1. InfraCharm

    InfraCharm LLC ~ System Administration ~ CyberSecurity ~

    Note: Pricing above is for Community Projects/Use only! Commercial pricing may be different. Links: Discord Our Site Other Threads: Hosting Plugin Configuration Sales Email: [email protected] Support Email: [email protected] Shipping Address for Colocation: 3419 Virginia Beach Blvd...
  2. Kann

    Minecraft theme for Ghost v1.0

    Explore our affordable yet high-quality GHOST CMS website template, ready for immediate use! Meticulously tailored for your server blog, our theme ensures you can keep your clients well-informed.
  3. BuMa98

    Simple Ghosts For Halloween v1.0

    SIMPLE GHOSTS Two simple ghosts for halloween! Give your server a touch of fear! Includes: BBModel .PNG Texture IDLE Animation There are two versions: Halloween version with blood eyes Normal version
  4. BreadBuilds

    Halloween Wonderland v1.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION πŸŽƒ Halloween version of the original map ∎ Lovely castle full of wonders ∎ Size: 549x570 ∎ Interiors: Yes ∎ Version: 1.8 - 1.19+ ∎ Enchantments ∎ Wheat farms ∎ Windmill ∎ Fisherman ∎ Forge ∎ House with pub ∎ Markets ∎ 4 Crates ∎ 5 NPCs ∎ Colosseum ∎ Small cute red dragon...
  5. fizz

    Looking for volunteer web designers/developers for Prismarine

    Prismarine is a new website, created by tugg and I, with the aim of educating new Minecraft admins and community owners. Our content is provided for free, and we plan on releasing posts at least weekly. We're looking for web developers and designers to volunteer development of the website...
  6. BreadBuilds

    Halloween spawn - Kingdom SkyBlock v0.1

    PRODUCT INFORMATION: Halloween edit of this lobby ∎ Precisely and much detailed SkyBlock hub ∎ Size: β‰ˆ 300x300 ∎ Interiors: Yes ∎ Versions: 1.8 - 1.19+ ∎ Enchantments ∎ Crop farms + Windmill ∎ Animal farms ∎ Fisherman ∎ Alchemists, Potions ∎ Forge, Blacksmith ∎ The Pub ∎ 11 Market tents ∎ 13...
  7. BreadBuilds

    Halloween Lobby - Little lobby v0.1

    PRODUCT INFORMATION: Halloween version of this lobby ∎ Precisely and much detailed hub ∎ Size: β‰ˆ 180x150 ∎ Versions: 1.8 - 1.19+ ∎ Place for statistics + leaderboard ∎ Places for 3 NPCs (can be managed by you) ∎ Pond ∎ Spruce trees ∎ Nice buildings ∎ Few structures ∎ Spawn Point and so much...
  8. BreadBuilds

    Halloween Spawn - Dragon Orange Village v0.1

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Halloween version of this lobby ∎ Medieval detailed Lobby surrounded by water guarded by dragon ∎ Size: β‰ˆ 470x470 ∎ Versions: 1.8 - 1.19+ ∎ Interiors: Yes ∎ Places for 3 NPCs (can be managed by you) ∎ Big place for one crate ∎ Places for server stuff ∎ Designed spawn area ∎...
  9. quadflame

    Ghost Blocks Bug Fix [PAID] [REQUESTING]

    I have a massive bug on my server where if you teleport while placing blocks, they will stay behind but they are client sided and invisible to the server. I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix them or could code a plugin or custom spigot patch to fix this. An example of servers where this...
  10. Fluw

    Looking for a system administrator to install ghost

    I am having a difficult time installing ghost, I don't know if I just used the installer incorrectly, but I failed twice at it and had to reinstall my dedi. I just want to find someone else who knows more on what they are doing to install it. :lol: DM me on here if you are able to install it...
  11. Gilles

    Sparox Ghost Theme v0.0.4

    For years the industry standard revolved around XenForo, NamelessMC or other forum software. Unfortunately, often times startups struggle to pay, maintain and moderate these relatively complex platforms. New software that is easier to work with and more affordable is raising grounds. Ghost...
  12. LittleRoom

    Yokai Pack v2021-07-04

    Littleroom Presents... YOKAI PACK! From the East comes these all new haunting Yokai! chilling phantoms and demons roam the world with this new pack from LittleRoom! The Oni - A Hulking Yokai with a penchant for snuffing out the living with his mighty club and golden fist. The...
  13. Shaun

    [CoralDev] Forums vs. Ghost, what's better for your Minecraft Server?

    Hey y'all, is a Minecraft plugins development team. As part of the website we're running a blog where we'll post opinions, tutorials, and analysis on running a modern Minecraft server in 2021. We plan to be pretty active on this blog, publishing at least 5 posts a month. I...
  14. TripleZone

    Deluxe Ghost Theme v1.0.3

    Live Preview: Click Here
  15. LittleRoom

    LittleRoom's Halloween Mobpack v2.0

    Introducing Little Room's latest Mob-Pack just in time for Halloween! Experience these latest bone-chilling creations to add spooky encounters for your players! Featuring a cast of classic monsters including: The Infamous Frankenstein's Monster! He's as large and omnious as the real deal...
  16. justrinqz

    Cheap DLL - Based Ghost Client (Undetectable)

  17. M

    Custom Ghost Client

    I want a mod base ghost client for 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 that has an autoclicker that bypasses on Mineman and Hypixel. I also want a few other modules skidded from a client I will be providing Minimum budget is 60 usd DM me for my discord, or we can deal on site, I don't mind. willing to go first if...
  18. B

    ghost/invis client

    features: reach,velocity,aim assist, autoclicker, hitbox, misplace for version 1.8.9 and all servers expecially on hivemc! name a fair price here. contact via. discord: bny#1822
  19. Quacko

    Ghost Client for Cheatbreaker

    Hello, I am requesting an injectable ghost client for cheatbreaker (or just something with the capabilities of Vape V2 or Vape lite that will work for cheatbreaker). I understand that this is a hard task. I currently do not have a set budget. Please do not refer me to autoclickers as...
  20. Harman


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