1. F

    [BIG OPPORTUNITY]Looking for a partner to create a PvP/HCF/Kits Network for a new community

    Since the start of minecraft PvP one of the most successful gamemodes in all the spanish community has been HCF and Kitmap in servers like Water(RIP) HolyPvP, SoloLEgends Dynamic PvP, Etc. And the list can go forever but this excellent opportunity never moved on at all to the US community and i...
  2. MCCharity

    Desert Mesa Mine KOTH v1.0

    Desert Mesa Mine KOTH Cost: 3.75 Non-Exclusive View our full catalog at https://orbitbuilds.com! Notes: Version: 1.20+ Approximate Size: 100x100 File Type: .schematic
  3. fpchehe


    Welcome to aumburh.lol Services πŸ€ Our Services βš’οΈ : πŸ–₯️ Server Setups & Files 🎨 Graphic Designs πŸ—οΈ Server Builds πŸ’¬ Discord, Store & TS Setups At aumburh.lol Services, we're dedicated to delivering excellence. Let's turn your ideas into reality together! Get in touch today to explore how we...
  4. CosmixDev

    [$15] CosmixHCF

    Discord Support: Cosmix Website: Website [/SPOILER] 1708442150 Reserved for updates
  5. SebasYT2981

    HCF AntiCheat

    I have a HCF Server 1.7.10 - 1.8.9 and I need a recomendation what are the bests AntiCheats that i can buy
  6. AziRixX

    VulcanusFight | PvP/Raid Mechanics fixer v0.1

    VulcanusFight: Combat Mechanics fixing for 1.17+ It corrects the pvp and raid (TNT) mechanics, bringing them closer to those of 1.8 Features TNT: Adjusts TNT velocity to create stable TNT cannons. Water Log: Prevents water from being present in non-full blocks (chests, slabs, stairs...)...
  7. fpchehe

    Plunder Games

    Today I'm looking to sell my network plunder.rip on purchase you'll receive: Discord Server: 250 members, lvl3 boosts paid for 2 more months Store Social Medias: Twitter/X, Telegram Graphic Designs: Any graphic designs related. Server Files: HCF, KitMap, Proxy & Hub. Discord Bot If you are...
  8. juanchoway

    Factions/Surviva/HCF Spawn | 128x128 v1.0

    BUILD SPECS: πŸ’’ Version: 1.8 - 1.20+ (Only 1.8 Blocks) πŸ’’ File type: Schematic (WorldEdit) and .mcworld (Bedrock) πŸ’’ Map Size: 128x128 MAP DETAILS: πŸ’’ Enchant zone πŸ’’ Anvil zone πŸ’’ PVP Line 3D RENDER: Discord contact: cruzjuan
  9. juanchoway

    KoTh | Alien Ship v1.0

    BUILD SPECS: πŸ’’ Version: 1.8 - 1.20+ (Only 1.8 Blocks) πŸ’’ File type: Schematic (WorldEdit) and .mcworld (Bedrock) πŸ’’ Map Size: 150x150 MAP DETAILS: πŸ’’ 1 Cap Zone πŸ’’ Spawn spot πŸ’’ Organics 3D RENDER: Discord contact: cruzjuan
  10. juanchoway

    HCF Spawn | Medieval/Rustic v1.0

    BUILD SPECS: πŸ’’ Version: 1.8 - 1.20+ (Only 1.8 Blocks) πŸ’’ File type: Schematic (WorldEdit) and .mcworld (Bedrock) πŸ’’ Map Size: 285x285 MAP DETAILS: πŸ’’ Crates zone πŸ’’ Farm zone πŸ’’ Portal zone πŸ’’ Fishing zone 3D RENDER: Discord contact: cruzjuan
  11. F

    amburh's GFX Services.

    I've recently decided to launch my own GFX services. All information and prices are in my discord server: https://discord.gg/3xq7EvsxNc
  12. vSamuYT

    NoExploiter | Anti Crafting for griefers v1.0

    NoExploiter for HCF/Kits servers. Basically what this plugin does is that it denies the crafting of Boats and Armor Stands, preventing lag on servers and griefing, but especially those of HCF/Kits that are the most griefed. Permissions: noexploiter.admin - Let you do /noexploiter...
  13. AstrumProjects

    PIRATE HCF Spawn v1.0

    HCF Spawn PIRATES ☠️ πŸ“ Dimensions – 201 x 201 βœ”οΈ NPCΒ΄s and CRATEΒ΄s Places
  14. MCCharity

    Tropical Warzone v1.0

    View our full catalog at https://orbitbuilds.com! Version: 1.13+, 1.17+ Approximate Size: 500x500 File Type: .schematic
  15. tk74612

    Selling Impurity.rip

    Hello BBB Today I'm selling my old network impurity.rip this comes with a network core (fully custom) and is ported to 1.8 A practice core ported to 1.8 A hcf core (hcteams) was updated and ported to 1.8 a Staff core updated and ported to 1.8 Hubcore (custom and 1.8) and much more, I will...
  16. NaydrusS

    Christmas Faction Spawn v1.0

    ──────────── βˆ— β‹…β—ˆβ‹… βˆ— ──────────── Embark on a festive journey through our enchanting "Winter Wonderland Spawn," where the magic of Santa's workshop, twinkling corridors, and giant candy canes await to captivate your imagination! ──────────── βˆ— β‹…β—ˆβ‹… βˆ— ──────────── MAP INFORMATION: ❁ Santa Claus...
  17. F


    Comment down any new ideas u want to see but never been on hcf before that will make it more fun
  18. tk74612

    LOOKING for content creators

    Hey, I am tk746 the main owner of my server Inferno.rip We are currently looking for media in the HCF /Practice / kitmap scene, we need all types of media, YouTube, twitch, TikTok, etc. if you have a decent following and have good average views, please send me a direct message ok discord...
  19. fpchehe

    Selling KioPvP Network.

    I've decided to sell my old HCF Network - KioPvP. I still have GFX files, some containing .psd files - meaning you can edit the GFX as you like. I have the domain registered still for few months (kiopvp.org). Sadly, don't have the original files of KioPvP, but I have some different ones I can...
  20. SchisoHoly

    [Selling] HolyPvP Network. Largest HCF Spanish Network. +$500.000 Revenue.

    Hey there! So, this time, I am finally ready to sell HolyPvP. But first, let me give you an introduction to Holy in case you're not familiar with it. HolyPvP was the go-to Minecraft Hardcore Factions server in Spanish for nearly a decade. At its peak, we had a whopping 2,200 players online in...
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