1. Maxlego08

    Minecraft Inventory Builder

    What is the Minecraft-Inventory-Builder ? Welcome to the official website for zMenu. Our platform is more than just a website; it's a comprehensive ecosystem designed to enhance your zMenu experience. In this post I will introduce the inventory editor: This inventory editor is currently in...
  2. A

    AdvancedKeep v2.0.4

    AdvancedKeep is a lightweight plugin to control keeping player inventory and exp. Features: Per-world configuration Permission keep Time-based keep Integration with claim plugins: GriefPrevention, Lands, Towny, SaberFactions WorldGuard flags: keep-item and keep-exp Death tracker: Obtain your...
  3. ShadowCorp

    Inventory and Shop System v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Inventory System Stores tool items which you can buy from the item shop and saves on leave. Uses Datastore2 Smooth UI tweens Mobile Friendly Stores Tools Able To Take Items out Able To Put Items Into The Inventory Easy To Configure/Setup Tools To Shop Sound Effects For...
  4. Astronaut

    InvSwitch | Inventory Management v1.0

    | ABOUT INVSWITCH | InvSwitch is a plugin for admins who also love to play on the server, allowing them to switch between their player inventory, and an admin inventory if needed. This way, their gameplay is not interrupted when they need to be boss for a little while! | COMMANDS / PERMISSIONS...
  5. William27528

    HuskSync | Cross-Server Data Syncing v3.4

    GitHub — Setup — Docs — Discord HuskSync is a modern, cross-server player data synchronisation system that enables the comprehensive synchronisation of your user's data across multiple proxied servers. It does this by making use of Redis and MySQL to optimally cache data while players change...
  6. xP9nda

    EnderPouch v1.0

    EnderPouch EnderPouch is an all in one ender chest management and access plugin for Minecraft Paper servers. Usage EnderPouch is your one-stop-shop for everything ender chests! This plugin introduces an ender pouch item, which players can use to open their ender chest from anywhere. A command...
  7. T

    Custom Hotbar v1.0

    Product information Draggable slot changing Notifications upon equipping / unequipping Easily customizable
  8. T

    Full Pets System v1.0

    Egg Stands Basic (Any currency of your choice) Paid (Robux) Hatching Auto Delete Auto Hatch x1 open x3 open x6 open Pets Inventory Equip Best/ Unequal All / Multi Delete Pet Display Pets Movement Client Sided Pets form in a pyramid behind player based on number equipped Gamepasses Auto...
  9. alexcastro1919

    SmoothSync - Cross-server player data v1.0.0

    SmoothSync is a plugin designed to facilitate the synchronization of player data across different servers. This seamless synchronization is achieved through the combination of two robust technologies: MongoDB and Redis. By harnessing the power of MongoDB, SmoothSync adeptly manages and organizes...
  10. Cainman

    Medieval Inventory - Alden v1.2

    A LegendaryTale: A long time ago, in the heavenly realms, there existed a unique and majestic tree. Its branches brushed the skies while its roots plunged into the darkest depths. It is said that the gods themselves planted it as a bridge between the celestial and mortal worlds, a symbol of...
  11. Artillex-Studios

    AxInventoryRestore | Backups To Shulkers v2.2.1

    Command Description Permission /axir <player> View backups of player axir.view /axir save <player/*> Make a manual save axir.manualbackup /axir reload Reload config & messages axir.reload /axir cleanup Clean up old database entries based on the configured time axir.cleanup Source...
  12. L

    Snake v1.0

    command /snake you can disable cooldown(1 time at day) reward:apple that snake eat - 1 (u can disable) add text to NokiaSnake/config.yml- settings: apple_reward: false cooldown_command: false if you will have a proble with it send me message.
  13. IcyMiniNinja

    Simple Auction GUI v1.0

    Essa é uma GUI simples para o plugin zAuctionHouse com dependência do plugin ItemsAdder para colocar a textura dentro do jogo, existe uma forma de colocar a textura sem ItemsAdders, se alguém quiser eu crio e coloco junto ao pacote para você baixe ok! Se faltar alguma GUI, é só me avisar que eu...
  14. Maxlego08

    zMenu - Ultra complete menu plugin v1.0.2.7

    Documenation: With zMenu+ addon: Features: Ability to create an infinite number of GUI Menu and commands. Possibility to create several pages in the same inventory. Arguments for your commands. A marketplace to download configurations (WIP) An online inventory editor (WIP)...
  15. WizWazWizard

    Dark Nature Theme + ESC | Over 25 Menus v1.2

    Change all GUI's into a Beautiful Dark Nature Theme! INCLUDES Esc Menu! Easy Drag & Drop Resource Pack One of a kind 2 ESC Menus: With Flowers Without Flowers + Changeable Text! - {"menu.disconnect": "⻔思𰁏"} - {"menu.disconnect": "Any Text Here"} All Blocks up to 1.20.2 Supported...
  16. Helias

    CharacterRPG - Easily manage your profil v2.1.0

    Introduction: CharacterRPG is a versatile and customizable plugin designed for RPG servers ✨. This plugin allows players to create multiple profiles, enabling them to have unique experiences within the same server. CharacterRPG is perfect for servers looking to create an immersive RPG...
  17. SweetyDreams_

    IChat v1.0

  18. Maxlego08

    zMenu - Documentation feebacks

    Good morning, I’m looking for people to test my plugin: zMenu zMenu is a very complete inventory management plugin with a very permissive API. You will find the plugin as well as an addon for converting DeluxeMenu inventory to zMenu. Your goal is to test the plugin and give me your opinion...
  19. EinChriis

    [JUST 3.99€] AdvancedEnderchest ⭐| Bring your Enderchest to the next level! | Highly customizeable | 1.13 - 1.18

    Buy Plugin on SpigotMC Forum (Click) The #1 Enderchest plugin for every CityBuild, Survival and Freebuild Server! AdvancedEnderchests allows your players to unlock up to 54 enderchests with individual sizes, prices, permissions and more (Multi-Mode). You can also stay with only 1 enderchest...
  20. MrLucas.

    Inventory Pets - Prison

    Hello we are looking for an plugin for oir op prison server that has inventory pets , There should be different pets that gives different boosts. Like 1 pet that gives money boost , and an other pet that gives token boost. These pets should be upgradeble trough mining like an xp system and have...
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