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hub cheap

  1. Scifi

    mStaff - Staff Utilities ($4) 1.0

    Introduction: mStaff is a redis based staff plugin which is designed mainly for Hardcore networks though can be used on any network, It was also designed to be heavily configurable so that it can be tuned to your liking. Requirements: - Redis - Spigot / PaperSpigot (Tested Versions 1.7.10 -...
  2. DaddyImPregnant

    (5$) zStaff - The All in 1 Staff Plugin - Redis Support - BungeeCord Support 1.0-BETA

    THIS PLUGIN IS NO LONGER SOLD. PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT XSTAFF IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE! zStaff Introducing zStaff! zStaff is the all in 1 staff plugin. It is made for Hardcore Based Networks but can be mainly used on every network. Features: Staff Join Message Staff Leave Message...
  3. b7x


    Hello everyone. Today I am selling this Rainbow Themed Hub that was originally made for me, however I am no longer using it and I thought it would be useful to someone else. All pricing & bidding information down below. BIDDING INFORMATION BIN (Buy it Now) - 15$ SB (Starting Bid) - 4$ BI (Bid...
  4. ThaMango

    Hub Setup | Parkour | Points | Gadgets | Much more v1.3

    Created for version 1.8 ● Server Selector Menu ● Lobby Selector Menu ● Vote item ● PvP Sword ● Gadgets ● Teleport Bow ● Parkour System ● PointSystem ● Custom tablist ● On Join Title ● Custom MOTD Premium plugins used(you will only receive the configuration folder): ● Featherboard [Optional]...
  5. Marchi

    HUB | HQ | Halloween themed

    Hello guys,it's rezar here and today i'm going to sell this cool hub please don't trash my thread if you don't like it,thanks. BUY HERE: >Features< -Halloween Hub -Portal to join ingame -Cool detailed -Cool dragons -Cool Pumkings etc >File include<...
  6. RaidoMCRO

    Selling HUB

    The hub is based on a fantasy clock which is surrounded by 4 other islands. Details: - Has 4 islands which you can use for everything that you want; - Has 6 NPC places at the very end; - Has the sizes of 318x251 The price has been reduced to 10.00 USD ($) Price: 10.00 USD ($) The build is...
  7. File14

    | [210 X 210] AWESOME DETAILED HUB | 1.0

    AMAZING HUB SPAWN! GENERAL INFORMATION The hub has 5 portals, one meant to open the game menu and the others for servers like Prison, Creative, Factions or KitPvP. There are 2 leaderboards on the spawn platform, that could be used for ex: Most coins or Most donated. There are also lots of space...
  8. H

    Private skywars/skyblock/floating islands spawn [Full permission/ownership/exclusive] 1$

    Hello,first off all this build IS NOT FINISHED - if you contact me I will ask you what kind of other islands and things you would need (I've got no idea what is supposed to be in a skywars/skyblock/floating islands spawn.) -price is 1$ -payment method is paypal -contact me on skype: hintcraf...
  9. SkyBuild

    ⛔ [Exclusive] Detailed Hub! (8 portals) ⛔ [SOLD]

    ⛔ [Exclusive] Detailed Hub! (8 portals) ⛔ ⛏ SkyBuild. (See in better quality - Click here) This is a excelent Hub for all servers. It has features that make it look like a mixture of styles (Medieval and Fantasy), which makes see the map with better quality and details, the map have 8 portals...

    Building hub/spawns cheap!

    hello Mc-Market pepole! I do hub/spawn builds for a cheap price! I have good experience with building:medival,detailed and steampunk. (Please dont msg me for modern builds) I have a yt link to a build i did today (not 100% finish) Building more houses and fixing colour :) i also have more big...
  11. ItsMotra

    Server Hub/Spawn Builder - Very Cheap!

    I am offering these services to help out starting/re-furbishing servers. I want to help servers have better overall quality, this is done by having a excellent-looking hub/spawn! Here is a portfolio of some builds I have done/doing! \/ (I can build separate builds if needed, just get in...
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