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  1. BranGamingMC

    Looking for someone to configure KnockBack Configurations.

    Hello, CloudsMC Network is looking for someone to configure Knockback settings for the following games: - Main PVP gamemodes (BedWars, SkyWars, KitPVP, TheBridge, KnockBackFFA) - MLGRush And that's it for now. If you're interested to configure for us message me at daBran#1873 and reply to...
  2. tk74612

    [Req] iSpigot kb tips / profile?

    Anyone know of a good knockback profile for game modes like uhc / hcf? or know how to make these better?
  3. LeeGod

    [1.7 & 1.8] ImanityKnockback | Knockback & Projectile Modification | Multi Profile | Flexible System

    You Can Purchase From: >>> UP TO DATE CHANGELOGS <<< Useful Links: Shop » Documentation » Coming soon... Discord » Website »
  4. ky678

    Request - Custom knockback settings similar to

    I don't have paid spigot forks or plugins for this. I would prefer settings for free spigot forks such as windspigot/pandaspigot, but settings for free kb plugins are also fine if the end result is good. Budget: 5-10 USD Leave your discord info if interested
  5. LeeGod

    ImanityKnockback | KB and Projectile v2022.08.1 BUILD 2

    Join our discord to avoid missing any new information...! This Plugin won't WORK with spigot forks that natively implemented ImanityKnockback. Including: ImanitySpigot3 You Can Also Purchase From: >>> UP TO DATE CHANGELOGS <<<...
  6. Srsz


    Hello! I am looking for someone who has a great practice setup only, I need a good/best setup for FinalUHC/FinalFight NoDebuff, Boxing, Gapple, Combo etc. mods. I hope to find someone who could really help me, I only need configurations for the kb of the modalities, obviously show me proofs...
  7. J

    Knockback Values 1.8

    Hello, I have a minigames server in 1.8 with mostly exclusive games made by our staff, but we also have some common games like Skywars and Bedwars. The players are complaining about the knockback, they say it is impossible to combo someone and throw them into the void in games like Skywars, they...
  8. googletraductor

    Making a Factions server for the first time, what should i consider?

    Hello everyone! At the start of the pandemic i had a server with a established community, but for personal reasons i had to shut down everything. On that time, our community always asked for a Factions server because the Survival one was too peaceful. Now i'm reviving this project so we are...
  9. Kn0xiu

    Looking For Custom Spigot

    Hi! I'm looking for good 1.8.9 custom spigot, with good knockback. My budget is 10$ :D
  10. K

    Looking for someone to help Setting up mmc like knockback (paid) (still searching)

    So I'm lunching a Minecraft server and need someone with experience to help me setup kb to be like the one from I'm willing to pay good money and/or buy custom spigot needed to achieve wanted results. But tips to how I can achieve that are very welcome also:) Some info...
  11. beberat

    Knockback settings

    Looking for KB settings for practice that are really smooth if u have one let me know here Something like MMC's kb
  12. 1

    I'm looking for an expert with Knockback values/settings

    I have a server based on (Practice), and I'm looking for someone expert with knockback values/settings and knows how to deal with them Must know how to make a custom per kit knockback... if that requires a developer to make it, no problem we have one! [Testing server will be provided] I have...
  13. D

    Looking for good Spigot Fork under 50$ for Mini Games Server, with pvp similar hypixel

    Hello, Someone recommend good spigot fork under 50$ for Mini Games Server (Bedwars, Skywars, Duels)? I need good pvp, similar hypixel where strafing is easy, because for example nachospigot has hard to make combo/strafe.
  14. 1

    I'm looking for best Knockback settings

    Looking for best knockback settings/values for PvP based server (maybe similar to minemen) I'm willing to pay for who can help me figure out the best knockback settings for my server Discord: Oxuzy#7030
  15. fqcus

    RocketSpigot | Knockback Multi-Threading v3.3

    [1.8.8] RocketSpigot - Perfect solution for PVP servers that do not need a heavy load in the configuration Includes flawless knockback profiles and pots. Join our Vortex Development Discord RocketSpigot API for developers Why is RocketSpigot worth the price? Spigot is fully multi-threaded...
  16. P

    Looking for KB values, spigot Knockback

    I am looking for good knockback like MMC or old lunar for these values: friction vertical horizontal vertical limit extra horizontal extra vertical
  17. fqcus

    VortexSpigot | All-in one v7.7

    [1.8.8] VortexSpigot - The best spigot for any type of game mode that is extremely focused on optimizing parts of the game play for maximum player convenience. Constant very fast and high-quality customer support and frequent updates. Join our Vortex Development Discord VortexSpigot API for...
  18. BreadBuilds

    PACK - 4x KnockbackFFA maps arena bundle v1.2

    PRODUCT INFORMATION: - Includes 4 maps: Size of one map: 110x110 ∎ China ∎ Desert ∎ Sea ∎ Mayan [/SPOILER] DOWNLOAD you'll receive a .zip with: Schematic: World Minecraft Bedrock ➔ 1.8 all maps together ➔ 1.8 all maps together ➔ .mcworld file ➔ 1.8 individual schematics separated all 4...
  19. Adomen

    KnockbackMaster Settings

    Hello, i am finding a good knockback settings, similiar to Minemen club I am using a spigot plugin Knockback Master, i'm not good at making a knockback settings so if you guys can make me some or have premade settings feel free to contact me: discord:adomen#6969 I can pay but i need to test...
  20. Ma1de

    Looking for knockback values

    Title ^^^ These ones
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