1. tk74612

    Looking for some Custom Knockback

    Looking for some custom KB Practice KB: Sumo Boxing NDB & HCF Knockback (for hcf server) Budget ~$15-20?
  2. AziRixX

    PvPConfig | Knockback & PvP v1.0

    PvPConfig: Knockback & PvP Powerful and tested Knockback/PvP configurations. Used plugins KnockbackMaster: Get more details on a complete knockback plugin OldCombatMechanics: Allows to retrieve 1.8 combat mechanics Combat Config is designed for server managers looking to have powerful...
  3. J

    I'm looking for someone who will make me a knockback configuration exactly like the one on the Minemen server

    As I wrote in the title, I'm looking for someone who will make me a knockback configuration exactly like on the Minemen server using the RandomKB plugin or another plugin (I can purchase this plugin if necessary). The server runs on FlamePaper engine. I can pay from $5 to $20 for such a...
  4. E

    KnockIT v1.0

    With this plugin you can set a spawn with a safe area around it. As soon as you jump down you can fight each other until somebody falls down to the your choosen death height. You get coins when you knock other players down and loose them if you fall down. Shop: Hook JetPack Bow Arrows Ender...
  5. ShadowCorp

    Pike System | Flipped Tech v1.0

    The pike system has been carefully developed to include all the features that have been requested, it is optimized for Star Wars RP games but can be used anywhere. Includes: Basic Pike Virbo Blade Force Pike Custom Animated Knockback System Optimized Highly Customizable
  6. BoTa Builds

    Knockback FFA 4x Maps v1.8+

    PRODUCT INFORMATION: - Includes 4 maps: ∎ Mario ∎ Steampunk ∎ Sea ∎ Sci-fi The Sci-fi map was made mc server
  7. M

    Looking for KnockBack Config similar to ghostly or astral, possibly mmc

    Need help with a config for kb similar to servers like ghostly and astral and mmc. Drop your discord, ill pay 5$ and 10$ if i really like it.
  8. N

    Custom Tablist, Scoreboard & Knockback Configurations

    I will make your ideal tablist, scoreboard or knockback configurations for the price below What I offer: [$5] TAB [+$1] Server Name animation [+$1 - $5] Other animations [+$5] TAB List (With Columns) [FREE] Hex Codes [FREE] Gradients [FREE] Use of sᴍᴀʟʟ font [$5] Scoreboard [+$1] Server...
  9. SM221

    Looking for Knockback settings simular to minemen (carbon)

    I'm looking for good knockback settings simular to minemen. Using carbonspigot. can pay 5-10 usd.
  10. S

    KB config for boxing, sumo, builduhc, etc... (for imanityspigot)

    I need a configuration that works for all gamemodes, or you can make 2 configs, one for kits that dont have speed (sumo, builduhc) and another one for kits that have speed 2 (boxing, nodebuff...) I actually have a good config, but it doesnt work with extra knockback, like, if you hit someone...
  11. BuildSide

    KnockbackFFa - Maps 3x 0

    Description: • House Pack • Maps : 3 • Minecraft versions : 1.8+ - 1.19.+ 3D MODEL : HERE Includes: • Maps 3x China UnderSea Mechanic gear Additional Information: Schematics World Bedrock ❯ 1.8+ ❯ 1.8+ ❯ .mcworld ❯ 1.16+ ❯1.16+ ❯ 1.19+ ❯ 1.19+ IMPORTANT! Before loading the...
  12. Aarne

    Selling RocketSpigot & VortexPearls Resources

    Greetings from Vortex Development. We offer you to purchase full access and all rights to RocketSpigot & VortexPearls products. To be honest, this is a very profitable offer, as these resources have great sales potential, because they have a long way to go in the right hands. If you really...
  13. el211


    Hi ! I am looking for someone that has experience in PVP knockback for 1.19.4 I have a plugin called deluxe combat which is the pvp core and i also have Knockback master plugin , so what i am looking is to achieve the BEST pvp Knockback possible like 1.7 or 1.8 dm me on discord ...
  14. S

    Request - Custom knockback settings similar to

    Can someone help make me mmc alike kb I can pay 10 Euros PaySafe (FoxSpigot)
  15. BranGamingMC

    Looking for someone to configure KnockBack Configurations.

    Hello, CloudsMC Network is looking for someone to configure Knockback settings for the following games: - Main PVP gamemodes (BedWars, SkyWars, KitPVP, TheBridge, KnockBackFFA) - MLGRush And that's it for now. If you're interested to configure for us message me at daBran#1873 and reply to...
  16. tk74612

    [Req] iSpigot kb tips / profile?

    Anyone know of a good knockback profile for game modes like uhc / hcf? or know how to make these better?
  17. LeeGod

    [1.7 & 1.8] ImanityKnockback | Knockback & Projectile Modification | Multi Profile | Flexible System

    You Can Purchase From: >>> UP TO DATE CHANGELOGS <<< Useful Links: Shop » Documentation » Coming soon... Discord » Website »
  18. ky678

    Request - Custom knockback settings similar to

    I don't have paid spigot forks or plugins for this. I would prefer settings for free spigot forks such as windspigot/pandaspigot, but settings for free kb plugins are also fine if the end result is good. Budget: 5-10 USD Leave your discord info if interested
  19. LeeGod

    ImanityKnockback | KB and Projectile v2023.04.1 BUILD 1

    Join our discord to avoid missing any new information...! This Plugin won't WORK with spigot forks that natively implemented ImanityKnockback. Including: ImanitySpigot3 >>> UP TO DATE CHANGELOGS <<<
  20. Srsz


    Hello! I am looking for someone who has a great practice setup only, I need a good/best setup for FinalUHC/FinalFight NoDebuff, Boxing, Gapple, Combo etc. mods. I hope to find someone who could really help me, I only need configurations for the kb of the modalities, obviously show me proofs...
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