1. SuperMax_8

    BoostedAudio - Proximity VoiceChat/Music v2.14.0

    BoostedAudio is a web-based plugin that provides proximity chat and music/sfx streaming with self-webhost with great performances. Now compatible with Bungeecoord, Velocity and Folia, multi server. Main features: Web page fully customizable Self-WebHost with audio file manager (You can also...
  2. B

    🚀👾🔒 BustaBot - DDoS & Bot Protection - Hosted BungeeCord - From $0.99/mo 🚀👾🔒

    Introducing BustaBot: Simplified DDoS Protection and Anti-Bot Solution BustaBot offers an effortless and streamlined setup for powerful DDoS protection and optional anti-bot capabilities. No more dealing with the complexities and headaches of configuring these services on your own. Choose from...
  3. Z

    Advanced & Aesthetic Selfbots | Dankmemer Autofarm | Cheap | Free 24/7 Hosting

    > Personalised to your liking and aesthetic asf > Cheap as hell (looking for my profile stats to go up) > Will forever take improvement and implementation requests User favourite commands: > Fast purge / Fast and limitless delete cmd > Create tasks and reminders > Get users IP and geolocation >...
  4. CBHud

    Nano Network

    Hello guys i come to advertise my server Nano Network and tonight we are hosting first uhc play nanohq net mc vintal net
  5. W

    AudioConnect v1.3.0

    Wiki | Issue Tracker | Discord Server | Source Code | API Javadoc A powerful yet simple web-based audio engine to integrate real-time dynamic server audio through the free web service. AudioConnect can provide truly unique and immersive gameplay with...
  6. P

    MC Server/Network [Upwards of $1,000 budget]

    Hello MC-Market, I am starting a minecraft network as part of my gaming community and am looking to purchase a few servers (or a whole network) that are currently hosted or that have been hosted in the past with a decent player base (50+ daily active players). I'm also looking for something...
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