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  1. tobilol

    Suite - Staff Utilities with Redis v1.0

    06/07/24: New ownership, I will be completely changing this plugin up in the next few weeks, I have renamed the plugin to Suite (rip mStaff) and I will be adding support up to 1.20.6 Suite is a redis based staff plugin which is designed mainly for Hardcore networks though can be used on any...
  2. BrianGrug

    (5$) zStaff - The All in 1 Staff Plugin - Redis Support - BungeeCord Support v1.0-BETA

    THIS PLUGIN IS NO LONGER SOLD. PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT XSTAFF IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE! zStaff Introducing zStaff! zStaff is the all in 1 staff plugin. It is made for Hardcore Based Networks but can be mainly used on every network. Features: Staff Join Message Staff Leave Message...
  3. b7x


    Hello everyone. Today I am selling this Rainbow Themed Hub that was originally made for me, however I am no longer using it and I thought it would be useful to someone else. All pricing & bidding information down below. BIDDING INFORMATION BIN (Buy it Now) - 15$ SB (Starting Bid) - 4$ BI (Bid...
  4. PixelMine

    Selector Lobby Setup v1.3

    Created for version 1.8 ● Server Selector Menu ● Lobby Selector Menu ● Vote item ● PvP Sword ● Gadgets ● Teleport Bow ● Parkour System ● PointSystem ● Custom tablist ● On Join Title ● Custom MOTD Premium plugins used(you will only receive the configuration folder): ● Featherboard [Optional]
  5. Marchi

    HUB | HQ | Halloween themed

    Hello guys,it's rezar here and today i'm going to sell this cool hub please don't trash my thread if you don't like it,thanks. BUY HERE: >Features< -Halloween Hub -Portal to join ingame -Cool detailed -Cool dragons -Cool Pumkings etc >File include<...
  6. RaidoMCRO

    Selling HUB

    The hub is based on a fantasy clock which is surrounded by 4 other islands. Details: - Has 4 islands which you can use for everything that you want; - Has 6 NPC places at the very end; - Has the sizes of 318x251 The price has been reduced to 10.00 USD ($) Price: 10.00 USD ($) The build is...
  7. H

    Private skywars/skyblock/floating islands spawn [Full permission/ownership/exclusive] 1$

    Hello,first off all this build IS NOT FINISHED - if you contact me I will ask you what kind of other islands and things you would need (I've got no idea what is supposed to be in a skywars/skyblock/floating islands spawn.) -price is 1$ -payment method is paypal -contact me on skype: hintcraf...
  8. SkyBuild

    ⛔ [Exclusive] Detailed Hub! (8 portals) ⛔ [SOLD]

    ⛔ [Exclusive] Detailed Hub! (8 portals) ⛔ ⛏ SkyBuild. (See in better quality - Click here) This is a excelent Hub for all servers. It has features that make it look like a mixture of styles (Medieval and Fantasy), which makes see the map with better quality and details, the map have 8 portals...

    Building hub/spawns cheap!

    hello Mc-Market pepole! I do hub/spawn builds for a cheap price! I have good experience with building:medival,detailed and steampunk. (Please dont msg me for modern builds) I have a yt link to a build i did today (not 100% finish) Building more houses and fixing colour :) i also have more big...
  10. ItsMotra

    Server Hub/Spawn Builder - Very Cheap!

    I am offering these services to help out starting/re-furbishing servers. I want to help servers have better overall quality, this is done by having a excellent-looking hub/spawn! Here is a portfolio of some builds I have done/doing! \/ (I can build separate builds if needed, just get in...