1.0

    Includes: Layups Tackling Shooting Dribbling Dunks
  18. uxbyadrian

    Vector Icon Pack v2

    Introducing the Roblox Vector Pack, the ultimate collection of over 40 3D vector icons designed to enhance your Roblox games and bring a touch of style to your projects. Whether you're creating an immersive virtual world or a thrilling adventure game, these icons are here to help you tie...
  19. Bella

    Custom RAF Base

    Heya, I'm looking for a custom RAF base to be built in Roblox, preferably one world, with one main base, and a few smaller airfields, each representing a real-life RAF base. I know I haven't provided much detail here, but I'm just looking for someone reliable before I can provide more details...
  20. T

    Automatic Gamepass Shop v1.0

    Product Information Just add in your gamepass IDs and let the UI make itself, suitable for any game. Setting Up Step 1) Place in StarterGui Step 2) Add in the IDs of the gamepasses you want to use in the IDs configuration Step 3) Press Play