1. Boroks Devs

    [🌟] Boroks Development Freelancer Services | 100+ clients

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  3. Boroks Devs

    Cyborg mobs and animals v2.0

    In this texturepack, you will get: Cyborg Chicken Texture Cyborg Cow Texture Cyborg Creeper Texture Cyborg Iron Golem Texture Cyborg Enderman Texture Cybord Pig Texture Cybord Villager Texture Cyborg Sheep Texture Cyborg Skeleton Texture Cyborg Spider Texture Cyborg Zombie Texture YOU WILL...
  4. Boroks Devs

    Enchanted Fantasy models v1.0

    Bundle Name: Enchanted Fantasy In this bundle, you'll get: Goblin texture Pixie texture Mushroom (NightCap) texture Flytrap (FleshEater) texture Icemob (Ice Elemental) texture Magmamob (Magma golem) texture
  5. Boroks Devs

    ButterToast Weapons v1.0

    Bundle Name: ButterToast Weapons In this bundle, you'll get: Breadshield: Crusty DefenderToast Axe: Butterslice Cleaver Toast Lance: Toast Lance Croissantdagger: Flaky Blade Toasthoe: Crumb Crusher Breadpickaxe: Dough Digger Butterknife: Spread Saber Toast Shovel: Crispcaster Spade
  6. iInvisibilities

    [CLOSED] [OFFERING] FREE medium-sized plugins development for limited time!

    OFFER CLOSED! if you wish for a plugin you can still contact me & we'll agree upon a payment. Hey everyone. I've been developing Minecraft plugins for around 3 & a half years now, but have taken a break over winter & I'm currently trying to bounce back! I'm looking for people that need small...
  7. NaniBel

    Aquatic paradise of mermaids v1.19

  8. NaniBel

    the butterfly garden with this map v1.8-1.19

    ¿Te gustan las mariposas? Este mapa está inspirado en la belleza de la naturaleza donde podrás disfrutar de batallas interminables, actualiza tu servidor ahora con este nuevo mapa. ¡¡¡¿Que estas esperando?!!!
  9. Server Managers

    Wanting Minecraft server management/start-up? LOOK HERE!

    Server Managers is a game server management provider that specialises in games such as Minecraft. We're here to provide our expertise to people who are looking to set up their own servers and build their own experiences. Whether you need a server plan, not sure where to start or require...
  10. D

    Custom Gamemode, Developers Needed

    No service teams, if you are a service team and reply to this thread you will be reported. Requirements: 1. Intermediate Knowledge of Maven 2. Good documentation abilities 3. Beginner or Intermediate experience working with latest Minecraft features such as custom menus, shaders, etc. 4...
  11. Shnickers

    Looking for an Experienced Builder? ⛏️

    If you’re looking for an Experienced Builder at a low cost, you have come to the right place. Why me? Great communication will be delivered throughout the build process. All of my Builds are offered at a low cost in order to support your server. 8 Years of experience. Fast and Efficient If...
  12. Agrocorp

    Agrocorp: Your Best Affordable Minecraft Developer 🚀

    Plugin & Server Development by agrocorp ABOUT ME Hi, my name is charon and I am 18 years old. I am software engineer with 5 years of experience working with lots of programming languages, frameworks and server side things. I am working with Spigot/Bukkit API for quite a long time and it became...
  13. Dystro Builds

    4 PVP Arenas - each 150x150 v1.0

    Information: This 4 PVP arenas inspired by League of Legends Arena mode can be ideal for your PVP server if you want something different and unique. Each arena is 150x150 in size, and they are adapted for pvp fighting. They represent 4 biomes, and each one is unique in its own way. Supported...
  14. M

    MiniMC - Seeking Marketing, Support and Players

    At MiniMC, we are a Hermitcraft inspired server but with a twist. We have the aim of bringing together a keen community full of creative builders, magical redstoners and fun explorers. However, we offer more than Hermitcraft as we want to exhilarate your experience even further through the many...
  15. wilzonery

    Looking For Staff Of ANY KIND For My New Server!

    IP: Hey there, I am starting a new server mainly based on Skyblock but I am also including Survival and PVP Experiences. These past few days I have been doing my best for development on the server, but I am having some difficulties doing it on my own, which is why I am...
  16. NikolaR2_D2

    ꜰᴀɴᴛᴀꜱʏ ɴᴇᴛᴡᴏʀᴋ | Factions 1.20x | 1.8 PVP | UNDERSTAFFED | ALL POSITIONS OPPENED

    We are actively looking for new staff to help us grow our community! Currently looking for: Trial Moderators Moderators Administrators Join our Discord: Join our Server: Bedrock: Bedrock port: 25579
  17. Mr-Crys

    AdvancedBan Configuration v2.3.0

    I HAVE CONFIGURED AND MODIFIED THE MESSAGES IN A NICER WAY. How to install it? Download the resource Extract the .zip file Pay your server Replace the default files left by the plugin Start your server -------------- TO ENJOY THE CONFIGURATION -------------- Click on the image to...
  18. D

    Dwarves Vs Zombies Plugin Creation

    For some time now I have been wanting this plugin made for me: Dwarves Vs Zombies. Dwarves Vs Zombies is a gamemode that involves Dwarves and Zombies. The Dwarves must protect a shrine using various different classes randomly assigned to them. They use a book that is specifically given to them...
  19. uyuyuy99

    Quality Plugins Made Fast! [12 Years Experience]

    Hello, I'm uyuyuy99. I've been running Minecraft servers since 2010 and developing plugins since 2012. I'm looking to gain more reputation on this site, so for a limited time I'm offering high quality plugin development at a discount price, provided you promise to leave a review after the plugin...
  20. Emey

    [Java + bedrock] Enhanced survival experience! 1.20.2+