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high budget

  1. DarkFalconRS


    Info: Hey all! I am looking for a full-time developer who is dedicated and is willing to work with us long-term. I plan on paying $150 monthly, we can negotiate if necessary. I do have some requirements however. Requirements: ➠ Must have a good reputation on the MC Market ➠ Must not be involved...
  2. Nathanschultz577

    Minigames Server 30+ Gamemodes (Choose Your Amount)

    Today im selling a server I have built from the ground up! Ill bargain a price but im normally pretty firm! NOTE: This is not bungeecord! Everything is setup with spigot for easier control for new server owners that dont know much! Everythings fully configured for you to put in your ftp and...
  3. M

    Pterodactyl addon developer High budget.

    Hello, I have a custom addon what not works very well and me question is if there is someone that can fix the module and make it better. All the buggs need to be gone. I have a high budget Contact me in PM with you're Discord if your think you can do that.
  4. Chris Duncan

    Best Way To Advertise? (Community Thread) $15000 budget

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to make this thread to get everyone opinion on the best way to advertise your server. I have a $15,000 budget and feel like purchasing the .org slot is no longer worth the value. I personally think YouTubers are the way to go, however, It has been difficult to...
  5. lvke

    Buying Established Survival Server - $XXX+

    Hi there, I'm on the hunt for an established or semi-established survival server to add to my portfolio. I have a budget of $XXX + for the right person, but I am willing to pay more if it is worth it. I'd prefer a server with a consistent and dedicated player base of 20-50 players, compared to...
  6. Hunter Dietzman

    Seeking SERIOUS & SKILLED Java Developers (Contracted Positions)

    Hello! We are no longer hiring. Check back soon. Due to the large volume of applicants, we decided to stop accepting applications for the time being. If you believe this position suits you, send me a message and I will try to work you in for an interview. POSITION DETAILS Matchless LLC is...
  7. L

    ✨ [PAID] ✨ Asterius Network ✨ Hunting for a Content Creation Team ✨

    Asterius Network General Information: Asterius is not based on Factions, Skyblock or any of that bullshit repetition of game modes. Players get lost, they certainly do. Having a server list with the same game modes & hopping from one to one, & at the end of the day, no special feeling of...
  8. Azorces

    HQ Thread Design

    Hello MCM, I'm Azorces the current business manager at ExodiusMC. Today I'm looking for a high-quality thread design for the network. If you think you can fill my requests here are some places where you can contact me! Discord: Azorces#0188 MCM: Via PM's Skype (if you have nothing else)...
  9. Sean0402

    CraftersRedemption Advertising [Requesting]

    Hello! by the title we are looking for Youtuber(s) to help expand the growth of CraftersRedemption! We launched on February the 3rd (5 PM EST) and we have a player base of around 2-10. I know this is small but this is why we're requesting YouTubers to help the community grow and become something...
  10. Rubbertjuh

    [170$ Paid] Developer with Forge/Modding experience!

    Hello all, First of all I would like to thank you for checking out my thread. I run a semi-successful public Minecraft server running the Tekkit Legends modpack(CB 1.7.10). Lately, a particular mod has been acting up and causing a lot of lag. I'm talking about Industrial Craft 2 Classic, the...
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