1. ToosieDX

    Appraisal for 5 resources - TOP Resources - Over $17000 in sales.

    Hello, everyone. I have created this post to seek an appraisal for my resources. Over the past week, I have been contemplating the sale of ownership for these resources due to my inability to continue their maintenance. While I do have the time, I have become saturated with the Minecraft scene...
  2. Geik


    Allow your players to earn multiplied income and receive commands while mining blocks that you set (e.g., VIP x1.5, VIP+ x2, etc). With this (especially in Factions and Prison servers) you wont need to make multiple mining areas for your players, instead use just a single one where everyone...
  3. Fantasy Network

    Event Network | $13k+ Sales | Source Included

    Today we will be selling the EVNT Event Network ( EVNT is a sub network of our Parent Network Fantasy. Overview At our peak we reached 1158 players online on 1 bare metal machine instance from OVH. And our discord has 17,000 members in it organically grown via TikTok advertising...
  4. Kissir

    Opening a hosting company?

    So I have some money from my server and I was looking for other income streams (made another post about that). And I saw a couple people were making a hosting company so I was thought of that as being a good income stream. So now im wondering: 1.How much would it cost to start a hosting...
  5. Kissir

    What are some good income streams or ways to invest?

    So I own a pixelmon server and get about 900$ in donations from that and i only spend 95$ on host 90$ on a charity and then 10$ for the enjin site. So I have a lot of money left over but i keep finding myself just keeping it in my paypal for about 2 weeks thinking ill invest it in something then...
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